Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – July 5, 2017


A big shout out to the entire MMA community who came together to raise over $70,000 combined for Tim Hague’s son Brady between the Go Fund Me and the dinner and silent auction organized by some of Tim’s closest friends last week.

…and now for some Rumours!

  • Michael Hill ventured out to Russia for his latest fight this past weekend and came away with a Draw against Maksim Butorin at Fight Nights Global 70 in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia.
  • Mitch Gagnon unfortunately has been pulled from his UFC 113 bout against Brett Johns and has been replaced by Albert Morales.
  • Havoc FC is finally set to return December 8 after they were forced to cancel their June 3 event on short notice.



  • Ryan Ford is hanging up the gloves… probably just for one night though as his next bout will be a bare knuckle boxing match against Jimmy Sweeney on September 9th in Liverpool, England.

9 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – July 5, 2017 ”

  1. QC NHB says:

    Why this Queen dont put the rumor that the guy from Edmonton Westcott turn down all the fight because the guy scared to loose in his hometown?

    All the guy in Quebec know the Edmonton guy scared to fight. Quebec guy always fight man, Cote, GSP, The Crow, Olivier Aubin-Mercier all the guy from Quebec fight man

    All the guy on the internet say how great the Edmonton fighter are. Who? Better than the Tristar? Ha!

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  2. Nesaan Sayeed says:

    English please? ^^^

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  3. Lupe says:

    @Nesaan Sayeed
    “There it is Homer, the cleverest thing you’ll ever say, and nobody heard it”

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  4. Ryan Durkin says:

    is Sheldon Westcott getting called out?

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  5. QC NHB says:

    Ha! the guy Nesaan is the same kinda guy I talk about man, always think his hometown fighter so good and the other guy very bad. Il give the guy the fact but the guy still will say the Edmonton fighter the best and most brave!

    This guy Westcott have the 1st fight in UFC in 2014. The guy only fight 3 time

    But the guy Nordine, Elias, Laprise, Aubin-Mercier all have the same start in UFC but fight 7 times

    Why the other guy fight twice as much as the Edmonton guy? Explain Nesaan

    Other guy like Misha and Shane Campbell fight twice as much as Westcott too

    But all the Edmonton fan say the guy so so brave and next champion!

    Nesaan you go clean the guy toilet at his house no? Make the guy sandwhich and pack the gym bag too?

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  6. Jay Kay says:

    There’s a seminar tomorrow in Edmonton raising money in Tim’s memory.

    Location – Rodrigo Resende Academy (469 South Ave, Spruce Grove)


    Rodrigo Resende
    Josh Russell
    Kelly Palmer
    Mitch Clarke
    Kyle Cardinal
    AJ Scales
    Mike Yackulick
    Ryan McGillivray
    Rodrigo Munduruca

    If you can get out make it out! There is a facebook event “Seminar Fundraiser in memory of Tim Hague” – this community cares for their own!


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  7. spike says:

    QC NHB did you make it out junior high? Because you sir suck at English….I couldn’t even focus on what you were typing because I was so distracted with your crappy typing skills. We will let it slide though since your competency level is at highest grade 9. Oh wait…..maybe your just jealous of somebody that’s in the UFC and that your not in the UFC……ok so you must have grade 9.
    I figured you out!…….your horrible vocabulary makes you minimum grade 10 and your jealous high school tendencies confirm your at least at a high school level. So your probably a high school girl trolling Wescott because he turned you done and your older brother cant get into the UFC. See I got it :)

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  8. spike says:

    down* of course I would screw up when I am talking vocabulary

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  9. Mordochai says:

    Lol. Im going to take a wild guess and say that Spike is from Edmonton lol lol

    God you Alberta guys are fucking dumb. Dude, youvrealize there are hundreds of towns in Quebec where not one single person can speak more than a few words of English you ignorant douchebag.

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