Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 9, 2018


I can’t decide which card I’m more excited for… UFC 220 with Miocic vs. Ngannou for the Heavyweight Title or Bellator 192 with Rory MacDonald challenging Douglas Lima for the Welterweight Title! Either way they’re both coming up in just 11 days, thank goodness for PVR!

…and now on to the rumours!

  • The UFC announced the next bouts for a trio of BC fighters as Jeremy Kennedy takes on Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 221 in Australia, Sarah Moras faces Lucie Pudilova at UFC Fight Night 126 in Texas and Kajan Johnson meets Rustam Khabilov at UFC Fight Night 127 in London, England.
  • Word on the street is Jesse Arnett was offered a short notice Featherweight bout against Dan Ige at UFC 220… Arnett turned down the bout opting to defend his TKO Bantamweight Title in April and wait for an opportunity at Bantamweight in the UFC!
  • There are ACB title implications when Yoni Sherbatov takes on Josiel Silva. The two will tangle on February 23 in Dubai.
  • Prestige FC 9 on March 9 has their first fight booked, undefeated Welterweights Menad Abella and Forrest Cable will do battle on the card!
  • The top of the the card is set for Elite 1 on April 7. As we mentioned last month Christien Savoie defends his Middleweight title against Julien Leblanc and now the co-main event is set with Alderic Keith taking on Jarid Bussemakers at Super-Welterweight (175lbs).



  • Michael Cyr is set to take on Bentaiba Abdelkader at Montreal Fight League on March 10
  • L-Jack MMA 3 will take place April 28 in Fredericton, New Brunswick and will feature a pair of Title fights!

23 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 9, 2018 ”

  1. Nowyouknow says:

    Isnt topmma’s favorite son Mr.LMA himself fighting soon… or did Wendy’s cancel his sponsorship??

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  2. topmmafan says:

    Who is Arnett’s Management? Geezus.

    Apparently turned the UFC down for a 2nd time?

    You take a short notice fight (Get into the organization) and then you request to drop down once you are in.

    At almost 34 years old you are risking the UFC never calling back having denied them twice and also risking the chance at one future loss never being called back as well..

    Terribly poor decision.

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  3. Jay says:

    I’m with TopFan but I’m more tempted to call BS. At 34 and against an opponent who doesn’t finish early – unless there is some tape of him running through a wrestler like Jessie that just seems like a bad decision and/or a sales tactic to get more money at home.

    Jesse Arnett – TKO Champion vs Jesse Arnett – UFC Veteran.

    You tell me which sounds better.

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  4. CM says:

    I saw it mentioned somewhere that TKO would not release Arnett anyway. I think that post has since been deleted so who knows if that’s true or not.

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  5. Old School Jake says:

    Although I agree that turning down a fight from the UFC isn’t the most ideal situation, there’s a lot of factors that go into contract negotiations that a lot of people might not be considering.

    – Is the offer a “one off”? Is he being brought in on a short notice fight that isn’t the most ideal situation only to be released immediately afterwards if he loses?

    – Right now is a TKO Championship purse more conducive financially than an entry level UFC fight?

    – Did his mgt negotiate a three fight deal so if he does lose, he will still have the opportunity to showcase his skills in another bout at his preferred weight?

    I think there’s a lot of people who think that just because it’s the UFC calling, you have to jump on board when historically they have treated a lot of fighters like shit and underpay them. I can understand when fighters take alternative career paths (Bellator, TKO, etc) when they do this full time and have to put food on their table.

    If you’re at the top of your game and are whippin the asses of whoever they put in front of you, UFC won’t stop offering opportunities, trust me. There’s been a ton of fighters who have taken alternative paths that ultimately lead to the same destination.

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  6. Big Cat says:

    How about I call BS …. I am with First Round Managment and I am under contract with TKO We liked this match up 100 percent BUT I am not being released from my TKO contract AND if you boys need some proof I am more then happy to share all details from all 3 parties with whomever sends me a direct messege via Facebook … but then you will have to share your real names BOYS Stop hating. I don’t hate you!! Look forward to chating with you ! BC

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  7. Jay says:

    No hate man but being under contract is different than flat out turning down a fight. TMN should adjust this post as it isn’t accurate.

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  8. Grienk says:

    Looking forward to Rory!

    I don’t see a need to change any Big Cat rumour. Sounds like the UFC came to him with an offer that he had to turn down.

    Love Big Cat!

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  9. smash says:

    @bigcat not a big fan of you. Like your fighting style, but not crazy about your fighting ‘persona,’ or perhaps that’s your real personality I don’t know ive never met you.. REGARDLESS if you asked to be released and Stephane Patry wouldn’t release you then he is a p.o.s!! Even though I am not your fan in anyway, Id much rather see you on the big stage then fighting for cheapass Stephan Patry. Yes I understand Patry has been in the game a while and is well respected, but that doesn’t change the fact he is a total slimeball!

    Id throw some lawyers on Patry if I were you, try to intimidate his ass into releasing you in the future.

    haven’t commented on here in a while, feels good to finally have something to bitch about again.

    HILL over Big Cat all day!!!!!!

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  10. Massive elbow says:

    The deal these days is posture and locking yourself into the UFC for 4 fights and they call you once a or twice a year is a bad deal just to wear a pair of clothes and represent who’s best interest?

    Great work Jesse you have put in the work and not just in the gym making a living in this racket just to pursue personal goals and dreams in admirable and I will always support you every step of the way!

    And new bantamweight champion. #bigcatsreal

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  11. The Rhino From The Calgary Zoo says:

    Jesse is under contract. Deal with it.

    Sheldon Westcott turns down at least 3 fights a year in the UFC and he is still the peoples champ on this site for some reason

    Calgary gots love Big Cat. We all proud of you man. Keep doing what you doing!

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  12. Just saying says:

    Not sure where Marcus Hicks could even fight? He’s banned from tko, and ACB out east. No promotion out west is going to go anywhere near him.

    He was also finished inside a minute against pellerin

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  13. Just saying says:

    Hicks also sells zero tickets anywhere he fights. He’s the undisputed most dishonest fighter in Canada and either misses weight or pulls out of every single fight. Not to mention, there’s not a gym in this country who would train him

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  14. Dennis James says:

    I would have to disagree if Marcus hicks walked into the ufc gym here in Edmonton they would hire him as their striking, grappling and conditioning coach seeing that all their good trainers wised up and quit, It would not surprise me if they also
    gave him a management position on top of that.

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  15. Nowyouknow says:

    He won’t step foot in Edmonton lol

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  16. Just saying says:

    After making fun of tim hague dying I don’t much think marcus will ever step foot in western Canada again.

    Last I heard he was being investigated for tax evasion having not paid them in over a decade and they found him to be in Chambly outside of Montreal.

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  17. Ryan Durkin says:

    He made fun of Tim Hague dying? wow.

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  18. Northside MMA says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  19. Just saying says:

    @ryan durkin, do you honestly expect any less from hicks? He’s a deadbeat, he uses people until they serve no more purpose. Hasn’t supported himself for years and would rather live off his friends and girlfriends. he accepts fights without any intention of actually fighting and 95% of what he’s says is generally a lie.

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  20. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Good on Jesse for not accepting a fight or competition when the terms are not in his favor. This is prize fighting folks!!!

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  21. Just saying says:

    Hicks is supposed to be fighting a 5-0 opponent January 27 in the United States. Interesting as Hicks doesn’t have a passport and has never fought in or travelled to the good old USA

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  22. mmafan says:

    USADA got these regional fighters shook.

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  23. Just saying says:

    Yo Hicks.. Why did you back out of YET ANOTHER fight.

    You sir are a coward, lier and a thief

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