Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – May 8, 2017


With World Series of Fighting taking a little hiatus before re-launching in early 2018 as the Professional Fighters League, what does this mean for a couple of high ranking Canadian prospects in Hakeem Dawodu and Smealinho Rama. It’s unclear if there will be any more events under the WSOF banner… Could we see them jump ship early or will they be locked into their contracts and forced to sit on the shelf for the next 8 months?

Should they stick it out with the PFL there are some intriguing aspects to the new format that the promotion will be adopting such as: fighters are guaranteed no less than three fights a year, a monthly paycheck, and an open chance to become the league champion. It will be a tournament based structure with playoffs and a championship including a million dollar purse.

Here are the Rumours…

  • Some unfortunate news to start the week as several fighters from upstart Korean promotion Battlefield Fighting Championships first show have yet to be paid. One of those fighters is Canadian Sarah Kaufman who says they owe her $20,000 and has been in contact with officials from BFC but has yet to be paid nearly 6 weeks after the fight.
  • Josh Hill is set for his first bout under the Fight Nights Global banner when he takes on tough Russian prospect Aliyar Sarkerov who has won his last 17 straight bouts… oh and those all came within the last 24 months! The bout will take place at Fight Nights Global 67 in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 2.
  • Tanner Boser is set for a quick return to the Absolute Championship Berkut cage also in St. Petersburg. Once again The Bulldozer is not shying away from a tough fight as he will take on Denis Smoldarev on short notice at ACB 61 on May 20.
  • Finally yet another Canadian is invading Russia as Spencer Jebb has signed a 6-fight deal with M1 Global and is set to make his debut July 15 against an opponent to be announced soon!
  • Battlefield Fight Legue 49 is set for June 24 and the card has it’s first fight lined up. Ash Mashreghi will take on David Perron in a Welterweight bout.



  • A couple Canadian UFC fighters are taking to Twitter in an effort to book themselves their next Octagon appearances. Mitch Gagnon in typical Canadian fashion has politely called out undefeated Welshman Brett Johns for UFC Fight Night 113 in Scotland while Jeremy Kennedy engaged in a not so friendly back and forth with Kyle Bochniak after fans on Twitter suggested the matchup.
  • Congrats to Mitch Clarke who won his black belt superfight this weekend over fellow Saskatonian Eric Andre at the West Coast Chokes event in Edmonton.
  • Jesse Arnett will try his hand at boxing at Dekada Premier Fight Night on June 24. Arnett will take on Brian Samuel (4-2) in the main event.
  • Also on the Dekada boxing/K1 stlye kickboxing card ill be several more MMA veterans including Dwayne Lewis, Kurtis Higgins and Justin Schmit as well as Markhaille Wedderburn who has several heated exchanges online with Cody Krahn. Both men seeming eager to step into the ring and settle their differences the old fashioned way… Make it happen Dekada!

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  1. Soviet Union Guy says:

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  2. Spencer Jebb says:

    You don’t know me motherfucker. Come step in the gym and see me train and you will be in for the big surprise

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  3. mmafan says:

    I heard Mike Hill is going to Russia too, sucks these fighters have to go so far to get fights yet you see a handful of American fighters on all these small regional cards

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  4. TimHague says:

    It’s cause they pay well and they pay in American Cash. At least ACB does. Good luck Spencer!!! Any man can be defeated. The Russians are tough, but if you are not taking tough fights then you are in the wrong sport. Too many pussies with the wrong mentality. It’s an adventure of a lifetime in Russia, every time ;-)

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  5. Soviet Union Guy says:

    Yes Spencer. I will for sure spend $1500 on a round trip from the East Coast to watch you train for the day.

    I dont know you, this is correct. But I do know this. You lost to Hill, got knocked out by Drummond, and couldnt even finnish Cody Krahn.

    You won split decisions over Perron and Boyle.

    Good luck in Russia homie lol

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  6. EPerez says:

    I’d like to see Hakeem in Bellator or in the UFC. Awesome match-ups for him in both organizations.

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  7. Cody Krahn says:

    I’m not Finnish

    Go Jebb!

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  8. Spencer Jebb says:

    I couldn’t Swedish cody either :-D

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  9. Bjj fan says:

    I’ve been saying this for a while now. Canadian mma is on a down hill slide. Reason why all the top canadian talent is leaving. They need to make money to train. Also all the canadian shows are 80% amature and it’s almost impossible to get fights. Kick some ass Jeb I don’t blame you one bit for taking the opportunity to make some cash and fight some good compitition

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  10. LL Cool P says:

    If a fighter takes easier fights, he’s a bum, only fights cans, etc.

    If a true fighter who wants tough fights, takes a tougher fight, he’s going to get killed because he’s lost fights in the past.

    Fans are more fair-weathered and fickle than ever. Maybe it’s the fans that are going downhill. What happened to supporting your countryman representing Canada, no matter what? I hope Jebb wins by KO, and fills his pockets$

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  11. Keith G says:

    Good luck Spencer

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  12. ken kupsch says:

    Great post LL Cool P, wish I wrote that!

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  13. mmafan says:

    The only shitty part is you know those Russian fighters are going to be juiced to the gills.

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  14. TimHague says:

    They all do seem quite strong, and muscled up. No proof of course, but there is no testing. There wasnt even medical staff at S-70 (saw a coach stitching up his fighter on the boardwalk) nor at ACB (saw an american fighter with a broken rib get carried out of the ring on a blue tarp and they gave him painkillers and flew him home the next day)

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  15. the dude says:

    guys like jebb and boser are obviously not happy with just being the big fish in a little pond and want to see how they can swim in the ocean. having tough time finding fights? no big deal. they still need to take tough fights and get better so they found ways to do exactly that. yes, it may not be the best way to keep your good record so you appeal to the big show. yes, they might lose. but then maybe they actually believe in bushido. in that case they dont give a shit what you think because their reasons for fighting is something beyond anything you could ever understand. you probably know a lot about mma and all the different organizations and killers out there in the world. however you dont know shit about swimming.

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  16. TimHague says:

    Dude, ACB is “The Big Show.” They pay juste as well as UFC. 30% Tax is not taken off the top of your pay and they are more generous with their bonuses. Especially to Russian fighters lol. I see their guys posting pics of new cars and such, that ACB bought for them.

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  17. Blinky says:

    I’m pretty sure those cars and other gifts are proceeds from crime. Russian MMA has ties to gang and criminal activity, as well as corrupt politicians who are basically warlords or oligarchs that govern and also deal in heroin.

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  18. EPerez says:


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  19. TimHague says:

    Blinky, I think Thiago Silva is being hooked up HUGE by Kadyrov, in Chechnya right now. He’s over there training their fighters and thanks Kadyrov on all his IG posts. I bet he’s livin the life.

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  20. mmafan says:

    Yeah I Bet that women beater fits in real well with all those other scumbags over there.

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  21. EPerez says:

    Just an endless Condition Report.

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  22. TimHague says:

    I dont really feel the need to call anyone a scumbag when I don’t have substantial evidence as to whether or not they are in fact a scumbag. Thats a pretty broad and boneheaded statement.

    Maybe there are scumbags. I’m pretty sure not all of them are. Also I do not know enough of the information in regards to Thiago Silva’s personal family business, to intelligently speak about it. I just thought it was neat he got to coach there.

    Other than that relax dude.

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  23. mmafan says:

    Well go do some research on Kadyrov and his crimes against humanity, and as for Silva he was cut from the UFC after a video surfaced of him hitting his old lady. The only reason he wasn’t charged is because she was afraid for her life and had to flee the country.

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  24. MCGA says:

    Thiago Silva’s wife fled the country because she about to face charges herself.
    Every political leader has blood on their hands.

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  25. mmafan says:

    Did you have any actual evidence that Kilkenny was on steroids before you came on here slandering his name? Whining about a jacked up Overeem, sounds more like an excuse than anything.

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  26. TimHague says:

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  27. Bobby Walker says:

    Tim you sure are a great role model to your precious grade 4 students.

    I wish their parents and your schools administratora could see how much of a clown you are.

    You should show your students some of your classic online posts over the year.

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  28. TimHague says:

    Yeah the ones when I was a depressed lunatic. Those were great hey?

    My admin think I’m doing a fantastic job, because I am. The parents thank me daily you slimeball. People can make changes in a positive direction. When you can learn to accept that, then your opinion will mean more than shit.Till then, youre just another faceless online coward. Dime a dozen.

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  29. All you lunatics will eat your words win tim goes on a massive win streak and gets picked to headline the ufc Edmonton card!

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  30. noufcfortim says:

    Tim Hague publicly stated he was going to sue the UFC posted online his intentions made claims he joined the class action lawsuit against them had 2 opportunities in the promotion already going 1-4 and is 1-7 in his last 8 fights

    There is no chance he is picked up by the UFC for the Edmonton show

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  31. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  32. Captain Crunch says:

    The only thing Hague is winning against these guys is an eating contest

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  33. payyourtaxestim says:

    Tim Hague

    If you’re a Canadian resident, you must declare any income earned outside of Canada on your Canadian tax return and you will be taxed on this income. Foreign income must be reported in Canadian Dollars

    So they might not with hold 30 % but you still need to pay the taxes and not spend all the money

    Just kind of a miss leading post you made it makes it sounds as if you aren’t taxed.

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  34. Lit49 says:

    Tim Hague calling someone a slimeball!

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  35. Tim hague is a true ambasador and positive role model to a all youngsters comming up in the world of mma and one they should try to emulate.

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  36. Real Talk says:

    If UFC the doesn’t sign Jesse Arnett they don’t know wtf they are doing. He could rock the fuck out of the bantamweight division and start in the top ten the second he is in there.

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  37. Joe Dirt says:

    While I firmly believe Real Talk is getting a little ahead of himself, I do agree that Arnett has most definitely earned a chance to jump in there and give it a shot.

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  38. Joe Dirt says:

    Tim. For the love of god, stop arguing with people on the internet. And don’t talk about your income and taxes on here either.

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  39. Mma says:

    I’m just assuming here, Captain Morgan was being sarcastic about Tim being an ambassador. But have you ever trained at any gym in Edmonton? all the coaches are terrible. The culture of “I’m better then you” from coaches is grossly wrong. You get guys like Luke Harris who thinks he’s god, and is a shit coach, to name one. I’ve trained at a few gyms in and around Edmonton and they are shitty people. So Tim being an ambassador isn’t too far when you consider the coaches there are too look up too. I’m only talking about mma coaches. I had strictly boxing box coaches who were amazing. But mma is fucked!

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  40. J.Taylor says:

    The Captain must have being over indulging in his Captain Morgan fine dark spiced rum when he mentioned Tim being an ambassador in the sport of mma, his thoughts seemed a little clouded over.

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