UFC Veteran Tim Hague Passes Away at 34


Top MMA News is very sad to report the passing of former undisputed #1 Heavyweight fighter in Canada and five time UFC veteran Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague at the age of 34 today. The news was confirmed today by Hague’s brother and sister. Hague is survived by his son Brady, his brother Ian, his sister Jackie and dozens of loving family members.

Hague suffered a brutal knockout loss Friday night at KO Boxing 79 in Edmonton, Alberta. Hague was dropped several times in the fight before suffering a knockout blow in the second round of his Heavyweight contest against Adam Braidwood.

Hague was down on the canvas for several minutes before eventually getting to his feet and walking to the locker room. It is reported that Hague suffered a seizure and was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure from a cerebral hemorrhage. Unfortunately Hague remained in a coma following surgery and succumbed to his injuries earlier this afternoon surrounded by his loving familu.

Hague burst onto the MMA scene back in 2006 compiling an impressive 9-1 record, capturing the KOTC Canada Heavyweight title along the way and paving his way to a UFC contract. In his debut he upset favourite Pat Barry and earned his first UFC victory and posted a 1-4 record overall inside the Octagon. Hague returned to the local scene posting an 11-8 record over the remainder of his career, capturing the XFFC and Unified Heavyweight Titles in the process. Hague posted a 21-13 record in his MMA career and will be remembered as arguably the greatest Heavyweight in Canadian MMA history.

Top MMA News would like to extend their deepest sympathies to all of Tim’s friends, family and training partners as well as the entire combat sports community and anyone who has been affected by this tragic loss. Your indomitable will shall never be forgotten Tim.



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  1. Josh says:

    Rest in peace Thrashing Machine. You lived by a motto. “prove yourself to yourself”

    You will never be forgotten and you will always be remembered as an incredible father and a fighter who had no quit in him no matter the odds

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  2. JohnnyG says:

    Rest in peace brother, it was an honor to meet you and an honor to train with you. My condolences to your family and friends

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  3. Topmmafan says:

    Unbelievably Shocking. RIP Tim Hague.

    I know i am missing some people but in recent memory thats Hague, Jimmo, Powell all gone way to soon. So sad…

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  4. Kris says:

    Sending all my love and positive energy to Tims family during this difficult time.

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  5. Isaiah Metituk says:

    I remember seeing Tim two weeks ago. He was in such a good place and couldn’t wait to take Brady to Disneyland after his fight. He gave off such positive energy and I’m truly thankfull that he was a part of my life. Tim was always willing to give any young fighter such as myself advice and was even going to come up to support me July 29th for xffc. Tim had gotten over a lot of demons and it’s tragic that he won’t get to continue to be a positive influence on not just the Mma community but also his son and his grade 4 class that he loved so dearly.

    I guess heaven needed a thrashing machine.

    Rest easy. Champ.

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  6. Mike kent says:

    I’ve had concussions several times over the years and actually have had fears of something like this happening to me going into fight but I’ve always talked myself out of thinking that way by saying things like this never happen and I was just being paranoid. Fighters need protection from themselves. It’s that blind belief and confidence that gets them in there in the first place.

    I hope that people who have doubt in there head or concerns about their health but have been talking themselves into fighting through it take a serious look at this. Tim has been through tons of wars and put his health on the line time after time and he loved competing but he needed the commission and promotors to save him from himself. It’s a hard to get away from thinking you can re invent your self and get back to your old glory. The 2-3 thousand dollar pay checks are always there and the promotors always call. We need more then a cat scan from 2011 to say we’re in good enough health to fight.

    Me and my wife seen Tim two weeks ago at unified and he was chomping at the bit to get in there and show everyone not to count him out. A true fighting spirit until literally his last day. Always remember his fights win or lose .

    Everyone should respect what he’s done

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  7. Allen hope says:

    Tim always went out of his way to pick me up and take me to training and he was in my corner for a lot of my fights including my first pro fight so I just wanted to say thank you and you will be missed
    Rip buddy

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  8. Trent Thorne says:

    Absolutely stunned by this news, Timmy was one of the very few guys that gave me the time of day after Allen Hope kicked my ass all over the cage back in 2008. :) Even after I mouthed of to pretty much every person on the old Keepers forum, I talked a lot of shit to him but he came up to me after that fight and gave me some props for following through and actually fighting. Even after all that crap I said to him he was kind enough to extend the olive branch and offer to help me train. That’s just one of the many stories that I and many others can tell you about what kind of man Tim was.

    He will be missed

    The thoughts and prayers of my family are with Tims family especially his little boy.

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  9. DanielFerguson says:

    Shocked to hear this news. Very sad and I feel for his friends and family.

    I didnt know him very well at all, but he left an impression on my buddy and I at a kotc event when we first met him. Saw him at the weigh ins and then fight day saw him at a restaurant. We were a bit in awe of Tim at the time, and he asked if he could eat breakfast with us.
    It was pretty cool since he was close to main event and he was just so friendly with us.
    Even after he made it to the UFC, id see him at local shows and he was the same ol guy. Nothing but respect.

    RIP big guy

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  10. Alex Marsh says:

    Just devastated by this news. I never met Tim but I followed his social media presence extensively since 2009. The guy was such an inspirational and positive person. I bought all of his fights on GFL that I could since he left the UFC and treated them the same as I would a big fight night. I feel so sorry for him and his family. He really didn’t deserve this fate. I wish someone could have talked him out of it or the ref had of stepped in a little sooner. A really good guy gone to heaven. Rest In Peace, Big Tim.

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  11. Smealinho says:

    Rest in Peace My Friend. It was a Great Pleasure to Share Our Stage Together. <3

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  12. Jay Golshani says:

    without doubt…..The Greatest Heavyweight MMA fighter in Canadian History and the nicest person you would ever meet
    RIP tim

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  13. JT Money says:

    Reat in paradise buddy.. Glad I had the chance to share the cage with you.. you showed nothing but class to me in and out of the ring. There’s not many people who had as much passion for the sport as you did. Whether or not people agreed with your choices or things you said, in my mind you were living your life the way you wanted, and I have nothing but respect for you. My condolences and prayers go out yo your friends and family. You were a true warrior and helped Canadian mma grow to what it is now. You’ll be greatly missed by many Tim you were truely one of the greats..

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  14. Josh says:

    I hope I am not breaking and forum rules by posting this. Every little bit helps.

    My gym will be doing a fundraiser as well. So if you are in the Montréal area stay tuned for details


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  15. Ron says:

    Sad to see this happen.

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  16. Ron says:

    RIP Tim,sad to see a guy get hurt like this in MMA/ Boxing. But how did it ever get approved in the first place? A fighter is always going to fight, reff’s fuck up which in this case did.. But my fuck read the rules they have listed on the ECSC.. http://www.ecsc.ca . He should have not been able to fight for over 1 year rest period. This is what gives combat sports a black eye. Everyone needs to wake up and learn from this.

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  17. A.D. Clay says:

    Len Koivisto was the ref in the Hague fight vs braidwood correct?

    Here is just another good reason why he shouldn’t be refereeing. 4 knock downs in the first rd, this guy is only NOW a threat to fighter safety? This video was 6 years ago.


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  18. Adam Lorenz says:

    Best wishes to his family & friends.

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  19. harry balls says:

    Looking at his wiki and just feeling sad. He’d taken a lot of knocks….watching the fight right now too……. What on earth was his corner doing?

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  20. ken kupsch says:

    First, nobody wants to see someone get hurt. If the referee, doc, corner, promoter, commission or opponent had any idea of the severity, they would have stopped it immediately. It’s easy to look at footage and decide what should or shouldn’t be done, but they were there in the heat of the moment. I’m sure all these people are struggling with their decisions right now and I really feel bad for all of them.

    I have much more to say about the commission allowing the fight, but not at this time.

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  21. Allen hope says:

    For now I think we should keep this just about tim and his family right now we can blame people or whatever at a later date
    Rip tim

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  22. MMAFAN!!! says:

    Horrible news…This man did all he could for his family. Hate him or love him, you cant deny that he was a good dude and would take time to chat with anyone who wanted some of his time. Rest in peace Big Man…

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    Who was in his corner?

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  24. Max MMA says:


    parts 2 & 3 tonight and tommorrow

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  25. Sadtime says:

    This story is only half told. The commission clearly should not have allowed this fight but how can everyone over look Tims coaches or trainers for allowing him to take this fight knowing the damage he took both in his fights and the training room. His so called “friends” that were in the corner allowing him to take all this punishment letting him go out after that first round are not with out blame in the outcome. In fact they are even more accountable as it was clear he was out matched and hurt in the first yet instead of looking out for his safety they allowed it to continue. And now they want to push the blame to the commission for the result when they took no steps before or during to stop this match. If anything they are as much if not more to blame for his death. Also it’s apparent the commission is not looking out for fighter safety if you are going to fight ensure you have a good team that will take a hard stance and not let you fight if you have taken too much damage or throw the towel in when you are in a fight you have no chance of winning taking unnecessary damage.

    Everyone in his corner should be ashamed for allowing him to die in the ring – not posting how the commission is to blame when they say back and watched their “friend” get killed

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  26. Donald Duck says:

    @Sadtime – when you do an analysis for Root Causes you are looking for the thing that would prevent or significantly reduce the event you’re focusing on. In this case we’re looking at Tim being in the ring when he shouldn’t have.

    To test a Root Cause you ask the question, “If this was changed would the event happen?”

    In the case of your position we ask “If Tim’s friends/coaches would have said something would he have been allowed in the ring?”

    If we test the other hypothesis that the commission could have stopped him we ask, “If the commission would have blocked Tim from competing would he have been in the ring?”

    See, in the first case we have to make a number of assumptions and hopes however in the second case the commission could have simply done it’s job as per their own guidelines and he’d have never been in the ring.

    To point the finger at Tim’s friends, coaches and corners is a pretty shitty thing to do. To ask a commission to ‘do their job’ is a pretty fair thing to do.

    On a side note does anyone find it strange that a skier can die in a training run and less than 36hr later the International Ski Federation is able to issue a cause statement along with corrective actions and yet here we are almost 6 months from Tim’s death and ECSC is still dragging their heels?


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  27. Not My Executive Director says:

    I wonder if SadTime is Pat Ried’s nom de plume?

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  28. sadtime says:

    This fight highlighted all that is wrong with the fight community.

    The promoter for putting this miss match on
    The commission for allowing and sanctioning this fight even against their own by-laws given the fighters recent record

    Once those two failed him his coaches should have stopped him from taking this fight given that it was completely unfair he wasn’t training like a pro and should not have been in there with someone that was

    now we get to the actual fight the ref let’s him absorb a ton of damage and doesn’t stop the fight

    his corner could have thrown in the towel or stopped him from going out for more punishment in between rounds

    to say the only person to fail him was the commission is just not true.

    That being said the commission has a lot of unanswered question from not just this one event to answer for. Also the investigation turning into a review which will take months to come back and completed by people not involved in the industry is ridiculous and not fair to the family.

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  29. Max MMA says:

    Out of all those mentioned, the commission is the one most responsible. They do their job and none of the rest matters

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