Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – June 15, 2017


MFC 34 Ring GirlWell ladies and gentlemen… it’s official! Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather will finally step into the boxing ring on August 26. The two will meet in a 12 round bout at 154lbs with 10oz gloves. What does everyone think? Does Conor stand a chance?

And now for some rumours!

  • Congrats to Mauro Ranallo who, along with Mike Goldberg will form the new commentary team for Bellator beginning at Bellator NYC at Madison Square Garden next weekend!
  • XFFC 15 will be an outdoor show in Grande Prairie on July 29, sounds like we’re going to see Lightweight bout between exciting prospects Alex Martinez and Damian Johnston.
  • Speaking of Shane Campbell he’s campaigning hard for another shot at the UFC and has called out fellow Canadian’s Mitch Clarke and Kajan Johnson for UFC 216 in Edmonton.
  • Mike Malott has been doing a lot of training with Team Alpha Male down in Sacramento and his next bout will be at KOTC: Flashback in California later this month when he takes on Brandon Ricetti
  • Kyle Prepolec‘s next bout will also be for KOTC in the US when he takes on Troy Lamson in Michigan on August 5



  • Extreme Cage Combat finally returns for the first time in a nearly a year on July 15 in Halifax. We’re hearing that Chris Kelades will make his return to the local scene after a 2-2 stint in the UFC and he will take on Keegan Oliver.
  • Battlefield Fight League 49 goes down later this month and Welterweight Champion Chris Anderson will move up to a weight class to take on Jared Revel for the Middleweight Title.
  • Michael Hill is headed to Russia on July 7 for Fight Nights Global, he will take on Maxim Butorin in a Welterweight bout.
  • Congrats to Bojan Kladnjakovic who captured the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting Flyweight Title a few weeks ago with a second round guillotine choke over  Seon Adhar.
  • Gary Mangat continues to string wins together overseas as he recently picked up a decision victory over Abdul Muneer at Brave Combat Federation 5 in India.
  • After a successful event in Edmonton last month Submission Series Promotions will be taking the show to the east coast for Chokes by the Ocean on July 29. Diego Sanchez will headline the card against Mark Wacker.
  • Tim Hague is set to return to the squared circle at KO Boxing this weekend in the main event against Adam Braidwood. Also on the card will be Parwez Ghulam competing for second time in just over a month against Patrick LaFleur.

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  1. Bjj fan says:

    Gary mangat is fighting cans over there and probably will get the call to the UFC. But then will get smashed when he gets there. He won’t fight any top Canadians because he knows he will have losses on his record.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Just saw that Mauro Ranallo will be the play-by-play man for McGregor vs. Mayweather!

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  3. mmafan says:

    Does anyone have any updates on Tim Hague? We have disagreed on many topics on here before but I will be keeping the big guy in my prayers, you never want to see anyone go through that. Keep battling Kid!

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    All we know right now is that he had a seizure after a bad KO against Adam Braidwood last night at KO Boxing, he was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery for a brain bleed and is now in a coma in the ICU.

    If we hear any more information we will keep everyone posted!

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  5. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Last year I put a comment suggesting Tim to take a break cause he had quite a few tko and ko loses and now this. This is what I was worried about. Tim is a good guy and I hope the ppl that bashed me for showing concern are going to be there for him. I really hope he pulls thru this. I get anything can happen at anytime. I don’t even know what else to say but I really hope god is looking over him and he comes out on top.

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  6. Mike kent says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with Tim and his family. This is every fighter and their loved ones worse fear when getting in there to compete! Tims a mma veteran and helped push mma around western Canada since the start! Hoping he battles through this !

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  7. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Fuck Pat Reid and the City of Edmonton for allowing this to happen.

    Can they PLEASE take fighter safety seriously for ONCE!

    IMO Combat sports should be shut down in the City until they know what they fuck they are doing and not cost anybody else their life.

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  8. Josh says:

    I was told Hague just passed away. If so my heart aches for his family. This should never happen. The commission and referee need to be reprimanded.

    Rest in peace

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  9. justsaying says:

    ‘LMA’ Marcus Hicks‏


    WoW & Thats Just Boxing!! Good Thing U Didn’t Do The Bare Knuckles Fight bwaahahahahahaha 😂😂😂#LooksGoodOnYa #Thrashed
    #BlackSheep #LMA4LIFE

    11:18 AM – 17 Jun 2017

    classy marcus..

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  10. justsaying says:

    ‘LMA’ Marcus Hicks‏ @MMAMarcushicks 3h3 hours ago

    I Want To Apologize For Laughin When My Homie Jay B Told Me About A Punk Ass Clown Gettin Beat Up Bad In Boxing 😂😂😂
    #BlackSheep #LMA4LIFE

    another tweet from marcus hicks. he has sunk lower than ever before. disgusting by even hicks standards

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  11. Isaiah Metituk says:

    Tim Hague was a champion in every aspect of life.

    He taught me a lot about being a fighter and a man and I was so glad I got to see him only two weeks ago.

    You will be sorely missed tim.

    July 29th is for you.

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  12. BOOBOO says:


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  13. Mma says:

    Regardless if you liked Tim or not, this is terrible. I seem to remember a lot of guys on here pleading their case for him to quit. I was one of them. Sad to see. I personally liked Tim. But wanted to see him leave the sport.
    Marcus Hicks is irrelevant, and a douche bag. Is anyone surprised?

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  14. Eric Wilson says:

    Sad day for the boxing and MMA community. Especially sad for Tim’s family and the people that surrounded him. Regardless of others opinions. Respect.

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  15. Ltron says:

    Shame on all you people for saying all those bad things about Tim

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  16. justsaying says:

    I agree mma. but howcome hicks can walk around and make fun of such a situation? its disgusting and there hasnt been a fighter more deserving of an ass kicking than hicks ever. no talent, no class, no backbone.

    We lost one of the good guys in Hague and unfortunately have to tolerate a snake in hicks for a while longer at least

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  17. Mma says:

    Hicks will get his, and deserving of an ass kicking? Fuck him, he doesn’t even deserve to be in a ring anymore. I’m so happy no one books this clown anymore.
    Also, the guy has zero personality,it’s alright to be a loud mouth if you’re clever or funny. He’s neither.

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  18. Jono says:

    Thoughts and Prayers are with Tim and his family and especially his son.

    He still owes me a beer for holding pads for him ahead of his RAW fight in Calgary.

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  19. A.D.Clay says:

    The good side is Hicks will never be allowed to fight in edm ever again. After the shit storm the EDM CSC is gonna feel due to the sanctioning of this circus act.

    Tim had no business fighting in ANY of the fights he’s been in, in the last 6 years. Let alone 7-1 vs 1-2 with multiple concussions in even the last 3 months?? Lethbridge was 2 mths ago. Pat Reid should be charged with criminal negligence. Period.

    Think the UFC is gonna be in edm in Sept after the head of the ecsc allowed something like this to be sanctioned? Reid’s ghosts finally caught up with him.

    Condolences to Tim’s family. Too soon at the hands of a corrupt sport in the city that loved him for being the blue collar tough guy.

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  20. Mma says:

    I hope at the very best that can come out of this, is that Alberta/Canada learns from this. They need to put suspensions in place after a KO loss to protect the fighter from themselves. If you suffer head trauma, you should not be in control of weather you’re gonna fight again in a month or two.
    This also goes along with what I was saying a week ago, the Alberta commission books fights between two fighters that are very far apart in terms of experience, eventually something bad like this can happen. Its a dangerous enough sport. They need to start protecting the fighters against themselves. I feel like in myself if I were booked against any of the top Fighters in the world, I could beat them. Does this mean it’s true and I should be booked against more experienced fighters right now? No. It means I’m cocky, and an idiot.

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  21. Jono says:

    Yeah I don’t want to get up on a soap box here but Pat Reid seriously needs to be removed from office. From the fiasco with Sokoudjou being allowed to modify his gloves ahead of the Ryan Jimmo fight to Riggs being allowed to wear his own gloves in the fight vs Thorne… Pat has continually demonstrated a lack of care for fighter safety and beyond that a complete lack of knowledge for how his decisions impact fighter safety.


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  22. Darren Apels says:

    Ko boxing should be looked at for booking this fight. This is a classic example of a promotion who doesn’t give a fuck about fighters. There just worried about putting asses in seats.

    They could have said no to Hague and found someone else. But I guess Hague was cheaper.

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  23. justsaying says:

    Hicks is no longer in Edmonton. He ran off to Montreal in the fall from what i heard.

    Was at a gym for a few weeks before being banned. Now he works out at a weight gym alone and tells people he trains out of Tristar because he said zahabi was so impressed with his one minute loss in his last fight.

    He will likely be banned from tko after this fiasco as Mr patry will not want the publicity of hicks making fun of a fighter who was declared brain dead.

    Hicks deleted the tweets but they were screen shotted by dozens and have been circulating around the gym internet.

    we know you are reading this hicks.. your behavior is disgusting even by your standards

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  24. Randall M says:

    Speaking of boxing, You gatta love Parwez Ghulam. After PROUDLY winning against Shitty Yellowbird with a grazing 1 shot bodypunch (watch the video, its soooo funny), Parwez thought he could fight a trained boxer at Shaw LOL.

    Guess what happened lol. Didnt even last 2 minutes before he was knocked the fuck out

    Back to crushing cans Parwez. And this is the guy who was on the news wanting to be on the UFC Edmonton card LOL


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  25. whowillwin says:

    Parwez Ghulam has fought 11 different opponents in the two sports of MMA and Boxing – 6 of those people had 0 wins at the time he fought them

    Of the 5 people that had at least one win he lost to two of those fighters

    So of the 11 opponents he has defeated just 3 people that had a win at the time he fought them

    1-2 in MMA
    1-1 in Boxing
    2-3 in the past 30 months

    Not sure why he would think he is a world beater or deserved to be on the UFC card when he has a losing record over 2 sports in the 2.5 years

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