UFC Comes to Winnipeg December 16


During the UFC 214 broadcast, the UFC confirmed that they will be returning to Winnipeg.

UFC on Fox will be coming to the Bell MTS Centre on December 16th. Joel Fingard, the Executive Director of the Manitoba Sports Combat Commission confirmed the date is booked.

This will be the promotions second visit to Winnpeg. UFC 161 was held in the city in the summer of 2013. On the card were two future UFC champions, Stipe Miocic, who defeated Roy Nelson that night, and Tyrone Woodley, who lost to Jake Shields on the undercard.

This visit, the UFC fighters will need to brace for the Winnipeg winter. No fighters have been announced, but Top MMA News will be keeping you in the loop on all future announcements.



11 Responses to “ UFC Comes to Winnipeg December 16 ”

  1. Brent Dolan says:

    Hell yeah!! Fox usually puts on a great night of fights. I can’t wait to see what the card will be.

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  2. EPerez says:

    Nogueira kid and Eeesh should be on this card.

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  3. ECote says:

    Is that you with the colostomy bag?

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  4. Perez/Nguyen II should be on the card!

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  5. Mr. Strealyogirl says:

    Put Jesse Arnett on this card! Fuck UFC get your shit together. Canada needs some gold back!

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  6. CanadianTopTeam says:

    Hakeem before Jesse All Day! Don’t kid yourself.

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  7. MMAFAN!!! says:

    I personally hope both Arnett and Hakeem are both on…but I just hope its a better card than UFC 161

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  8. JCY3 says:

    Hopefully it’s half as entertaining as the UFC 140 card I’ll be happy

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  9. EPerez says:

    Id say Hakeem.

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  10. A.D. Clay says:

    Hakeem vs Jesse, problem solved

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  11. Brent Dolan says:

    I agree MMAFAN!!! I loved being at UFC 161, but the fights themselves weren’t the greatest.

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