Kennedy Hopes to Keep Perfect Record Intact Against Bochniak at UFC on Fox in New York


While there are a number of fighters from Canada currently contracted in the UFC, the youngest of the group is easily Jeremy Kennedy.  While the Surrey BC native may only be 24 years old, he will be looking to get his third victory inside the Octagon and stay undefeated as he will face Kyle Bochniak (7-1, 1-1 UFC) at UFC on FOX 25 on Saturday at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.  While Kennedy may be young in age, he feels his experience will be the factor for a victory.

“I think my pressure will be the factor.  I can’t fight the way that I fought my last fight,” says Kennedy.

“I learned so much from that.  That is the thing about me being 24, the experience of my 30 minutes in the UFC, I am going to be a different guy.  I have been listening to different interviews with Kyle saying he is going to do this like he knows what I am going to do. I am going to a different fighter then I was four months ago.”

Before getting signed by the UFC in 2016, Kennedy was able to compile an 8-0 record as a pro in  Canada and Thailand while also winning the featherweight title for Battlefield Fight League. While Kennedy was looking to stay at featherweight, he took his 1st UFC fight at lightweight against Alessandro Ricci where he picked up the unanimous decision win.  While he was happy to get that W, Kennedy knew things would not get easier as he drew former TUF winner Rony Jason in March.  While Jason had only one win in his previous four fights (1 no contest after a failed drug test), the fight was in Jason’s backyard of Brazil.  While the Canuck was being booed by the crowd and even hearing fans chanting die, Kennedy thought he bit off more than he could chew. As the fight went farther along, Kennedy was able to adjust even after getting tagged in the 2nd round to pick up the unanimous decision victory.

“The crowd was the biggest thing I took back from that, I don’t think I have ever been in a more hostile environment,” says Kennedy

“The fight itself was huge. It was a huge experience gainer, I got hurt in the 2nd round and I have never been hurt in a fight expect for that time.  To be able to rally back and get a 10-8 round in the third was huge for me and it just showed how good my cardio is because I was the fresher guy in that one.  There were a lot of things to pick up from that and I think I am a better guy from that knowing that I can hang with these guys. Rony was a guy I was watching for years in the UFC knocking people out and to think I am fighting him now it’s crazy. “

While the Brazilian crowd may have been hard to deal with, the one thing that has been hard to adjust to has been waiting for his next fight. While Kennedy was used to either fighting or knowing in a three month span, it was a six month span between his first and second fight in the UFC.

The other thing Kennedy may have not been used to is having fights being called out on social media.  In April when Bochniak was on the UFC Fan Page podcast, he mentioned Kennedy as a possible opponent he would like for his next fight.  After a fan on twitter suggested that he would love to see the fight, things escalated quickly as both fighters got into a twitter battle on May 3rd.  Soon after the UFC matchmakers jumped on the opportunity to make the fight happen in July knowing that it would be easy.  While this was new territory for Kennedy, he knows the matchup was good for him and he might as well have some fun with it.

“That all good with me but I think it was just him getting a little bit more excited of playing it up more so because I think he was looking for a bit more attention,” says Kennedy.

“I think that is good because it is getting me attention as well as giving the fight attention. That’s why I was chiming in on it, usually I wouldn’t let it bug me and it didn’t because I knew exactly what it was.  I am sure he really doesn’t feel it to be personable against me because we never even met.  I think it’s more so that he wanted the fight and that’s the way to get it these days, talk some crap to get a reaction and here we are.”

While everything can be all good and fun, fighting has been a part of most of his life.  Kennedy made his amateur debut when he was 15 and has not looked back since.  With the evolution of mixed martial arts, we are starting to see more fighters 1.Come in at a younger age and 2.  Training multiple fascists of MMA from the beginning.  With amateur MMA being the way fighters come up to improve their skills now; Kennedy believes it helped mold him into the fighter he is today.

“It was huge, especially the rule set.  Now they got these novice rules and everything with that is a little different,” says Kennedy.

“When I started back in 2009 when I had my first fight, it was full everything expect for elbows to the head.  I had full experience and around here in Vancouver pro wasn’t legalized so a lot of the guys couldn’t turn pro so everyone was fighting amateur so the level was still really high. So as soon as I turned pro, I had a great amateur record and I felt like I had a ton of experience so I wasn’t a true 0-0 guy and that showed.  I was able to fight a guy with five fights or something like that in my first fight.  Now here I am at 10-0 and realist icy this will be my 20th fight, I am 18-1 overall so there is ton of experience hidden behind that 10-0.”

While youth and experience will hopefully be the deciding factor for Kennedy on Saturday, the other thing he would like in the future to be able to move higher up so he doesn’t have to fight on the fight pass portion of the card.  While the fight does headline the fight pass portion of the show I think we will be seeing that sooner rather the later.


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