Ready to Go: L-Jack Promotions Holds 1st MMA Event in Fredericton on Saturday


Ever since the news of the Mayweather/McGregor fight was announced, it has  brought up the old question of MMA vs. Boxing.  People like Brandon Brewer are trying to show the sports can work together to grow their brands.  The Canadian Middleweight boxing champ will dip into MMA as L-Jack Promotions will hold their first card this Saturday at the Grant Harvey Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

When asked why he decided to promote an MMA card in his home area, it was for the love of the sport.

“I am just a big fan of combat sports in general.  When I first got into boxing, I had the intention of doing MMA myself,” says Brewer

“I kind of fell in love in boxing but I always had the interest in it.  I am around the MMA community a lot and I seen the opportunity that we created for the boxing. I wanted to create the same for the guys on the MMA side.”

Well this will be their first rodeo in MMA and they are well prepared.  This will be the fourth fighting card under the promotion.  Brewer has held three boxing events at the Aitken University Centre in Fredericton where he has headlined the event each time.  The arena can seat over 4000 people and he has packed in at least 3500 spectators for each one.  While he has been working as a fighter for eight years, his goal besides winning fights is to make his home area a fight destination, which he has been able to showcase for the last two years.  While MMA will be new to him he knows that having a strong brand to work with will help out in other areas.

“I think that people know we put on a world class event and I think people expect that when they see L-Jack promotions tagged to something,” says Brewer

“I think the buzz around the city is more so about the excitement is because who is fighting.  We have a lot of local guys, we have some of the best MMA fighters in Canada as far as I am concerned so we have a little bit of everything so I think the buzz is just there because of the match ups we have.”

While Brewer has been doing some great things in Fredericton over the last couple of years from fights to a charity golf tournament, he cannot do it by himself.  He has a team of about eight people behind him who are helping out with promoting or training.  One of his invaluable staff for this card has been Mike Fitz who has taken on the role of matchmaker.  Fitz has been around the scene for a number of years as a fighter and coach. He has even dabbled in matchmaking in the past as he helped put together the fight between Richard Arsenault and Gary Brown at Elite 1 in 2012 after Meneke Weva failed to show up to weigh ins.  While this will be the first time he has been a matchmaker, there are a number of factors that he has had to consider when putting the card together.

“If I said fighters are sensitive and emotional, that would be an understatement.  It is a full time job that starts at six in the morning until midnight,” says Fitz

“I have to deal with the smallest questions from how much I know the opponent, if I trained with them before to what is the walkout music they’re coming out too. If I am trying to say that this job is no problem at all and that I can handle it, it’s not it’s been overwhelming than I anticipated, also having guys on the card that I trained with for seven years that are fighting.  Having to separate myself from that and not give them any different treatment then what I am giving their opponent.”

As of right now there are 12 fights on the card with an even six on the pro and amateur side.  The main event will see a familiar face in New Brunswick MMA as Alderic Keith will face Chris Vorano.  Keith (8-4) is coming back from a KO loss to Bruno Lurette at Elite 1 in January  while this will be Vorano’s (3-7) first fight since 2011 but some of those losses include the likes of Mark Holst, Cory MacDonald and Nabil Khatib.  While most people would look at that match on paper say Keith should be able to come out with the win, the promoters knows anything can happen in a fight.

“Who has Alderic has fought? He has fought some extremely talented guys but records can be deceiving,” says Brewer.

“I would only expect that people would say ‘yep maybe the records are that way but who did Alderic fought compared to who the other guy (Vorano) fought.’  I think Alderic has fought some beasts but however Chris has fought beasts as well.  I don’t think we can discredit Chris Vorano because I think he is an extremely tough matchup for Alderic.”

While Fritz is trying to deal with fighters and Brewer is in the process of promoting this card as well as a boxing card for his next fight in Shedaic, NB on August 19th with Donnybrook Gym in Montreal, Top MMA News would like to wish the promotion the best of luck Saturday and hope to hear good things moving forward.

Update-The Promotion has announced that Matt Heim has been removed from the card.  Promoters have said that he has not answered calls or emails.  Dee Louge will now face Ty Verner


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Full Fight Card


175lbs-Aldreic Keith (8-4) vs. Chris Vorano (3-8)

190lbs-Jeremy John Bernard (4-5) vs. Brain Mazzerole (1-6)

185lbs- Dee Logue (0-0) vs. Ty Verner (0-0)

215lbs-Bernie Martin (0-0) vs. Paul Melanson (1-0)

155lbs-Luke Noel (1-1) vs. Bryston Jardine (0-0)

170lbs-Jeremy Henry (5-6) vs. Stephen Clement (5-4)

Amateur MMA

230lbs-Dylan Black (0-0) vs. Hank Anderson (0-0)

145lbs-Mat Hinchey (0-1) vs. Norm Robichaud (0-7)

200lbs-Jory Kennedy (0-0) vs. Bruce Sanford (0-0)

170lbs-Cory Vern Fullarton (0-0) vs. Curtis Edmondson (0-0)

150lbs-Manuel Barroeta (0-0) vs. Jeremie Cormier (0-0)

200lbs-Jack Munn (0-0) vs. Kalem Furey (0-0)

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