TKO 40 – Weigh In Results


TKO 40 goes down tomorrow night from the Tohu Circus Arts Hall in Montreal, Quebec. You can watch it live on UFC Fight Pass or The Fight Network starting at 6pm EST. The weigh ins went down this afternoon and the results come courtesy of the fine folks over at La Voix Des Guerriers.

Main Card:
205lbs- Todd Stoute (202.4) vs. Marc-André Barriault (203)
145lbs- Alex Morgan (145.2) vs. Joao Luiz Andrezinho (145.8)
199lbs- Strahinja Gavrilovic (198.6) vs. Maiquel Falcão (204)*
265lbs- Adam Dyczka (265) vs. Ricardeau Francois (213.4)
135lbs- Louis Jourdain (134.6) vs. Atsushi Fujino (135.4)
170lbs- Leonardo Xavier (170.8) vs. Yacine Bandoui (170.4)
155lbs- Robert Seres (155) vs. Michael Dufort (163)*
135lb- Keith Lee (136) vs. Eric Daigneault (135.6)

Preliminary Card:
135lbs- Tyler Wilson (136.8) vs. Frédérik Dupras (135.6)
145lbs- Matar Lô (145.6) vs. Maxime Soucy (144.8)
125lbs- Stevie Yhap (126) vs. James Mancini (125.6)
170lbs- Alex Paul (169.6) vs. David Daigneault (170.6)
192lbs- Alex Beaulé (191) vs Chris O’Kill Mcmullen (192)

6 Responses to “ TKO 40 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    How in the hell does the Dyczka/Francois fight get approval?!? Dyczka (unless I’m thinking of the wrong person) cuts to get under 265 whereas Francois could make 205. There will be close to a 60lbs differential come fight night.


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  2. EPerez says:

    O’Kill, easily the best name I’ve ever heard

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  3. Mike k says:

    Sucks to see TKO go away from there 30 fights on a card model. This may only take 6 hours .

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  4. Ryan Durkin says:

    Is Dyzcka the future Canadian heavyweight GOAT? Ive been impressed with every performance of his i have seen so far.

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  5. Sandis Ozolinsh says:

    Heavyweight is 225.1-265 if Quebec recognized the recommendations of weigh class changes from ABC Conference this year. This is one of the prime reasons why it happened. 265 vs 213. Yikes.

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  6. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    O’Kill sounds like an Irish Killer

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