Throwdown in T-Town Cancelled Due to Tragedy


Shane Cripps

The June 3rd show in Thompson, Manitoba has been cancelled due to the tragic death of its promoter.

Shane Cripps, 44, was on a canoe trip on the Burntwood river north of Thompson with his son Liam, his best friend Conor Sykes and his son Dylan.  

According to a National Post report, the bodies of all four were found in the water.

In the report, Cripps’ wife Li, is looking to hold Thompson’s first MMA show in the fall in honour of Shane.

Top MMA News wishes to express our condolences to all the family and friends of Shane and Liam Cripps and Conor and Dylan Sykes.



5 Responses to “ Throwdown in T-Town Cancelled Due to Tragedy ”

  1. CM says:

    The Facebook event has been updated. It’s now listed for Sept 2nd. They are just waiting for commission approval to make it official.

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  2. topmmafan says:

    Are you serious? ^^^ Who cares about the event right now. How about the people in mourning and the tragedy that occurred. Condolences to the families and friends who are suffering. Awful news.

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  3. CM says:

    There’s clearly no comparison about which is more important but the family obviously cares because they are pushing for the show to go on to continue Shane’s legacy.

    The group behind the event (Northen Artists Cooperative) had asked that this information be shared so I’m just passing on the additional information.

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  4. topmmafan says:

    Oh Ok. RIP. On to the show!

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  5. Joe Dirt says:

    Kinda sucks people dying that young. Shouldn’t happen.

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