UFC 215 – Live Results


The Octagon comes to Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta for the first time tonight. Demetrious Johnson was set to defend his Flyweight Title against Ray Borg however Borg was not medically cleared and the fight has been cancelled. The new main event will be a Women’s Bantamweight Title fight between champion Amanada Nunes and challenger Valentina Shevchenko.

There are also five Canadians on the card including Kajan Johnson who takes on Adriano Martins at Lightweight. Arjan Bhullar makes his UFC debut against Luis Henrique, Mitch Clarke returns against Alex White, Gavin Tucker looks to stay undefeated against Rick Glenn and Sarah Moras comes back from a 2 year layoff to take on Ashlee Evans-Smith.

Fans in Canada can catch the main card live on PPV beginning at 10pm et. The prelims will air on TSN2 beginning at 8pm et and additional prelims streaming on UFC Fight Pass at 7pm et.

Main Card:
Amanda Nunes defeats Valentina Shevchenko by Split Decision
***Nunes Retains the Women’s Bantamweight Title

Rafael dos Anjos submits Neil Magny by Arm Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:43
Henry Cejudo defeats Wilson Reis by TKO in Round 2, :25
Ilir Latifi defeats Tyson Pedro by Unanimous Decision
Jeremy Stephens defeats Gilbert Melendez by Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Card:
Ketlen Viera submits Sarah McMann by Arm Triangle Choke in Round 2, 4:16
Sarah Moras submits Ashlee Evans-Smith by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:51
Rick Glenn defeats Gavin Tucker by Unanimous Decision
Alex White defeats Mitch Clarke by TKO in Round 2, 4:36
Arjan Bhullar defeats Luis Henrique by Unanimous Decision
Kajan Johnson defeats Adriano Martins by KO in Round 3, :49



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  1. Felooz says:

    Damn Tucker got mauled. Compared to his first UFC outing it was different. What you guys think ?

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  2. topmmafan says:

    I was waiting for this post to comment the following:

    I am a huge Canadian advocate and extremely patriotic when it comes to Canadian MMA Fighters but I got 3 points I wanna make.

    1) Rick Glenn is officially a Canadian Killer.
    2) I hope that was a wakeup call for Gavin Tucker because he was wayyyyy too cocky his last 2 fights.
    3) That fight should have been stopped 3 minutes earlier. That’s how a fighter can die. Absolutely terrible refereeing.

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  3. topmmafan says:

    Trying to post but says my comment is awaiting moderation, anyone know why that is?

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  4. Trent Thorne says:

    Hey guys just wanted to share our amazing story with some of you crazies down here on Topmmanews. Hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as we did :)

    To start our night out was nothing short of typical. What happened next can only be described as extraordinary.

    We arrived at Rogers place and my friend and P.I.C. For the night Ryan decided that they would ask about what seats are available a little closer up. It would seems that we’ve hit the lottery. Floor seat just so happen to be up for grabs, in our head some big shot was upset that the Mighty Mouse fight got cancelled and refunded his tickets … so there we were for $412 we were sitting on row back from all the production staff at ring side. When we walked up all the chairs had designations, ours just so happened to say “Oilers” . But for whatever reason We decided just to count our lucky stars and enjoy the show. Kevin Lowe was sitting front row just to our left. Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, and John Annick are sitting directly to the right of us doing a always awesome job. Although I do miss #Goldberg.

    So about 3 fights in we start to realize that someone screwed up because I’m pretty sure that we sitting next to a few of the Edmonton Oilers…

    We got to see Mitch Clarke put on a display of heart that I will say here and now I’ll likely never witness again. He took a barrage of elbows, knees, and punches all the while maintaining composure and never stopping trying to win! It was amazing. Honored to have seen him compete and retire in front of the Edmonton fans.

    By the time the Tucker vs Glenn fight was over we had some of the UFC staff come over and tell us we’d have to be moved due to an error made in the box office. Needless to say we were less than thrilled :( but what came to follow can only be described as an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Funniest moment of the night for me was turns out the seats me and Ryan were sold were none other than Conor Mcdavid and Darnell Nurse’s seats. Hockey royalty just kicked us out of our dam seat lol So Mcdavid next time a thank you for keeping your seat warm is in Order bahahaha

    Not only were we given the absolute best seats available to the public but we were refunded our ticket prices.

    Then a lady from guest services come down and gives us $100 in gift cards for our beers the rest of the night :)

    This night is shaping up to be unimaginable. But that’s not where it ends,
    We are then told we are going to be given an octagon tour after the fights. At this point me and Ryan are sky high and just trying to let it all soak in. Like seriously man, Cain Velasquez was a few feet from me and I was able to ask him when he’s fighting Stipe Miocic, “next year” he replied. A man that is going to go down as one of the most dominant heavyweights ever stared back at me with a look that would crumble lesser men than I ;) and said “next year” and shook his fist at me. Amazing

    Demetrious Johnson the best pound for pound fight on the planet even gave me a fist bump! Followed by a hurried Daniel Cormier fist bump. The stars aligned man and I just can’t imagine how things could have. Even any better

    But it happened, after Nunes defeated Shevchenko one of the UFC employees came up and grabbed us put us back on the floor :) as soon as the cage cleared we got to get into the cage. For me it was surreal, as I’ve been in the cage a dozen times for my own fights here on the local circuit and had always dreamed of one day being in the UFC Cage.

    It was a moment I’ll never forget and a moment that i want to say thank you for from the bottom of my heart. Thank you UFC, thank you Oilers entertainment group, thank you Rogers Place for giving me and Ryan the chance of a lifetime. It was absolutely amazing and will never be forgotten :)

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  5. topmmafan says:

    3 Points I want to make:

    1) Rick Glenn is officially a Canadian Killer.
    2) I hope that was a wakeup call for Gavin Tucker because he was wayyyyy too cocky his last 2 fights.
    3) That fight should have been stopped 3 minutes earlier. That’s how a fighter can die. Absolutely terrible refereeing.

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  6. Old School Jake says:

    Killer story Trent!! I love hearing stuff like that. That’s what keeps fans happy, we need to hear more stories like these.

    Congrats to Mitch on one hell of a fight. I know I don’t post on here much anymore but had to give a shout out to Mitch and to one hell of a run in the UFC. He should be proud. I know everyone else is.

    I re-watched some tape this morning on Tucker’s fight and without beating a dead horse, man, that was for sure a rough stoppage. I know these kind of things happen from time to time but being that Edmonton is under a microscope as it is, I thought refs would almost be more quick to stop a fight to rescue a fighter taking too much. Nobody is perfect and i know a lot of ref’s have made bad calls, but I think people need to understand just how much these things could effect a fighter’s health and long term quality of life. As a sidenote: I’ve seen Kyle ref for years and have always had confidence in him and would never have reason to think it was malicious. Just a bad stoppage.

    Anyways, lots of Canadians showed heart last night and man, what a card. Edmonton always shows up!

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  7. Joseph York says:

    Glad you had a good time Trent. Here is my take on UFC Edmonton:

    The fans at the show were so retarded. I have never seen so many drunk retards in my life. I saw no less than 3 brawls, in the stands and in the bathroom.

    On top of that, why in God’s name was there numerous “Lets go Oilers” chants during the night? So fucking embarassing.

    The casual fuckboy fans who think fighters in the UFC should just go balls out like its a parking lot bum fight ruined the show. So retarded.

    It was however, quite funny to see Sheldon Westcott all dolled up in his suit, moping around the venue, pretending he was sad that he wasnt on the card. I overheard him telling his fans that “the UFC couldnt find him a fight”. He should have clarified and told his fans the truth, that he turns down fights all the time and the UFC couldnt find him a can to crush.

    He also looked very sad when they put all the UFC fighters in the crowd on the big screen like DJ, DC, Cain, Diaz, Yair ect because they never put him on the big screen. I think he was also upset that Connor McDavid is more of a celebrity that he is in Edmonton. I’m not even kidding.

    I would not be suprised if the UFC never came back to Edmonton

    Whats even worse, the gate to UFC was MAYBE 11,000 people. The shit Eskimos game gate was 34,000.

    Just think about that

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  8. ken kupsch says:

    Good story Trent, I’m surprised someone gave you a thumbs down for it………..and then again, I’m not.

    I agree with you summary of the crowd Joseph, here is why I think they behaved that way.

    My guess is that there are less than 2,000 hard core mma fans in Edmonton. Add about 1,000 hard core fans than came from outside towns and maybe 500 who came from other provinces. The other people came to party.

    When a show is announced at Rogers, Oilers season ticket holders get first crack at pre sales. Since this was the first UFC in Edmonton, the Oilers fans came out in droves. And, chanting for the Oilers is all they know.

    So while the hard core guys understandably find it a bit embarrassing, it is what it is.

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  9. Great story, Trent.

    Topmmafan…. released your comment. Filter that it was dirty due to a word in point 2).

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  10. Trent Thorne says:

    In all honesty I was preoccupied with the whole experience to notice anything negative:) I would have loved to see a finish in the main event but other than that it was the kind of thing that if you’re lucky will happen to ya once in a lifetime!

    One of the best moments was when I saw a few of the commission members looking at me like I snuck into the VIP section bahahaha fuckin Mcdavids seats lol cheers fellas and I have no doubt that the UFC will return next year

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  11. Donald Duck says:

    Serious question – cause I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. Did they have a moment of silence for Tim Hague? Did Pat “I see nothing, I know nothing…” Reid make any comment?


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  12. Trent Thorne says:

    As much as I’d like to believe that would have been a good idea, i have some reservations about it. 1 being that there has been no official release from ECSC.

    Also as much as I loved Timmy you have to think about this whole ordeal in the bigger frame. Ultimately it’s up too the people around The fighter to discuss these types of things.

    In my own personal experience as a competitor and a fan and looker on, once a person is considered successful certain types of people do there best to latch on. Like really who doesn’t like to be hanging around with a fuckin winner?!?!? In this sport Winning is everything! Bar None.

    Fuck man, back like shit it’s gotta be close to 8 years ago Ken Kupsch invited me and the entire roster of KOTC fighters to this Slayer/ Magedeth concert in his box at Rexal place (may have been skyreach at the time) It was a very cool moment for me :) first time I’ve ever felt like part of the group.

    Keep in mind this is shortly after Timmy had beaten a fuckin bad ass in Pat Barry in his UFC debut .

    Tim was riding a huge wave, dude won a locker room bonus and was making a mark on the big stage, we left rexall and he asked me to drive his Pontiac G6 (red with the hood scoops) to union hall for the after party. I jumped at the opportunity:) We arrive and Tim was swarmed by women and men alike. It was BANANAS! Never witnessed anything like it.

    Tim lived in the moment, I don’t think I’d have a argument with anyone who knew him about that. But as the age old story goes if one lives by the sword one dies by the sword! (RIP SULLY)

    Its sad, it was most definitely avoidable. But above all else You need to remember this, Tim Hague died doing what he truly loved! So please with the upmost respect to Timmy and his loved ones let’s let him rest :)

    Thanks Tim for the sparring and the wise words

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    Trent I have no idea what that is supposed to mean but let me, as a means of a response, tell you a story about a fight that shouldn’t have happened and about the massive gap in safety measures around that said fight.

    You know this story since you were one of the people involved. Your fight with Riggs should have never happened (you didn’t have close to the right record or experience to ensure your safety) and beyond this Uncle Pat let Joe use gloves that were, at a minimum 6 months old.

    Also, the ECSC did release a statement on Tim’s death…. they delayed the investigation into it so that the results wouldn’t come out until after the UFC card.


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  14. Trent Thorne says:

    In response to your first statement, I’m not gonna get into the political reasons of why or why not. I’m not educated enough in the subject to intelligently give an opinion.

    But as far as me personally, I can’t tell you without a doubt that it wasn’t some kind of back door deal where a promoter was trying to fuck me and get Riggs an easy fight. Ken Kupsch will back me up in this, I begged for that fight! I heard his opponent backed out for whatever reason so I wanted my shot. At the time I was training with a very elite group of guys, Tim was in the UFC at the time, Victor Valamaki had already been in the UFC, Bill Mesi maybe not UFC veteran but believe me he’s the thoughest guy I’ve ever sparred with! Ryan Ford and believe me he should have been in the UFC. Cody Krahn also not a UFC vet but a pretty dam good fighter, even a young green Denny Houle had the fire within, fuck I was even lucky enough to had the chance to learn a few take down from Mitch Clarke and some cool back control from Sheldon Wescott.

    I knew I was a huge underdog but I knew I had a chance to put him away. Now with that being said this is what fighters do, we fight and take challenges because no one believes you can do it.

    GSP took a fight against a Pete Spratt in his 5th outing, got him into the UFC, he took a chance and won. Me I fizzled and was a wake up call for me. But I still thank my luck stars I had tot he chance to fight such a guy. At least I know and in 20 years I won’t be wondering what if….

    And fuck I lost nearly 100 pounds in just over a year to make the 185 pound limit. I worked hard and got there, I was ready :)

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  15. Dallas says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    @Dallas, I think you’re on the wrong site! You’re probably looking for TopStreetFightingNews.com

    Best of luck!

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  17. Matt says:

    Are you fucking high dallas? Any actual pro mma fighter would ko or break you arm in a real fight. Biting or trying to eye gauge does not work when your on conscious!

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    Jeebus Krystos Chad you were 6-3 with a 2:30 win over Booby (of note the 2nd longest Booby fight on record) and none of your opponents had winning records. Riggs had already accumulated wins over Diaz, Deorksen and Groove when he fought you.

    You’re on fucking glue if you think for a second that fight should have been sanctioned. What makes the travesty of Joe being allowed to use old gloves worse was that at the time of the fight he could have been required to only punch you with his left hand and he’d have still been the odds on favorite.

    I respect the shit out of anyone who’s stepped in the cage but you have to recognize the reality of your situation. You’re tougher than the people you run into on a daily basis but dude….


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  19. Trent Thorne says:

    Well you might be right but I’ll say one last thing mr. Duck…

    My mom told me to never trust a person who never wears pants ;)

    Also one thing I’ve noticed in my travels, no one ever agrees with what I’m doing. Yet here I am still doing what I’ve always done and I’ve had some crazy times along the way. Some once in a lifetime experiences, and here I am… so you tell me Duck, who made the right choice ? Me or the guy who chooses a name to hide behind? :)

    If I had to do it all over again only thing I’d change is how aggressive i should have came out!

    Cheers Topmmanews much love xoxo xoxo I hope you enjoyed the story

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