Rumble in the Cage 56 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Canada’s longest running MMA promotion Rumble in the Cage will hold their 56th event tonight from the Exhibition Park, South Pavilion in Lethbridge, Alberta. In the main event Jared Kilkenny takes on Bellator and WSOF veteran Tyler King in a Heavyweight clash.

Fans in Canada can catch the entire card live on internet PPV on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will be cageside bringing you all your live results and play-by-play!

  • Fight of the Night: Joel Odorski vs. Eric Stevens
  • Knockout of the Night: Mark Mosure
  • Submission of the Night: Lucas Neufeld

Pro/265lbs- Jared Kilkenny vs. Tyler King
Round 1: King misses a spinning back kick to the body and Kilkenny wraps him up and presses him against the cage. They trade knees to the body and Kilkenny drags him to the mat in half guard. King latches onto the leg and looks for a heel hook but Kilkenny heel kicks the body with his other foot and pulls his leg free. King has then leg again but can’t get a good bite on heel hook and slips off and Kilkenny lands some heavy undefended hammerfists to escape back to guard. Kilkenny postures up landing shots in the corner and King again looking the the leg. Kilkenny blasts King with a barrage of punches and gets the finish knocking King out cold and Kilkenny has some words for him after the stoppage.
Jared Kilkenny defeats Tyler King by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:15

Pro/185lbs- Colton Cronkite vs. Greg Large
Round 1: Cronkite with a front kick to the body and he takes the back. Cronkite lands a pair of elbows and lands a couple shots under the arm. Cronkite sinks the rear-naked choke and as usual Large taps out quickly and looks like he has no business inside an MMA cage.
Colton Cronkite submits Greg Large by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:57

Pro/145lbs- Lucas Neufeld vs. Daryl St. Rose
Round 1: Huuuuuuge pop for Neufeld and we’re underway. Both men look to land right of the bat and St. Rose with the big single to side control. Neufeld scrambles to his feet and they battle against the cage. St. Rose with knees to the thigh and Neufeld spins off and gets separation. St. Rose ducks a shot and looks for the takedown but Neufeld peppers him with a barrage of elbows but referee Mark Aparicio pauses the action as they were 12-6 and Neufeld looks a little wobbly as he makes his way to the corner. The restart quickly and Neufeld with a leg kick. Neufeld drops him to the mat and viciously kicks at the legs before pouncing on top and sinking he rear-naked choke. St. Rose fights the choke briefly but Neufled is able to force the tap and the crowd explodes.
Lucas Neufeld submits Daryl St. Rose by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:23

Am/185lbs- Joel Odorski vs. Eric Stevens
Round 1: Stevens with a leg kick a combo and another leg kick. Stevens lands against the cage and Odorski looks for the body lock to drag him down but Stevens stays on his feet and gets separation. Odorski lands a few clean shots that wobble Stevens a little but he recovers and defends a takedown. They separate briefly before Odorski gets a big slam against the cage. Odorski looks for a kimura but Stevens stands a free himself. Odorski with a kick to the body and a huge overhand right as Stevens with the leg kick. Odorski lands another big right and another slam. Stevens back ip and another right and a takedown by Odorski. Stevens pops back up but time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Odorski

Round 2: Stevens with a couple leg kicks and Odorski lands a combo and a front kick to the body. Stevens presses him against the cage but Odorski gets free and tags Stevens who’s bloodied from the nose. Odorski cracks Stevens with one more huge right that sends Stevens staggering backwards and falls against the cage and referee Chris Vicary calls off the fight.
Joel Odorski defeats Eric Stevens by KO (Punch) in Round 2, 1:01

Pro/170lbs- Gerra Gossen vs. Brett Dumas
Round 1: Gossen with a leg kick and another to start. Head kick lands right on the chin of Dumas and he just smiles at Gossen. Both men begin to throw absolute BOMBS with their hands down for a good 20 seconds straight before Gossen gets dropped with a left. Dumas follows up with a barrage of heavy punches until referee Chris Vicary steps in to rescue Gossen from any further punishment.
Brett Dumas defeats Gerra Gossen by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:48

Am/145lbs- Steven Thomas vs. Albaraa Atmeh
Round 1: Thomas presses forward with a combo as Atmeh looks for the leg kicks. Atmeh lands a big combo and a leg kick against the cage and Thomas pursues the takedown all the way across the cage and they tie up against the cage. Atmeh spins off and takes him to the mat and unleashes a barrage of punches before Thomas is able to latch onto a leg to slow the attack. Atmeh postures up and lands again and Thomas doing just enough to ward off the stoppage but Atmeh keeps blasting him until Tamaki has no choice but to step in.
Albaraa Atmeh defeats Stevens Thomas by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:10

Am/145lbs- Evan Piercey vs. Jared Cochrane
Round 1: Piercey connects with a big right on the first exchange of the fight and drops Cochrane hard to the mat and Tamaki steps in. Cochrane pops back to his feet and the fight could’ve easily kept going but no complaints from Cochrance as the ref must err on the side of fighter safety in an amateur bout.
Evan Piercey defeats Jared Cochrane by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:09

Am/188lbs- Will Grieve vs. Mark Mosure
Round 1: Mosure with a hard leg kick and a thudding kick to the body. Mosure lands a massive uppercut that puts Grieve out and referee Tim Tamaki quickly steps in before Mosure can follow up.
Mark Mosure defeats Will Grieve by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:27

Am/130lbs- Carlos Marquina vs. Bryan Blackwell
Round 1: Huge takedown right off the hop for Blackwell but Marquina quickly locks in an armbar before swiching to a triangle choke. Marquina can’t force the tap and Blackwell is able to pop back to his feet and Blackwell lands from the clinch. Blackwell forces him against the cage and gets the body lock takedown to full guard. Marquina looks for the kimura from the back and scoots back to the cage to get back to his feet. Marquina lands a huge right that stuns Blackwell briefly but he recovers and gets a big takednown to guard and ends the round on top. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Marquina

Round 2:Marquina lands right off the bell and another takedown for Blackwell to guard. Marquina chipping away from the bottom and working to get his legs high. Both men chipping away with little shots and Marquina trying to work angles for a sweep. Marquina can’t get out from underneath but keeps landing from the bottom. Blackwell not doing anything from the top and Aparicio stands them up. Blackwell looking for the single but Marquina defends and lands in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Marquina

Round 3: Marquin lands again and again a takedown for Blackwell. Marquina keeps landing from the bottom and Blackwell seems content to lay on top. Marquina looks for a kimura sweep but Blackwell avoids it. Marquina locks in a triangle choke from the bottom and lands but lets it go and again they’re stood up. Blackwell right back with a takedown and again Marquina is the only one attacking other than the occasional little body shot from Blackwell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Marquina
Carlos Marquina defeats Bryan Blackwell by Split Decsion

Am/170lbs- Travis Clarke vs. Phil Lauzon
Round 1: Clarke lands a pair of rights and both men begin slugging it out before tying up against the cage and jockey for position. Lauzon looks for the takedown but caught in a guillotine. Lauzon pulls his head free and he’s on top but Clarke scrambles up and takes the back. Clarke sinks the choke but Lauzon spins to mount to escape. Clarke in full mount and begins to land. Clarke pins the arm but Lauzon looks for a sweep. Clarke still on top but now in half guard. Lauzon hears the ten second clapper and quickly locks in an armbar and Clarke is trying to gut it out knowing there’s only seconds left but referee Mark Aparcio steps in and calls the fight. Clarke did not tap but because it was an amateur fight Aparcio made the call in the interest of fighter safety.
Phil Lauzon defeats Travis Clarke by Technical Submission (Armbar) in Round 1, 2:56

Am/155lbs- Cornelius Krahn vs. Ty Prokopy
Round 1: Prokopy with a leg kick and another Krahn lands a right and a body kick and they tie up against the cage. Krahn gets the takedown and works to the back and fires away with punches before switching to elbows to the body. Krahn with hammerfists now and keeps landing until Vicary steps in and call the match.
Cornelius Krahn defeats Ty Prokopy by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:40

Am/125lbs- Meghan Boyczuk vs. Laurel Hague
Round 1: Hague shoots for a takedown but Boyczuk avoids it. Another takedown attempt and Boyczuk locks in a guillotine but Hague is able to pull her head free. Hague with yet another shot and Boyczuk works for a guillotine but Hague is able to get it to the mat and pull her head free. Hague stands and lands a right and Hague drops back down into side control. Boyczuk lands from the back and scrambles but Hague takes the back. Another scramble sees Boyczuk on top landing shots, the arm is there but she keeps firing. Boyczuk gets the back and lands and Hague tries to scramble out as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Hague

Round 2: Boyczuk lands a knee on the takedown attempt but Hague drives through and gets full mount. Hague lands and Boycuk gives up her back, Hague keeps landing and Boyczuk trying to escape going back and forth from mounted to the back but Hague is relentless and finally referee Chris Vicary steps in and calls a halt to the bout.
Laurel Hague defeats Meghan Boyczuk in Round 2, 1:04

Am/150lbs- Mike Seguin vs. Scott Gunn
Round 1: Seguin opens with a pair of leg kicks and the two with a wild exchange. Seguin brings the fight to the mat but they’re right back to their feet and jockey against the cage before separating. Seguin peppers the legs with kicks and goes up high but it’s blocked. Seguin looking for a double but Gunn defending. Seguin switches to a single and Gunn circling to the back and gets away. Seguin catches a kick and avoids a punch. Gunn connects with a barrage of punches but Seguin takes him down to guard and rides out the rest of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Seguin

Round 2: Gunn with a punch and a leg kick but Seguin catches the next kick and takes the back to drag him to the mat. Gunn works back to his feet but Seguin still has the body lock and presses him against the cage. They separate and a leg kick from Seguin is met with a jab. Seguin with another leg kick and shoots for a single against the cage. Seguin connects the hands and gets the double to guard. Gunn working for a triangle but can’t get his leg past the guard. Gunn’s legs up high against and looking for an armbar but can’t lock it in and eats about 10 shots before the bell for his troubles. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Seguin

Round 3: Seguin lands and a leg kick and Gunn responds with an uppercut. Gunn lands and Seguin shoots foe a takedown but Gunn stays vertical. Both men trading shots and a leg kick for Seguin. Seguin drives him into the cage and gets the big takedown to guard. Gun is able to get the sweep and lands a right. Seguin is able to get his butterfly guard and Gunn working to side control. Seguin locks in a guillotine choke and rolls him and finishes on top landing shots as Gunn is trying to lock in a triangle. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Seguin
Mike Seguin defeats Scott Gunn by Unanimous Decision

Am/140lbs- Sierra Dinwoodie vs. Kate McDonald
Round 1: Leg kick to start by McDonald and Dinwoodie answers right back and lands. Dinwoodie with a body kick and looks for a guillotone briefly. Dinwoodie lands a combo and presses McDonald against the cage. Dinwoodie peppers her with little shots and has her arm trapped so she can’t defend. Dinwoodie steps off and lands a head kick before they go back and tie up against the cage. Dinwoodie continues the assault and finishes her with a flurry of punches on the feet after Tamaki has seen enough.
Sierra Dinwoodie defeats Kate McDonald by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:50

Am/115lbs- Crystal Tutak vs. Kirman Nijjar
Round 1: Tutak immediately dropped by a right and Nijar latches onto a rear-naked choke and sinks it deep. Tutak briefly fights the hands but can’t peel it off and goes out before she has a chance to tap.
Kirman Nijjar defeats Crystal Tutak by Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round 1, 0:29

Am/170lbs- Dan Kovalchuk vs. Jose Zavala
Round 1: Zavala looks to land early and they clash with kicks before Zavala gets the taledown to full guard. Kovalchuk throwing his legs up looking for an armbar but can’t latch it on. Zavala postures up and lands before settling back into the full guard. Kovalchuk setting up the triangle but Zavala gets out of danger and Kovalchuk controls the posture. Kovalchuk with another triangle attempt, closer this time but Zavala is able to escape. Zavala works the body and emds the round with one more solid right. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Zavala

Round 2: Kovalchuk with a body kick but Zavala catches it and takes him to the mat. Kovalchuk gets on top though and looks for a crucifix armbar but Zavala escapes. Kovalchuk gets top position in a scramble and postures up to land. Zavala lands an upkick and Kovalchuk passes to side control. Kovalchuk gets to full mount and rains down pinches until referee Tim Tamaki stops the action.
Dan Kovalchuk defeats Jose Zavala by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 2:01




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  1. Graham Weenk says:

    st. rose took a lot of shots to back of head. damage was results of illegal blows. he has goose eggs the size of golf balls covering the back of head. fight should have been stopped after the illegal elbows.

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  2. PegcityKid says:

    100 percent agree….St. Rose is a tough dude but that fight should have been stopped. I call for a rematch!

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