Unified MMA 32 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Unified MMA 32 goes down live tonight from the Royal Palace in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event UFC veteran Shane Campbell defends the Lightweight Title against challenger Mike Scarcello and in the co-main event Victor Valimaki returns to take on Teddy Ash in a Light-Heavyweight bout.

Stephen Beaumont was set to take on late replacement Adam Wayne in a Lightweight contest however illness has precluded Beaumont from being able to cut weight and the bout has been scrapped from the card.

Fans in Canada can catch the entire card on Fite TV HERE and Top MMA News will be cageside bringing you all your live results and play-by-play.

  • Knockout of the Night: Teddy Ash
  • Submission of the Night: Michael Hay
  • Fight of the Night: Cody Krahn vs. Jeff Porter

155lbs- Shane Campbell (C) vs. Mike Scarcello
***Lightweight Title Fight
Round 1: Scarcello quickly with the combo and takedown but Campbell scrambles to his feet. They jockey for position against the cage and Campbell lands knees to the body. Scarcello with a couple uppercuts to the body and they continue to battle for position. Scarcello drops for the double and Campbell lands to the body and stays up against the cage. Campbell gets the thai clinch and lands some knees. Campbell drags him down and begins to drop knees on the thigh. Scarcello back to his feet and they again tie up on the cage. Both men trading knees to the body. Campbell reverses position and knees the thighs and stomps the feet. Campbell looks for the trip but Scarcello stays upright and they keep battling for position and trading knees. Scarcello looking for a single and eats a knee and they continue battling in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Scarcello lands and shoots for the double against the cage. Campbell defending well and keeps stomping the feet before breaking away. Scarcello right back to the double but eats some big elbows and Campbell back to his feet before taking the back and continuing to land. Scarcello in turtle position and Campbell sinks a hook and works for the rear-naked choke but Scarcello defends. Campbell with the body triangle but Scarcello ties up his hands. Campbell tries to lock in the choke but Scarcello peels the hands off. Campbell tries to land punches and looks to switch to an arm-triangle. Campbell back to the rear-naked choke and fights hard to lock it in and forces the tap to defend his title.
Shane Campbell submits Mike Scarcello by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 4:01
***Campbell defends Lightweight Title

205lbs- Victor Valimaki vs. Teddy Ash
Round 1: Ash sticks a jab and looks to land the right and presses forward with a combo. Ash with aggression lands a combo that sends Valimaki back peddling to the cage. Ash continues to land and Valimaki sticks a striaght right. Leg kick for Ash and another. Ash connects with a huge right that drops Valimaki. Ash hesitates thinking he’s done enough but Cardinal not ready to step in yet. Ash drops a massive right that puts Valimaki out and Cardinal stops the fight. No doubt Valimaki is out as he begins to grapple with Cardinal when he awakes.
Teddy Ash defeats Victor Valimaki by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 1:38

145lbs- Behrang Yousefi vs. Clay Dixon
Round 1: These two men do not like each other at all and Dixon immediately with the takedown to half guard. Dixon with a couple chipping shots and looking to pass to full mount but Yousefi has the lockdown in and is controlling his posture. Dixon finally able to get his posture and drives the forearm into the throat. Yousefi climbs his legs up high but can’t fdo anything with it and referee John Braak stands them up. Yousefi with a body kick and Dixon with another takedown against the cage. Yousefi working for a leglock but can’t secure it. Dixon scramble and Yousefi kicks him off and stands back up. Yousefi with a barrage of body shots against the cage and a knee. Dixon back down into the guard and postures up to land. Yousefi locks in a triangle choke and lands shots as time runs down but can’t force the tap with short time. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Dixon

Round 2: Cup malfunction to start the second round for Dixon and we’re back underway. Yousefi with a combo and another takedown for Dixon. Yousefi landing from the bottom and Dixon connects with one of his own. Yousefi with mission control and they are stood up again. They both connect and Yousefi glances with a head kick before Dixon gets another takedown and ends up in side control. Yousefi is able to regain half guard and ties him up and they’re stood up again. Dixon looks for another takedown but Yousefi takes top control and lands shots. Dixon working for the sweep but Yousefi climbs up and looks to sink his hooks and take the back. Yousefi working for gthe armbar but can’t quite get it locked in and Dixon escapes. Some confusion and they’re back up. Yousefi lands and Dixon with another takedown in the last 10 seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Yousefi

Round 3: Yousefi sticks a jab and shucks off a takedown. Yousefi lands a combo and Dixon is able to get the takedown to full guard. Dixon unable to mount much of an offense as Yousefi locks him up and Braak stands them up again. Dixon is bleeding from the nose and looks for another takedown. Yousefi looks to pull guard and Dixon lands in half guard. Dixon with an elbow and moves to side control. Yousefi reverses and slams a barrage of elbows to the side of Dixon’s head as he looks for another takedown. Yousefi staying busy on the bottom and again they’re stood up. Dixon right back to the takedown and back to the guard. Yousefi throwing his legs up high for a triangle but Dixon defends and against they’re stood up. Surprise, surprise another takedwon for Dixon and he rides out the round on top but again does very little with top control. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Dixon
Clay Dixon defeats Behrang Yousefi by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

135lbs- Mike Hay vs. Corey Gower
Round 1: Hay with a high kick blocked by Gower who connects with a right and a hard leg kick. Gower pounces on top and settles into the guard of Hay. Hay climbs his legs up and looks for an armbar but Gower makes him pay and punishes him with a barrage of hard punches. Hay is able to lock the armbar in again but Gower refusing to tap but is finally forced to as his arm is hyper-extended. Post fight it’s announced that Hay will be getting a shot at the vacant Bantamweight Title.
Michael Hay submits Corey Gower by Armbar in Round 1, 1:13

185lbs- Cody Krahn vs. Jeff Porter
Round 1: Porter connects and Krahn smiles and responds. Big left hook lands from Krahn and connects with a right. Porter looks to land some elbows but some nice head movement by Krahn to avoid damage. Porter ducks a combo and lands on the chin. Krahn comes right back and lands a shot of his own that backs Porter up. Porter catches Krahn with an elbow coming in and Krahn with a body shot. A knee from Porter glances off the head of Krahn. Big right connects for Porter and Krahn comes back at him. Krahn lands a left and a body shot. Porter with a low leg kick and Krahn lands again. High kick from Krahn but doesn’t get all of it. Porter with a nice multi-punch combo but nothing with a lot of power. Big leg kick lands from Krahn before time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Krahn

Round 2: Krahn connects and lands a big flurry of punches against the cage to open round 2. Porter takes it and gives him a couple back opening a cut over the left eyes of Krahn. Porter with a kick to the body and Krahn again looks to land against the cage and Porter lands one of his own. They trade leg kicks and stiff rights. Krahn ducks a shot and lands big right on the way back up. Both men winging punches at one another against the cage and Krahn looks like he’s having fun. Krahn lands to the body and Porter connects and is now bloodied up as well. Both men slugging it out in the centre of the cage and they clash with leg kicks. Porter with a right and Krahn goes to the body. They trade jabs and exchange shots against the cage. Porter with a knee and a combo and they trade kicks to the body. The final tens seconds and another wild exchange from the middleweights. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Krahn

Round 3: Doc takes a quick look at Krahn’s cut and we’re good to go. They open the third with a hug and go right back to the bog exchanges. High kick from Porter partially blocked and another combo from Krahn. Both men continuing to land but Krahn seems to be landing the bigger shots but Porter comes back with a big combo and an elbow. Krahn backs him into the cage and looks to land but Porter circles off. They trade hard shots and Krahn to the body. Porter lands one of his own to the body. They continues to trade shots but both men slowing down. Krahn with a clinch and a knee against the cage. They separate and Krahn with a leg kick. Porter looks to land a big elbow and just misses and Krahn acknowledges the close call. The ten second warning again prompts both men to slug it out and time runs out on a fun fight. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Krahn
Cody Krahn defeats Jeff Porter by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

170lbs- Pat Pytlik vs. Yannick Pare
Round 1: Pytlik with a high kick and a combo followed by a big knee ip the middle. Pytlik gets the takedown and settles into Pare’s full guard. Pytlik postures up and lands against the cage. Pare looking for an armbar but can’t get the angle as he’s stuck against the cage. Pytlik pulls his arm free and begins to rain down punches. Pare works back to his feet against the cage and Pytlik lands some elbows and knees to the body. Pare looking for a guillotine but Pytlik shucks him off and unleashes a vicious combo and a head kick before dropping him to the mat and finishing him off with another combo.
Pat Pytlik defeats Yannick Pare by TKO (Head Kick and Punches) in Round 1, 2:27

155lbs- Johnny Choi vs. Alex McCoid
Round 1: Both men looking amped up and they tie up against the cage. Choi muscles him to the mat and falls to half guard. Choi drives his head to the cage and McCoid looks to shrimp out but Choi stays heavy. McCoid works to his feet and looks for the single. Choi elbows the ribs and defends the takedown while looking for the guillotine. McCoid gets him to the mat briefly but back to his feet is Choi. McCoid gets him back to the mat once again but get trapped in a guillotine choke and is forced to tap.
Johnny Choi submits Alex McCoid by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 2:12

155lbs- Cam MacDonald vs. Dallyn Wirachowsky
Round 1: MacDonald lands first and Wirachowsky with a leg kick to open the action. MacDonald with a teep to the quad and both men are cautious to begin. MacDonald lands a solid leg kick and both men still respecting the each others striking until MacDonald drops Wirachowsky with a straight right and pounces on top. MacDonald with some solid shots but Wirachowsky defends and works back to his feet. MacDonald with a leg kick and Dallyn responds with one of his own. MacDonald back with a shot a misses a spinning back fist. MacDonald with a push kick to the midsection. High kick from Wirachowsky falls short and another spinning backfist misses from MacDonald. Wirachowsky takes the opportunity to land a quick one-two. MacDonald connects and Wirachowsky immediately responds. Leg kick from Wirachowsky and MacDonald counters with a combo. Another high kick from Wirachowsky is blocked. The ten second clapper prompts both men to exchange some hard shots as time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald

Round 2: MacDonald opens with a leg kick and a right. MacDonald misses with an overhand right and Wirachowsky with the leg kick. Wirachowsky with another high kick but cant find the range and follows up with a leg kick. Front kick just short from Wirachowsky and again. Overhand right misses from MacDonald but the left behind it connects and Wirachowsky responds with a leg kick and a front kick followed by a right. Wirachowsky continues to punish the legs and lands a right. MacDonald winging punches but Wirachowsky blocking and MacDonald swings over Wirachowsky’s head with a high kick. Wirachowsky connects and MacDonald comes right back only to have Wirachowsky answer again. MacDonald connects with a combo and Wirachowsky lands one on the counter. High kick by Wirachowsky partially blocked and follows up with a hard leg kick. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Wirachowsky

Round 3: Wirachowsky with a hard leg kick and MacDonald winces. Wirachowsky with a high kick partially blocked. MacDonald lands a right while Wirachowsky lands a leg kick at the same time. Thudding leg kick from MacDonald and follows up with a big combo. Wirachowsky with a high kick but it’s blocked. Wirachowsky with another big leg kick but MacDonald catches it and connects. Wirachowsky continues to land the leg kicks and MacDonald presses forward stringing together a flurry of punches. Wirachowsky weathers the storm and back with another leg kick and MacDonald again looks to land a combo. Wirachowsky with another hard leg kick and MacDonald doesn’t like it. Both men exchange a solid shot. Superman punch from MacDonald partially lands and both men trade a wild exchange. The ten second clapper induces another big exchange and time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald
Cam MacDonald defeats Dallyn Wirachowsky by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)



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    Fuck does Mike Hay ever have awesome fucking Jitz. I would say he has the best Jitz at 135 in Canada

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    Porter got robbed. That write up is all wrong

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  4. ll cool M says:

    Porter showed heart like always, but Cody landed way more significant shots. Wasn’t even really close, I’m surprised one judge gave a round to Porter.

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  5. B. "Katrina" says:

    Jitz Dude,

    I wholeheartedly disagree :)

    If there’s an event willing, I’m sure Katona would love to do a grappling match.

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    Hahaha Brad ‘Katrina’ is gold

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    Some matchups that need to happen…

    Brad Katona vs. Xavier Alaoui
    Lyndon Whitlock vs. Michael Imperato
    Shane Campbell vs. Craig Shintani

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  8. ll cool M says:

    Shintani got KO’d two fights ago in just over 30 seconds…bounced back over Nybakken but Garret’s on a losing streak. Doesn’t make any sense considering Shane just stopped Scarcello’s 6 fight, 4 year unbeaten streak.

    If Beaumont is getting overseas opponents, why wouldn’t the champ? Give Shane someone international, and exciting stylistically.

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