Fivestar Fight League 19 – Terrace – June 10


Date: June 10, 2017
Venue: Terrace Sportsplex in Terrace, BC
Tickets: Wings Terrace/Atlantis MMA/Comfort Inn/Sonny’s Collectibles

Amateur MMA:
185lbs- Keanan Kellar (3-1) vs. Derek Apps (2-4)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight

170lbs- Travis Lussier (6-2) vs. Billy Morrison (2-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight

155lbs- CJ Strongheart (3-0) vs. Vishal Dhillon (0-2)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

170lbs- Keith Robinson (0-3) vs. Tye Macintire (0-0)
205lbs- Ted Russell (1-0) vs. Jackarn Dhillon (0-0)
140lbs- Glen Cuevas (0-0) vs. Shane Vanderlinde (0-0)

Amateur Kickboxing:
265lbs- Chris Busch vs. Cory Antrim
135lbs- Thomas Pope vs. Mark Timms
120lbs- Daniel Gaudreau vs. Nassar Pega



4 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 19 – Terrace – June 10 ”

  1. Bjj fan says:

    Here is another one all amateur show. Soon there will be no more places or reason to fight pro. Mma dying in Canada

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  2. Bjj fan says:

    Cj 3-0 fighting a guy 0-2 what a joke. Five-star is a joke

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  3. Sphinx says:

    Many amateur fighters say they are “stand-up” till they get hit.
    Remember Rocky Balboa’s speech about getting hit ;)

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  4. Mamba man says:

    Vishal Dhillon is 2-0 not 0-2,

    2-1 now

    Fivestar fights were well done as always

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