Unified MMA 32 – Edmonton – September 29


Date: September 29, 2017
Venue: Royal Palace in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: Fite TV
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Fight Card:
155lbs- Shane Campbell (14-6) vs. Mike Scarcello (9-3-1)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Victor Valimaki (18-10) vs. Teddy Ash (8-3)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (9-2) vs. Adam Wayne (3-1)
145lbs- Behrang Yousefi (8-5) vs. Clay Dixon (4-1)
135lbs- Mike Hay (4-1) vs. Corey Gower (6-5)
185lbs- Cody Krahn (15-12) vs. Jeff Porter (4-4)
170lbs- Pat Pytlik (4-0) vs. Yannick Pare (4-5)
155lbs- Johnny Choi (1-0) vs. Alex McCoid (0-0)
155lbs- Cam MacDonald (0-0) vs. Dallyn Wirachowsky (0-2)



13 Responses to “ Unified MMA 32 – Edmonton – September 29 ”

  1. Idolmaker says:

    Valimaki is the favorite, until the opponent is announced haha

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Victor Valimaki vs. Teddy Ash, Cody Krahn vs. Jeff Porter, Behrang Yousefi vs. Clay Dixon and Pat Pytlik vs. Yannick Pare

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Stephen Beaumont vs. Luigi Vendramini

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    This just in…. Victor Valimaki has been forced to withdraw from his bought with Teddy Ash due to an acute case of TBD. While the specific cause of TBD is as of now unknown we are assured that the recovery will be swift. We wish Victor all the best and look forward to his next fight.

    Back to you Jim.

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  5. Big Money says:

    So here is what I dont understand. That Russian guy on the M1 thread gets ripped apart because he is not a fan of Jebb. Everyone bands together when Tanner posts about trolls, fighter bashing etc.

    Yet it seems perfectly fine to make fun of Victor for some reason on this thread.

    I dont get it

    I guess Victor isnt one of the cool kids

    Weird site this is

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  6. JWLSM9 says:

    I think part of it is because Victor talks about how hard he’s training and his comebacks and doesn’t train or diet and kills him self to make weight. People just get tired of excuses, Jebb is known for training his ass off and making weight and fighting hard. That’s why it’s easier to get behind him. Nothing to do with being cool

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  7. Darren Apels says:

    I’m stunned that fights cards still are going on after the death of tim hague in edmonton. Whatever happened to this investigation into his death???

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Mike Hay vs. Corey Gower, Mike Mannara vs. Cody Sinclair, Johnny Choi vs. Alex McCoid and Cam MacDonald vs. Dallyn Wirachowsky

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  9. whowillwin says:

    What are the Vegas odds that Valimaki makes it to the cage? Will he have another weight cut issue ?

    Victor Valimaki (18-10) is 2-5 since 2010
    hasn’t fought in 2 years. It might be time to retire give up on the dream of returning to the UFC a losing record over the past 7 years

    in addition no less than nine fights cancelled for one reason or another in that same period

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  10. EPerez says:


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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Adam Wayne replaces Luigi Vendramini against Stephen Beaumont

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  12. Jonny says:

    Sounds like Beaumont pulled out last minute.

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  13. PegcityKid says:

    Yeah they were all over facebook last night, apparently Beaumont had a cold and couldn’t cut the weight. Wayne found out half way into the trip to Edmonton

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