Westcott Meets Roberts at UFC on FOX 26 in Winnipeg

Sheldon Westcott at AFC 17

Sheldon Westcott (photo: Rob Trudeau)

UFC officials recently announced a Welterweight bout pitting the returning Sheldon Westcott against England’s Danny Roberts at UFC on FOX 26 in Winnipeg on December 16. The bout order has not yet been announced but the fight will likely be a part of the preliminary card.

Sheldon Westcott returns to the cage for the first time in almost two years and will look to build on his first official UFC victory over Edgar Garcia at UFC 195 back in January 2016. Westcott enjoyed successful stint on The Ultimate Fighter Nations that saw him pick up first round submission victories over Dan Kelly and Vik Grujic before being defeated by Elias Theodorou in the finals of the tournament. Prior to his UFC career Westcott compiled a record of 8-1-1 with notable victories over the likes of Nic-Herron Webb, Thomas Denny and Tim Smith.

Danny Roberts enters this bout with a 3-1 record inside the Octagon with his most recent win coming over Bobby Nash back in July. Roberts also holds wins over Dominique Steele and Nathan Coy with his only defeat coming against fast rising Mike Perry. Roberts posted an 11-1 record on the regional circuit in England with nine of his eleven victories coming by way of stoppage.

UFC on FOX 26 features Robbie Lawler taking on Rafael dos Anjos in the main event and Jose Aldo vs. Ricardo Lamas 2 in the co-main event. Also on the card will be a handful of Canadians including Misha Cirkunov vs. Glover Teixeira, Chad Laprise vs. Galore Bofando, Jordan Mein vs. Erick Silva, Nordine Taleb vs. Sultan Aliev and John Makdessi vs. Abel Trujillo.



14 Responses to “ Westcott Meets Roberts at UFC on FOX 26 in Winnipeg ”

  1. Beefstorm says:

    Sheldon is a class act happy to see a guy like that in the UFC!

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  2. Pork Clear Sky's says:

    Class act or not, there is a 70% change that Sheldon pulls out of this fight just like how he pulled out of the Alberto Mina fight and the Alex Moreno fight

    If it does happen, class act or not, Westcott is going to loose. Danny Roberts trains year round with a way better team and his striking is way better than Westcott’s

    Roberts trains wrestling with Kamaru Usman so he will be ready for Westcott to try to take him down and tap him out, which is the only way Westcott can win

    Despite my polite and logical argument of why I think Roberts will win, Alberta fans of Westcott will jump on me saying im a hater and fighter bashing etc etc

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  3. Hater says:

    Hater, Westcott is the best. Hater

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  4. Beefstorm says:

    I don’t know about Westcott being ‘loose’… Sure he might lose… I am just happy the guy is getting a shot… He doesn’t talk crap… just a great athlete with a positive outlook… ‘porky’ your opinion is what it is… An opinion… We shall see come fight night… 50% of competitors lose…

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  5. QC NHB says:

    Ah yes the Alberta guy always talk about the Alberta hero Westcott man. Happy the guy getting a shot? The guy turn down all the fight until the guy offered the best one the guy think he can win. The guy scared if he turn down this one the guy Dana White will fire the guy

    The guy had the big athleticism when he beat the bum Alberta local fighter but in the ufc he have not so much athleticism

    How the guy gonna talk crap in the ufc? Lol he don’t fight nobody lol. The other guy would be like “who this guy” lol the guy 1-2 in the ufc over like 5 years and you proud of the guy cause he don’t act like guy Mcgregor lol lol lol

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  6. ll cool M says:

    Yes it’s too bad Sheldon has to fight someone talented. Too bad he can’t beat up some French QBC puss

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  7. Bang says:

    Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz vs Sheldon Westcott

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  8. QC NHB says:

    Ha ha yes cool m! The Quebec WW fighter in the ufc have no talent and the Alberta hero Westcott can beat the following QC WW:

    Yeah man those QC guys man real big puss the Alberta hero Westcott beat all them easy lol lol

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  9. ll cool M says:

    Jonathan Goulet

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  10. mmafan says:

    Cote- retired

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  11. Pork Clear Sky's says:

    Cool M, I know your trying to be witty, but Jonathan Goulet actually has 4 wins in the UFC. Your boy Westcott has 1 and your boy has been in the UFC since 2014. At least Jonathan Goulet had the balls to fight. He wasnt that bad a fighter. Actually pretty good to have 4 UFC wins.

    Actually, Jonathan Goulet has more UFC wins than Westcott, Clarke, Day, Valimaki (lol), and Hague (RIP, Respect)

    God I love ignorant Alberta MMA fans. You clowns are the reason UFC will probably never come back to Edmonton

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  12. ll cool M says:

    I was just adding one he forgot. You French guys are so sensitive!

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  13. ll cool M says:

    And don’t forget Jordan Mein, who would knock the living piss out of most mentioned.

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  14. ll cool M says:

    And if Brandt Dewsberry ever got the call, he would wreck a lot of people too, so don’t act so high and mighty

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