TKO 41 – Live Results


TKO 41 goes down live tonight from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec with a whopping 5 title fights. TKO will crown champions in the Bantamweight, Featheweight, Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight divisions.

Fans in Canada can catch the entire card live and free on The Fight Network and UFC Fight Pass beginning at 630pm et. Top MMA News will bring you all your live results right here.

Main Card:
TJ Laramie defeats Charles Jourdain by Unanimous Decision (50-45,50-45,50-44)
***Laramie captures the vacant Featherweight title

Marc-Andre Barriault defeats Strahinja Gavrilovic by Split Decision (48-47,48-47,47-48)
***Barriault captures the vacant Middleweight title

Jesse Ronson submits Derek Gauthier by Strikes in Round 1, 1:10
***Ronson captures the vacant Lightweight title

Adam Dyczka defeats Bakary Sakho by TKO in Round 1, 3:44
***Dyczka captures the vacant Heavyweight title

Jesse Arnett submits Dimitri Waardenburg by D’arce Choke in Round 1, 1:44
***Arnett captures the vacant Bantamweight title

Jordan Graham submits Tony Laramie by Tapout (injury) in Round 2, 1:00
Matar Lo submits Charles Hupperetz by Strikes in Round 1, 3:44
Collin Baikie defeats David Daigneault by TKO in Round 1, :44

Preliminary Card:
James Mancini defeats James Clarke by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-26)
Corrine Laframboise defeats Griet Eeckhout by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)



14 Responses to “ TKO 41 – Live Results ”

  1. Labrador says:

    Good to see Baikie back In the win column

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  2. Tmm says:

    David Castro VS Matar Lo will be such a great fight. Hoping the organization pushes for this fight!

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  3. Isaiah Metituk says:

    Good lord.
    Can we get Jesse Arnett a UFC contract already?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 27 Thumb down 9

  4. topmmafan says:

    Not sure, they don’t let 12 year olds in the best promotion in the world do they? Guy was acting like an idiit. Learn humble and act like you’ve been there before.

    You see what happens with how he wins when it comes to quality of opponent. Barely got by Bedford who isn’t good enough to be in the UFC anymore.

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  5. EPerez says:

    No reason for Arnett to fight anywhere else but for Bellator or UFC.

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  6. Nick Ghaeni says:

    topmmafan your hate for arnett is obvious, cancer sticks like you don’t deserve a response, but butches like you need a wake up call.. beford is no joke… heres some inside info for your dumb ass i can count on 1 hand how many times jesse sparred in 4 months. hes been seriously injured for months even before bedford all the way to this fight.. no excuses he showed up. he kept his cardio high and did everything he could to show up healthy to the fight. the guy puts his heart every day! and he always spoke highly of every opponent. even Firaz Zahabi gabe props to him. keep hating bud…👍

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  7. topmmafan says:

    @nickghaeni First of all, I didn’t understand most of what you were trying to say. So either wait until tour sober to post or get someone to peer edit your responses. Secondly, I think Arnett is very good but he hasn’t fought world class competition. He has beaten middle of the road guys. Thirdly, he acted like a complete moron after the win on Saturday. If he was that good and that well liked and respected don’t you think he should be a little more humble and act like he’s been there before? Lastly, every fighter gets dinged up and has bumps and bruises in camps before fights so don’t act like it’s some miracle and we should all get on our knees and congratulate him for fighting. Everybody does it.

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  8. topmmafan says:


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  9. Nick Ghaeni says:

    your a coward hiding behind your keyboard talking like you know something about martial arts. you are sad, I kinda feel bad for ya. with every message you post you prove how little you know about mma. you are mad about someone else’s success that you don’t even know. thats pretty pathetic topmmafan cmon bud.. what’s the matter with you? when are you gonna stop vibing so low. it’s 2017 bud

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  10. Isaiah Metituk says:


    Jesse a complete moron and not humble? Jesses the guy who took me in when I was just a fan of his for two months and literally supported me while I trained full time for my training camp. He gets people talking just like you. Love him or hate him your gonna be watching when he fights and the more eyes the better.

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  11. topmmafan says:

    You guys don’t read an entire message do ya? It shows complete immaturity to pick out the things in a message that you don’t like and target that for your response. I have said multiple times he is really good and 1 of the best 135ers outside of the UFC in Canada. There was no need to act like a cocky fool after finishing a mediocre mma fighter in his home town. Show some class. Also, don’t get your panties in a bunch because I do not think he will succeed if he ever fights in the UFC. It will simply be because of the lack of superior competition on his current padded mma resume.

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  12. Jay says:

    Man Canadian MMA is just like crabs in a bucket. Just as soon as someone starts to climb out we’re all working to drag them back in. We’re the problem not the athletes.

    Arnette (and I am not his biggest fan by a long stretch) has run through everyone put in front of him. He’s proven he’s worthy of, at least from a Canadian perspective, a UFC shot. We all shit on him though cause we’re questioning his run.

    How much control does he have over that? He doesn’t duck people and at worst you can say he was careful of who he fought early on…. but not now.

    Glad to see Jesse find success.

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  13. Body Snatcher says:

    to Jay, i’ve never seen a more correct opening statement in my life.

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  14. Jay says:

    I should add (and I know I’ll get thumbs down for this comment) but this mindset is way more prevalent in the West than it is in the East. Gyms out West are little isolated communities where cross training is not only not encouraged but some gyms even have rules against it. Out East I know of more than a few BJJ black belts that won’t promote people to BB unless they’re training and other locations.

    To many people treat MMA the way you’d treat high school sports and that leads to this ‘us against the world’ mindset and it limits our athletes to grow. This immature mindset and excessive territorial pissing will limit the growth of the sport and hinder Canadian athletes.

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