UFC Edmonton Gets First Fight with Tucker vs. Glenn

Gavin Tucker defeats Lyndon Whitlock

Gavin Tucker defeats Lyndon Whitlock (photo: Martin Blais)

UFC Officials confirmed a report from the Chronicle Herald today that Gavin “The Newfoundland Terror” Tucker vs. Rick “The Gladiator” Glenn will do battle. The Featherweight bout marks the first official fight for the UFC’s debut at Rogers Place in Edmonton this September.

Gavin Tucker enters this bout on the strength of a dominant decision victory over 12 time UFC veteran Sam Sicilia in his Octagon debut in February at UFC Fight Night 105 in Halifax. Tucker started out his career with nine straight wins with only his pro debut going to the judges scorecards.  The Titans MMA product holds notable wins over the likes of Lyndon Whitlock, Ryan Connor and Bo Harris.

Standing across the cage will be former WSOF Featherweight Champion Rick Glenn who recently earned his first UFC victory over Phillipe Nover after dropping his debut to Evan Dunham at UFC Fight Night 94. Glenn has piled up an impressive 18-3-1 record outside the UFC with notable wins coming over Georgi Karakhanyan, Alexandre Pimentel, Tristan Johnson and common opponent Lyndon Whitlock. (It should be noted Tucker finished Whitlock 7 seconds faster).



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  1. EPerez says:

    That’s going to be a sweet fight.

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  2. Rich St. Albert Guy says:

    Eh der buds! Just got back from taking a rip in my speed boat. Did some jet ski action to eh boys! Loaded up my big truck eh buddy!

    Why isnt the man Andrew Mciness not on this card boys? Who’s with me! I hear my guy Mciness is down in Phuket destroying guys on the UFC and Belletor roster in practice at PTT all day long buds!

    Sign this man to the UFC!

    I’m rich. I’m from St. Albert. My word is the truth.


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  3. Actn says:

    Schtick wasn’t funny before, still lame now.

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  4. Ken Kupsch says:

    If you have so much money, where’s all your gold digging Batches?

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  5. Ken Kupsch says:

    Nice edit Spellcheck!

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  6. Mma says:

    He clearly doesn’t need any gold diggers, he obviously rides Mciness’ dick daily. No time for any more hoes.

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  7. Rich St. Albert Guy says:

    Eh der Ken. I dont have no gold digging “batches” bud. Got me a wife eh. Been married 10 years bud.

    I am rich. So are you bud. Do you still pay the fighters on your card $200 to fight?

    Everyone in da best province in da world Alberta knows you are the cheapest promoter in da history of MMA in ALberta. Nobody pays fighters less than KOTC bud, nobody.

    So go fuck yourself bud!

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  8. Ken Kupsch says:

    Awe, I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were really rich. I thought you were just a homeless crayon eating internet troll.

    Guess that’s screws my chances of getting a new rolex for Xmas, eh bud?

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  9. Mma says:

    If you’re so rich, why does it bother you how much is paid to fighters? Does it affect you? Or are you really not rich, and just a bitch? Only a bitch who isn’t rich would go around online anonymously and claim to be rich.

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  10. Kid Lightning says:

    Mma. You’re funny. I like your style. I LOL’d real good at your no time for hoes comment. Make this guy admin and that’s comment of the year

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  11. mmafan says:

    Congrats Arjan well deserved

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