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Unified MMA 31 goes down live tonight with another stacked card from the Royal Palace in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Lightweight Champion Tristan Connelly defends his title against UFC veteran Shane Campbell. In the co-main event Brendan Kornberger puts the Middleweight title on the line against Miles Anstead.

If you procrastinated and didn’t get tickets you can catch a live stream on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will have live results and play-by-play right here as usual.

  • Fight of the Night: Shane Campbell vs. Tristan Connelly
  • Knockout of the Night: Stephen Beaumont
  • Submission of the Night: Behrang Yousefi

155lbs- Tristan Connelly (9-5) vs. Shane Campbell (13-6)
***Lightweight Title Fight
Round 1: Connelly presses forward but can’t connect. Both men land a shot and Connelly ties him up against the cage. They battle for position and Connelly looking for a single but Campbell defending. Campbell lands elbows to he head and gets back to his feet but Connelly still on the leg like a dog on a bone. More elbows from Campbell and finally frees his leg from the grips of Connelly but he grabs it again briefly. Two more bog elbows and Campbell throws Connelly away from him and lands a big combo and a leg kick before wrapping him up and muslcing him to the mat. Campbell in half guard and lands heavy leather. Campbell with a huge elbow and a couple pinches and allows Connelly back to his feet where he lands again. Campbell with a low leg kick and blocks a high kick and takes Connelly to the mat in guard where the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Campbell with a lick kick and a right followed by another leg kick. A front kick just barely touches the chin of Connelly and he presses Campbell into the cage. Campbell throws him off and separates. Campbell has him back against the cage before backing off and landing. Connelly with a combo and a knee up the middle from Campbell and another takedown to guard. Braak pauses to replace Campbell’s mouthguard and they continue with Campbell working from guard. Braak tells them to get busy and Campbell postures up and stands. Connelly wall walks to his feet and Campbell brings hi right back to the ground and transitions to the back. Campbell with an inverted triangle but Connelly pulls out. Campbell lands a couple hard elbows as Connelly stands. Campbell slips to the mat and Connelly jumps into his guard. Connelly postures and lands little shots for the final seconds of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 3: Campbell with a leg kick and they exchange punches and Campbell with a front kick to the chin again. Campbell gets anther takedown but Connelly lands a couple little elbows. You can see several little marks all around Connelly’s liver where Campbell was looking to land his patented toe stab. Connelly looks for an omoplata but Campbell defends and lands a knee to the body and keeps him on the mat. Connelly works back to his feet and they trade against the cage. They separate and Campbell with yet another takedown to half guard. Campbell driving his head into the chin and keeping Connelly’s back against the cage and he gives up his back. Campbell lands and Connelly to his feet and Campbell looks for the suplex but Connelly back to his feet. Campbell has clearly been working on his wrestling as he’s taking Connelly down at will. Campbell gets a hold of Connelly’s leg
in a scramble with short time remaining and locks in a kneebar forcing the tap. Mike Scarcello is announced as Campbell’s opponent for Unified 32 provided Campbell doesn’t get the call to the UFC.
Shane Campbell submits Tristan Connelly by Kneebar in Round 3, 4:54
***Campbell captures Lightweight Title

185lbs- (C)Brendan Kornberger (7-3) vs. Miles Anstead (9-1)
***Middleweight Title Fight
Round 1: Anstead circles for the first 30 secodns before ducking a shot and getting the body lock. He gets Kornberger to his knees briefly but he gets back to his feet. Anstead explodes forward with a combo but doesnt get all of it. Anstead defends a takedown and they tie up on the cage and trade knees. Anstead with double underhooks but Kornberger fights his way off the cage. Kornbeger lands a right and just misses a head kick and Anstead responds with a right. Anstead presses him into the cage and lands to the body. They separate and both men trade shots with Anstead getting the better of the exchange. Anstead Superman punch just misses and a leg kick and they’re back on the cage. Anstead with a foot stop and steps away. Anstead catches a high kick and avoids danger. Kornberger connects and another cage battle ensues with Anstead in control. They break away and time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anstead

Round 2: Anstead with a leg kick but Kornberger closes the distance and they tie up on the cage. Anstead with a knee and breaks away. Anstead connects and catches a body kick from Kornberger and uses the chance to land a right. Anstead controls Kornberger against the cage briefly before stepping away. They exchange punches and Anstead with a big double and works to take the back. Kornberger to his feet Anstead with three good lefts from back position. They get off the cage and Kornberger lands to the body. Anstead with a body lock against the cage before letting go and moving to centre. Anstead goes right back to the body lock and spins to the back and knees the back of the thigh. Kornberger spins to face him and Anstead drops for a single but Kornberger works for a choke. Anstead gets free and takes the back again and looks for the trip. Ten seconds left and they land a few chippy shots. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anstead

Round 3: Kornberger catches a leg kick and knocks an off balance Anstead to the mat landing in half guard. Kornberger with a few short elbows and looking for an arm triangle but Anstead frees himself and regains full guard. Kornberger with another short elbow and a body shot. Anstead gets the sweep and gets back to his feet with back control. Kornberger spins and Anstead knees the thighs before getting the trip takedown to full guard. Anstead connects with a few decent shots from the guard but Kornberger escapes to his feet against the cage only to get suplexed back down. Kornberger again working to stand and gets to his feet but Anstead still has his back. Kornberger spins but Anstead moves right back to the back and grinds him against the cage for the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kornberger

Round 4: Anstead ducks a shot and gets the body lock against the cage and a nice trip takedown to guard. Kornberger works to his feet and Anstead still with control and knees the legs. Kornberger now looking for a trip and some knees to the thigh. Anstead gets him against the cage again and they jockey back and forth and Kornberger with more knees. Kornberger gets Anstead to all fours and begins to rain down punches. Referee Kyle Cardinal telling Anstead to defend and Anstead tries to scramble away but Cardinal is finally forced to step in and call a halt to the bout. Kornberger calls for a UFC shot in his post fight interview and Anstead hangs up the gloves and retires from MMA competition.
Brendan Kornberger defeats Miles Anstead by TKO (Punches) in Round 4, 2:14
***Kornberger defends Middleweight Title

155lbs- Garret Nybakken (11-8) vs. Craig Shintani (6-2)
Round 1: Nybakken opens with a leg kicks and Shintani connects with a combo and a right drops Nybakken. Shintani follows him to the mat and locks in a tight guillotine choke and forces the tap.
Craig Shintani submits Garret Nybakken by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:16

205lbs- Teddy Ash (7-3) vs. Nick Campbell (10-7)
Round 1: Ash with a right and Campbell lands a leg kick. Campbell with a body kick and another right by Ash. Nice left by Ash and a combo with a body kick from Campbell. Ash ties him up and eats a knee to the body and another. They separate and Campbell catches a body kick and lands a leg kick. Campbell with a big overhand right. Ash blocks a head kick and Campbell connects with a big knee and Ash looks to be out for a moment. Campbell presses forward but Ash recovers, ducks under a punch and ties him up against the cage. They break away briefly before again tying up on the cage. Campbell with a knee up the middle and they trade high kicks but neither lands solid. Ash lands a head kick and another and another and a right and Campbell is in trouble. Ash with a thudding leg kick and another even harder. Ash looks to land but Campbell ties him up against the cage. Ash continues to land the kicks up high and time runs out but recovered well to make the round super close. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Ash continues to go high with his kicks and Campbell responds with some rights. A body kick from Ash lands low and a timeout. They restart and Ash with a combo and Campbell responds. Ash with another hard leg kick and Campbell connects with a right. Big left and a right connects for Ash and another leg kick. Nice uppercut lands for Ash and sticks a stiff jab and another high kick. Ash with a left and a right high kick but doesn’t get all of it. Campbell connects with a right and a stiff straight to the jaw. They trade rights and Ash with another high kick and Campbell tries to clinch but Ash gets his distance. Ash with a nice combo and Campbell dropping his hands and has a cut under the left eye. Another barrage of punches from Ash and he seems to be taking over.A body shot from Ash and a big overhand right stuns Campbell. Ash continues to land as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ash

Round 3: They exchange shots and tie up in the centre of the cage before Ash breaks away and lands. Campbell with a kick to the body and Ash slips on a high kick but Campbell can’t capitalize. Ash with another combo and a hard left and puts Campbell down with a bog shot to the temple. Ash follows up with a couple more and Braak steps in to rescue Campbell from any further punishment. Post fight Ash calls for a Title fight against the Light-Heavyweight champ Jared McComb.
Teddy Ash defeats Nick Campbell by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 1:31

165lbs- Stephen Beaumont (8-2) vs. Dia Grant (9-13)
Round 1: Beaumont immediately with a stiff right and gets the body lock takedown. Grant pops back up and another body lock throw from Beaumont and again right back to his feet. Beaumont ties him up against the cage before they separate, right back against the cage jockeying for position. Beaumont working for a single and kneeing the legs before dragging him to the mat. Beaumont stands a lands a heavy 1-2 and Grant gets back ip and eats a head kick. Referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action to check on a cut over Beaumont’s right eye. The doc gives the okay and we restart with a Beaumont leg kick and a huge right. Beaumont begins raining down vicious punches and Grant can do nothing to defend and taps to strikes.
Stephen Beaumont defeats Dia Grant by TKO (Submission to Punches) in Round 1, 2:58

265lbs- Christian Larsen (2-0) vs. Jared Kilkenny (9-9)
Round 1: Both men looking to find their range and Kilkenny finds it first with a right. Larsen gets a body lock and takes him to the mat to full guard. Larsen drops back for a leg lock but Kilkenny pulls his leg out and gets full mount. Kilkenny begins to rain down relentless shots and Kilkenny tells Braak “he’s not fighting” and Braak tells him that he’ll be the judge of that. Kilkenny continues to unleash huge punches and forces Braak to step in and call a halt to this bout. Kilkenny challenges the Heavyweight champ post fight saying “No disrespect to Tanner Boser but you don’t have to go all the way to Russia to get your ass kicked, I can do that right here”
Jared Kilkenny defeats Christian Larsen by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:47

145lbs- Gurjeet Bilkhu (4-1) vs. Behrang Yousefi (7-5)
Round 1: Front kick by Yousefi but Bilkhu catches it and knocks him back. Yousefi back up and lands a big combo and a kick to the body before pressing him against the cage. Yousefi jumps for a triangle and locks it in and takes him to the met. Yousefi locks it up tight right in front of the media table and we begin to hear Bilkhu snoring. Yousefi tells referee Kyle Cardinal that he’s out and Cardinal confirms before stopping the fight.
Behrang Yousefi defeats Gurjeet Bilkhu by Technical Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 1, 1:17

155lbs- Jevon Marshall (2-5) vs. Cody Purtell (1-2)
Round 1: Purtell looks to land but can’t find the range. Marshall gets a hold of him and lands a couple knees. Purtell workig for the takedown and Marshall defends but Purtell is finally able to take him down hard against the cage door. Purtell to side control but Marshall is able to get his guard. Purtell chipping away with little shots and Marshall is able to get back to his feet. Purtell lands and they separate and Marshall connects with a nice combo before missing a spinning back kick. Purtell with another takedown but Marshall looking for a kimura from the bottom. Purtell gets to half guard and is out of trouble. Marshall with a small cut right on his hairline and he regains full guard. Marshall throws up a triangle attempt but Purtell stacks him and breaks free. Marshall locks on an armbar from the bottom but Purtell is able to pull his arm free and time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Marshall

Round 2: Marshall ducks a right and lands one of his own before getting the takedown to full guard. Marshall lands a few chipping punches and Purtell ties him up and holds on tight. Marshall postures and lands to the body and the head and Purtell ties up his arms again and referee John Braak stands them up. Marshall with a nice combo and a kick to the body. Head kick from Marshall glances off and Purtell looks for another takedown but Marshall defending well. Purtell ends up on top in a scramble and a mouse opens up under the left eye of Marshall. Marshall ties him up and Braak implores them to work. Not enough action and they’re stood back up. They exchange some punches and they jockey for position on the cage trading knees. Marshall steps back and lands before driving a series of knees up the middle and another combo. Purtell gets a takedown to end the round and finishes on top. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Marshall

Round 3: Marshall with three stiff jabs and a couple solid rights and stuffs a Purtell takedown attempt and takes the back. Marshall works for the rear-naked choke but gets shucked off. Marshall re-establishes the position but Purtell shakes him off again. Marshall is able to get to full mount and Purtell hangs on and tries to sweep but has nothing left. Marshall locks in an armbar but Purtell shows a ton of heart to defend and escape. Marshall back to full mount and landing punches. Marshall pins the arm with his knees and continues to fire away. Marshall trying to finish but not able to get a lot on his shots and Purtell ties him up. Marshall is able to free himself from Purtell’s grasp and lands shots until Braak calls off the fight.
Jevon Marshall defeats Cody Purtell by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 4:24

150lbs- Jordan Berland (0-7) vs. Greg Yong (0-0)
Round 1: Yong lands a stiff jab and a superman punch and Berland presses forward but gets caught in a guillotine against the cage. Berland working for the takedown but Yong defends and takes him down to full mount. Yong begins raining down punches Berland gives up his back and Yong sinks the rear-naked choke and gets the lightning fast tap.
Greg Yong submits Jordan Berland by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:44



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