Who’s Next… Unified 31


Unified MMA 31 went down Friday night from The Royal Palace in Edmonton, Alberta (Check out the full play-by-play HERE). The card featured another action packed lineup including a pair of title fights.

Keep in mind, in most cases the match-ups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card and who you think would win our hypothetical match-ups.

155lbs- Shane Campbell (14-6) vs. Mike Scarcello (9-3-1)
***Lightweight Title Fight
Shane Campbell captured the Lightweight title this past weekend in his second bout since being cut from the UFC and looked great in victory picking up an unexpected submission victory via kneebar. Barring a return to the UFC for their debut in Edmonton this fall, Campbell’s next fight was set as it was announced Mike Scarcello would be the first challenger to the Lightweight throne. Scarcello has been waiting in the wings with his 6 fight win streak in Unified while the Lightweight title was previously held by his teammate Garret Nybakken. Now that that’s no longer the case, Scarcello will finally get his shot at glory.

185lbs- Brendan Kornberger (8-3) vs. Winner of Chris Anderson (5-0) vs. Jared Revel (5-1)***Middleweight Title Fight
Brendan Kornberger started out slowly in his first title defense this weekend against highly touted Miles Anstead. Going into the third round down two rounds on the scorecards, Kornberger turned it on in the third and finally got Anstead to the mat in the fourth and overwhelmed his opponent with relentless punches until the referee had no choice but to step in. The win shoots Kornberger to the top of the heap with the only two Middleweights near him now being Chris Anderson and Jared Revel. Whoever wins their Battlefield Fight League title fight later this month would be a perfect opponent for Kornberger’s next defense as long as they’re not locked in with BFL.

155lbs- Craig Shintani (7-2) vs. Stephen Beaumont (9-2)
Craig Shintani made short work of former champ Garret Nybakken dropping him with a huge right before sinking the quick fight ending choke. With the next Lightweight title shot already promised to Scarcello, Shintani is a great candidate for a #1 contender bout. Stephen Beaumont returned from an extensive two year layoff with a dominant and vicious TKO victory over journeyman Dia Grant. Assuming Beaumont will be returning to Lightweight it makes sense to throw him right into the deep end of Unified’s most stacked division and see if he can earn a title shot against Shintani.



205lbs- Teddy Ash (8-3) vs. Jared McComb (9-4-1)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight
Teddy Ash showed an insane amount of heart recovering from what appeared to be a knockout knee in the first round from Nick Campbell at Unified 31. Ash regained his composure and took over in the second round before ultimately dropping Campbell and pounding him out for the finish in the third round making it two in a row for the much improved Ash after his Middleweight title loss to Kornberger at Unified 29. In the post fight interview, Ash called for a Light-Heavyweight title fight against current champ Jared McComb. Ash holds a contentious split decision win over McComb almost four years ago. Both men have improved greatly and it would be interesting to see how they stack up now.

265lbs- Jared Kilkenny (10-9) vs. Dustin Joynson (3-0)
Jared Kilkenny returned with a vengeance after a 6 year absence from mixed martial arts. Kilkenny made short work of his far less experienced but dangerous opponent Christian Larsen. Couple that with his recent “Super-boxing” victory over Tim Hague, a man he lost to twice earlier in his MMA career and Kilkenny seems to be poised for an uprising. Clearly Kilkenny has his eyes on the prize as he called for a title fight against Tanner Boser. Boser however is locked in to ACB for at least one more fight so in the meantime perhaps he can look to gain a little more momentum by taking on undefeated prospect Dustin Joynson who just improved to 3-0 with a win over Jared Henderson this weekend.

145lbs- Behrang Yousefi (8-5) vs. Clay Dixon (4-1)
You’ve got to hand it to Behrang Yousefi. He came in on three days notice to face Gurjeet Bilkhu and promptly put him to sleep with a beautiful triangle choke early in the first round. Yousefi now finds himself with a pair of solid wins and could be climbing towards a title shot in the Featherweight division. Clay Dixon would provide a stiff test to see if Yousefi is ready. Dixon put together a four fight win streak before moving up to Lightweight and dropping a short notice bout against rising phenom Alex Martinez.

8 Responses to “ Who’s Next… Unified 31 ”

  1. Mma says:

    Why put a fighter with 19 previous fights against a 3 fight fighter? Does this chump just want inexperienced fighters to fight against? He called out Boser knowing full well he was fighting in another promotion. Not to mention, Boser would wreck this juice monkey. Find Kilkenny another experienced fighter and let these inexperienced fighters jump in the ring with other guys with equal experience. This is why Canadian MMA is dying. Promotions don’t let guys gain experience and work their ways up.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 10

  2. Christian T says:

    When Sunny told me Jared was available I asked for the fight, he didn’t force me into anything. I felt good going into it. I’m kicking myself for pulling some jiujitsu shit and giving up a dominate position but it’s a loss that I’ll learn from. I could care less about my record. I’m here to fight and Jared was a good person to test myself against. On to the next one

    Well-loved! Thumb up 24 Thumb down 4

  3. Ryan Durkin says:

    Where is the rumor mill?

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  4. Mma says:

    so you’re saying, your inexperience failed you by giving up a dominant position?

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  5. Spike says:

    Takes two people to sign a contract. Christian was 3-0 showing lots of potential and still has plenty. So who gives a shit. Just haters looking for something to bash. Its you people on here with nothing good to say but to disrespect fighters that make this sport look bad and make the world a shitty place. Plenty people out there with 19 fights that could lose to a 3-0. Partly is was inexperience, but also a bad decision to slam the guy and then instead go to work he jumped for a leg which at heavy weight the percentage of finishing that is low.

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  6. MMAFAN!!! says:

    Kudos to Larsen for taking such a big fight so early in his career, like Boser a fight is a fight and we need more guys like that.

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  7. robbie says:

    shane campbell vs. mandel nallo

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  8. Mma says:

    The reason I believe this kills MMA is because a lot of guys show promise and potential, then lose a fight they shouldn’t have been in yet, and should have built up experience against equal opponents. A lot of fighters lose interest or drive after a lose and stop training or fighting. Look at how many fighters have 1-4 fights and quit after a lose. A lot of the time they are fighting guys with a lot more fights then themselves. My first pro fight was booked against a guy who had fought nine times. I annihilated the guy, but regardless that’s a lil absurd. So is a guy with 19 fights fighting a guy with 2 or 3. But hey, a lot of the guys on this site love fighting guys with little to no experience to pad their stats. To each their own I guess.

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