Mercenary Combat League Live Results and Play-by-Play


Mercenary Combat League is making its debut on September 15 at the RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Headlining the card will be Manitoba’s unbeaten Bantamweight, Brad Katona, who will put his perfect record on the line against New Mexico’s Stephen Cervantes.  Tickets are still available for the event.  You can pick up a pair HERE.

If you could not make the event, hit refresh a lot as you follow the Top MMA News live results and play-by-play right here: 



Play – by – Play

Quite the night and the fights have not started. Met Jeremy Horn, saw Joe Doerksen and said hello to David Suzuki. Guess which of the three was headed to an NDP convention? You are correct if you guessed El Dirte! I kid, I kid. Think they may all be going to the afterparty at the Crown Bar & Grill after?

135lbs- Brad Katona vs. Stephen Cervantes
R1. Hard right by Cervantes. Front kick by Cervantes. Takedown by Katona. Katona gets the back but Cervantes regains his feet. Guillotine attempt by Katona. Back on the back. Cervantes is carrying a Katona backpack. Big neck crank by Katona. Violent. Now the RNC attempt is deep but Katona is shaken off and now Cervantes is on top. Half guard now and Cervantes is scraping elbows across his face. Both on feet and pressing against the fence reversing each other. Both exchange knees and then Katona throws him down. Katona on top in his closed guard. Cervantes attacks an arm but Katona punches out of it. A fantastic round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Katona

R2. Slipping under a punch, Katona lands a combo. Jab leg kick for Katona, who looks fresher. Leg kick Katona. Body kick by Cervantes. Spinning back kick by Cervantes lands. Leg kick Katona. Left hook lands by Katona. Leg kick for Katona. Leg kick Katona. Katona shoots and presses him against the cage in front of his corner. Katona wrestles him down once again taking his back. The RNC looks deep but somehow Cervantes survived it. He looked out and the ref almost checked to see if he was out. Cervantes on top landing blows. Now Katona escapes! Great fight! Katona pressing against the cage arms locked around Cervantes. Cervantes pressing Katona against the cage now. They split. Uppercut by Cervantes. Exchange of punches and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Katona

R3. Cervantes strikes sailing wide. Hard Cervantes leg kick hurts Katona. Body kick by Cervantes. Jab by Katona. Katona wraps up Cervantes and pushes him to the fence. Left hook by Katona. Katona takes him down. Katona with a punch from top. Half guard now. Katona takes his back. He has deep hooks again and an arm under his throat. Katona loses his hooks and choke is broke. Back on feet. Knee by Katona to the head as Cervantes rises. Katona pressing against the fence again. Cervantes with a couple of shots to the body. Katona takes him down and lands a left. Full guard and Katona landing. Forearm to Cervantes mouth. Katona landing punches then goes for a Guillotine and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Katona
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Katona

Brad Katona defeats Stephen Cervantes by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

155lbs- Travis Gervais vs Curtis Demarce
Feels like Demarce has been fighting forever, but he is only 29! Been 7 years since he fought in Winnipeg at CFC 4.
R1. Kicks exchanged. Left jab Demarce. Spinning back kick by Gervais does not land. Body kicks by both. Gervais throws a couple lefts. Hard right by Gervais. Spinning back fist missed by Demarce. Gervais tosses his shot aside. Leg kick Gervais. Front kick by Gervais. Left by Gervais. Kick by Demarce. Kick by Gervais and a right by Demarce. Body kick by Gervais to answer Demarce’s shrug. Gervais catches a foot and tosses Demarce to ground. High kick lands on Demarce’s arm. Spinning back kick lands hard in Demarce’s midsection. Leg kick by Gervais. Demarce lands a right hand. Leg kick by Demarce. Hgh kick by Gervias. Knee by Gervais.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gervais

R2. Early shot by Demarce who gets Gervais’ back and attempts to suplex him. They hit the ground and bounce back to their feet. Demarce pressing him against the cage and takes Gervais down. Demarce slips to side control, lands some shots, then wraps up a guillotine that Gervais taps to.
Curtis Demarce submits Travis Gervais by Guillotine in Round 2, 1:22

155lbs- Mike O’Neill vs. Lee Gaudet
R1. Leg kick O’Neill. Body kicks by both. Lots of kicks. High kick to the shoulder by Gaudet. O’Neill pressing Gaudet against the cage. Gaudet and O’Neill tied up with O’Neill tying up his head and Gaudet throwing knees. Knee to the midsection by Gaudet. Gaudet throwing a lot punches. O’Neill hurt and drops to knees to take Gaudet down. Gaudet puts him in a guillotine. O’Neill taps to a standing guillotine.
Lee Gaudet submits Mike O’Neill by Guillotine in Round 1,

O’Neill had tooth lodged in his nose and it undoubtedly affected his breathing. Coach and ex-UFCer Jesse Bongfeldt was displaying it following the fight.

175lbs- Sheldon LeBlanc vs. Vyron Phillips
R1. Leblanc rushes in and the two tie up. Knee by Phillips. They break up. Leblanc shoots again but stuffed by Phillips and Phillips takes him down. In half guard, Phillips dropping a few rights. Leblanc gets him in his butterfly guard. Now full, Phillips to heavy on top. Ref breaks them up. Standing. Right by Leblanc. Leblanc shoots again and again Phillips is on top. Not much thrown from top. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phillips

R2. Phillips letting hands go to start the second. Leblanc closes distance and takes Phillips down. Phillips regains his feet. Inside knee for Leblanc. Another knee to the thigh by Leblanc. The two break. Phillips lands a left and right. Back to the mat, Phillips drops some punches from on top. He just misses with a big, pointy elbow. A hard left scores from top position. A few more top punches land on Leblanc’s face. Ref breaks them and they stand. Leblanc with a left that lands. Phillips lands a knee. Leblanc presses Phillips against the cage. Some knees to thigh action by Leblanc. Ref breaks them. Phillips shoots and they hit the mat but round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phillips

R3. Leg kick by Leblanc. Knee to thigh by Leblanc as he presses Phillips to the cage. Ref breaks them. Right by Leblanc. Body shot by Phillips. Leblanc trips Phillips to the mat. Leblanc on Phillips back with hooks in. A lot of hand fighting. Leblanc with a few punches. He can’t seem to stretch Phillips out for the RNC. Phillips reverses into top position. Phillips throwing lefts before being tied up. Phillips lands some elbows. Another left by Phillips. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Leblanc
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Phillips
Vyron Phillips defeats Sheldon LeBlanc by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

145lbs- Chucky Mady vs. Phil Deschambeault
R1. Some losing streaks on the line here. Leg kicks by Mady to kick things off. Deschambeault presses Mady up to the cage and drops Mady to his back. Deschambeault in Mady’s tight closed guard. Mady with a few punches from his back. Ref breaks up the action. Back on feet. Leg kick Deschambeault. Right by Deschambeault. Deschambeault with the trip and Mady is on the mat. Half guard this time. Deschambeault with some lefts from top. Mady goes for an arm bar from the bottom and gets it.
Chucky Mady submits Phil Deschambeault by Arm Bar in Round 1, 3:59

160lbs- David Swanson vs. Ryan Pang
CFC vs WAMMA all Winnipeg tilt here!
R1. Kicks exchanged by both. Back kick by Pang is wild. Swanson lands. Side kick by Swanson. and another. The two exchange. Leg kick by Pang. and another. The two exchange leg kicks. High kick by Swanson blocked. Leg kick by Pang. Body kick by Swanson. Right by Pang. Left by Swanson. Leg kick by Pang. Body kick Swanson. Leg kick Pang. and another. Leg kick exchanged. Jab kick by Swanson. The two exchange leg kicks again. Front kick by Pang. Body kick by Pang. Swanson misses a couple punches. Pang with a leg kick. Body kick by Swanson. Spinning back kick to Swanson’s midsection. Leg kick Pang. Right by Pang and Swanson lands a few lefts. Pang pressing Swanson against the cage. Pang brings Swanson down. Full guard. Forearms by Pang. A terribly close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pang

R2. Hard leg kick by Pang. Left by Swanson. Hard leg kick by Pang. High kick by Swanson is semi blocked. The two trade kicks. Pang kicks and Swanson pushes him off balance. The two exchange more kicks. Body kick Swanson and leg kick Pang. Another leg chop by Pang. Swanson goes low then high with kicks. Pang with a leg kick to a bruised and cut leg of Swanson. Leg kick by Swanson and Pang hurts Swanson with a punch. The two exchange body shots. Body kick by Swanson. Leg kick by Pang. Leg kick Pang. Finger given by Swanson. Side kick lands in Pang’s midsection. Swanson lands a punch. More leg kicks to Swanson. That leg is bruised and battered. No limp yet though! Left by Pang. Pang catches a kick and drops Swanson to the canvas. A few shots landed and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pang

R3. Jab kick by Pang. Not much there though. Leg kick by Pang. Side kick lands by Swanson. Not much landing but quite a bit thrown in this first minute. Pang with a shot and a takedown. Pang with a few shots. Rights by Pang drop now. Pang content in Swanson’s full guard. More rights from Pang.
Swanson can’t get off his back and Pang content to stay in guard and throw occasional blows and keep him down.
Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 Pang
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Pang

Ryan Pang defeats David Swanson by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

265lbs- Jared Henderson vs. Jordan Murray
R1. Henderson swings and misses. Both swing and miss. Henderson pushes Murray against the cage. Knee by Henderson. Henderson lands an elbow and tees off. He drops Murray. Murray regains his feet and the two start slugging. Henderson drops Murray with a right elbow.
Jared Henderson defeats Jordan Murray by KO (Elbow) in Round 1, 0:58

205lbs- George Davis vs. Sam Amro
R1. Amro rushes to start and pushes Davis to the cage. Davis reverses. Amro drops for a guillotine but does not have it. Davis escapes and is in full guard. In half guard now. Davis drops some short elbows. Side control now and the occasional left forearm is dropped. Davis trying to trap the left hand and does. He feeds Amro some lefts. Davis keeps landing lefts. Amro has eaten a ton of lefts. Not lots of damage but all unanswered. Not the hardest shots but Davis has complete domination. Davis puts him in an inverted triangle and Amro taps out.
George Davis submits Sam Amro by Triangle in Round 1, 4:28

140lbs- Daryl St. Rose vs. Matty Hovorka
Fighters in the cage, crowd getting restless while we wait for a doctor to come ringside. Chris Horodecki and Mark Hominick from Adrenaline MMA reside in Hovorka’s corner.
R1. Left by Hovorka. Body kick by St. Rose. Leg kick St Rose. Right by Hovorka. Leg kick by St Rose. High kick by St Rose but he eats a left. Leg kick caught by Hovorka and he punishes St Rose for the mistake with rights. Body shot by Hovorka as a St Rose right sails high. High kick by St Rose glances off a cheek. Hard right by St Rose. Another right by St Rose catches a nose. Spinning back fist misses and St Rose eats one. Body kick by Hovorka. Jab Hovorka. Left jab by Hovorka. Another jab but St Rose takes Hovorka down. Side control by St Rose. Elbow by St Rose but Hovorka regains his feet. STanding now. Body kick by St Rose. Hard right by Hovorka. Another hard right by Hovorka. Kick by St Rose. Body head combo by Hovorka. Left by Hovorka lands. Spinning back fist by St Rose makes Hovorka stumble. Round ends. Very close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 St Rose

R2. High kick by Hovorka blocked by St Rose. High kick blocked by Hovorka, who lands a straight right. Jab Hovorka. Right lands by St Rose. Front kick by St Rose. Jab by Hovorka and another spinning fist by St Rose misses. Leg kick by St Rose. Front kick by St Rose. Leg kick by Hovorka. Leg kick by St Rose. Right and a left by St Rose. St Rose shoots and takes Hovorka down. Elbow by St Rose. Rights landing by St Rose. St Rose passes to side and then full guard. St Rose lands a bunch before Hovorka regains his feet. They exchange lefts and that is the round. Clear winner there.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 St Rose

R3. Leg kick by St Rose. Left jabs by Hovorka. Harder left by Hovorka scores. Shot by St Rose and he takes Hovorka down. 3 for 3 in shots/takedowns for St Rose. Full guard. Body, head by St Rose. Right elbow left by St Rose. Half guard now. He feeds Hovorka some hard lefts. More lefts from half. Hovorka tries to explode but St Rose ties him up and gets to full mount. Lots of shots and the fight is stopped.
Daryl St Rose defeats Matty Hovorka by TKO (Strikes) in Round 3, 3:15

145lbs- Kristian Bouchard vs. Corey Friske
R1. Leg kick by Bouchard and the two exchange strikes. Bouchard clinches and leans his opponent against the cage. Knees by Bouchard as he works for the take down. Knees to the thigh by Bouchard. Friske tries to trip him and they fall to the cage. Back up. Knees by Bouchard. Right by Friske lands and they break. Front kick by Bouchard and he takes down Friske. From half guard he drops repeated elbows and punches. Friske is trapped and more rain down. Referee Jerin Valel stops the fight.
Kristian Bouchard defeats Corey Friske by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 2:05

170lbs- Andy Jack vs. Brett Dumas
Big hand for Brett Dumas and Andy Jack as they kick off the night.
R1. Right glances by Jack after a bit of dancing. Hard leg kick by Jack lands. Leg kick by Dumas glances. Spinning back lands but not hard by Dumas and Jack lands another leg kick. Leg kick Dumas. Andy chant breaks out and a corresponding Dumas chant responds. Front kick by Jack has not much on it. Dumas dives under a Jack right. Clinch by Jack who lands a knee. Leg kick by Jack. Soft high kick by Dumas hits Jack’s forearm. They exchange slapping leg kicks. Left by Dumas scores. Spinning back fist by Dumas lands. Leg kick by Jack. Another leg kick by Dumas. Leg kick by Jack. Another spinning back kick by Dumas falls short. Not much damage in that round. Give it to Jack for the harder leg kicks.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jack

R2. Hard leg kick by Jack scores and a bevy of punches land by Jack to follow. The two clinch up and the action speeds up after round 1. Jack picks up a double and pulls Dumas down. Working from full guard, Jack lands some strikes. Jack is very composed for a debuter. Big left from Jack who stands up to deliver it. They both are back on their feet with Jack controlling from the clinch. Trip takedown by Jack and they fall into half guard. Dumas keeps throwing light rights from the bottom as Jack tries to pass. Jack in side control. Jack in the crucifix favored by his coach Brigham. Now Jack goes for an arm but Dumas escapes. Jack lands some hard shots to Dumas’ stomach. A big Andy chant as the round ends with Jack on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jack

R3. Leg kick by Jack. Another leg kick lands. Front kick scores. Dumas throws his hands up. They exchange leg kicks. Dumas is favoring that leg now. Dumas throws a couple kicks up the middle to little effect. Body kick by Jack. They are keeping their distance again this round like the first. Body punch by Dumas. They exchange kicks. Left by Dumas. Jack moves forward but eats a couple. He goes back to the kicks. Straight right by Jack and a shot. He pulls Dumas down to the mat. That could be the fight now. Jack in full guard. Dumas throwing those short body shots from bottom. Jack gets up and Dumas rolls away only to find Jack on his back. The hooks are in but Dumas rolls to face him. Hard shot land by Jack. Elbow thrown. Time to get Dumas’ mouthguard in. Big lefts from top by Jack. He pours them on as the round ends. Not a bad first fight of the night!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jack
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Jack

Andy Jack defeats Brett Dumas by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

A classy Dumas shakes Jack’s hand and says “thanks for making me better!”

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    2 knee

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    After party at The Lincoln!

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    Anyone having sound issues on the stream?

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  5. Solid matchmaking tonight so far! For third fight of the night, St Rose and Hovorka was pretty even and a good tangle.

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    any live stream ??

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  7. Well done show by Andrij Pavlic! Turns out Winnipeg was starved for MMA as it is a rather large crowd.

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    I hope MCL continues to put on consistent quality events… Winnipeg deserves more MMA!

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    Good matches. Great effort by all the athletes. Made for a really entertaining night of fights.

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    Katona has a very strong future ahead of him. Cervantes was a gritty opponent, but never had Katona in danger once.

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