Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – September 27, 2017


Fall is quickly approaching… which means the Canadian MMA drought is over! Unified MMA and Rumble in The Cage 55 go down this weekend and both are available on Fite TV! Make sure you check them out!

And now for the rumours…

  • Canada’s #1 Welterweight Rory MacDonald will get his shot at the Bellator Welterweight Title when he takes on champion Douglas Lima in this January.
  • Undefeated Lightweight Mandel Nallo recently signed an exclusive contract with Bellator. Perhaps Bellator is stocking up on Canadian talent for a potential return north of the border?
  • KO Boxing 80 went down this past weekend and Adam Braidwood won his 9th straight bout improving to 10-1 with yet another knockout victory over Christian Larrondo. Tim Chemelli was also on the card but fell to controversial decision against Stan Surmacz dropping his record 4-2 including 1-2 against Surmacz.



8 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – September 27, 2017 ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Soooo…. it’s the 28th of September. Where is the report on Tim Hague’s death?

    Pat? I’m looking your way. Pretty sure ‘my dog ate my homework’ won’t hold water on this on.

    I hope everyone who’s busy cutting weight for Unified will be asking Uncle Pat about the report. Where’s it at? He’s in charge of your safety kids, don’t let him slide on this on.


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  2. Adam Y says:

    It appears that Nick Hrabec is quite excited to get back into the cage. Sunny must have promised him an 0-8 fighter from Nunavut or someplace.

    He sure as fuck won’t fight any legit guys after his last 2 losses.

    Savage Life boys Savage Life!

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  3. Bang says:

    I thought Basra was supposed to fight Katona?

    Dodged him again I see.

    Turner should take this one.

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  4. The Goods says:

    I can’t see Katona being interested in that fight at this point, I’m sure him and his team will be looking for an ex UFC’r or very top prospect in North America, if not already in talks with a big show.

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  5. harry balls says:

    Finally Nallo is going somewhere. I loved watching him fight as an ammy.

    …and glad to see Donnie back.

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  6. Mahon says:

    Looks like Basara and katona are going to solve you boyz argument on who is better

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  7. The Goods says:

    Yup looks like I was wrong. WAR KATONA!!!!

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  8. EPerez says:

    When will Curtis unleash the THE KEITH?

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