BTC 1: Genesis – Toronto – May 27


Date: May 27, 2017
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario
Tickets: Buy Tickets or (905) 637-0531

Fight Card:
205lbs- Todd Stoute (8-3) vs. Matt Van Buren (7-5)
145lbs- Kyle Nelson (9-1) vs. Mike Hernandez (11-4)
155lbs- Scott Hudson (5-3-1) vs. Krzysztof Dobrzynski (4-1)
155lbs- Adam Assenza (6-4) vs. Braedon Ward (1-3)
115lbs- Anastasia Nikolakakos (0-0) vs. Coralie Dixon (2-0)
135lbs- Lloyd Reyes (4-4) vs. Josh Rich (3-2)
155lbs- Devin Viner (0-1) vs. Jason Hinds (0-0)
145lbs- Cody Kent (0-0) vs. Patrick Connors (0-0)
155lbs- Adam Defrietas (0-0) vs. Duncan Henry (0-1)
170lbs- Greg Desrochers (0-0) vs. Sean Meade (0-0)



19 Responses to “ BTC 1: Genesis – Toronto – May 27 ”

  1. PLow says:

    Nothing like having a convicted rapist in the main event.

    Do these promoters have no shame?

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  2. Orangina says:

    It’s ok. Todd really turned his life around after that and found god. He’s learned to forgive himself after helping ruin someone else’s life.

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  3. Happy Gilmour says:

    What a shit card? Assenza picking his opponents 1-3 why isn’t he fighting someone that at least has a pluse..Isn’t Hernandez 5’5 135lbs vs Kyle “monster” Nelson says it all.. Who the hell is the match maker? ..and the main event involves a criminal? What is up with that? Sad state…

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  4. MMAFAN!!! says:

    What does BTC stand for?

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  5. MMAFAN!!! says:

    And whats next…they are going to book a child molester as the co-main event. Cmon BTC give your head a shake.

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  6. Adam Bodwell says:

    Robin Black vs Adam Bodwell? His home town im an hour down the road. Just need to get blood work,i just got a fresh cat scan all good.

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  7. Happy Gilmour says:

    What happen to Jalbert? Did he pull out again? The guy hasn’t fought in 3yrs..everyone wants to be fighter until they get punched in the face…

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  8. Church makes it better says:

    What is up with all these people supporting the convicted rapist? People are giving MMA a bad name by supporting pieces of garbage like Todd Stout. That includes Jesse Arnetts team. Maybe they’re all secretly rapists.

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  9. Adamisdelusional says:

    Still chasing Robin you are 2-4 haven’t fought in what nearly 4 years and haven’t won a fight in close to 6 and half but good luck getting the fight again

    Robin likely beats you as you haven’t beaten a single professional fighter with a win in your career of 6 fights doubt the nearly 50 year old Black will be your first victim if it happens you retire as 2-5 !

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  10. Happy Gilmour says:

    Wow, I have a feeling there is no interest in this show..I heard tickets aren’t selling..or at least at the moment etc..all that talent in Ontario, where did all the top fighters go? is mma dying in Ontario?..or are the fighters realizing the $500, $1000 or $2000 purses is not worth their health..I love the sport but understand..good luck fighters and promoters..

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  11. yolo says:

    I’m thinking of going to this card but I would love to see an UPDATED fight card before I go.

    I hear the De Freitas fight is off as well as kent vs Connors?

    Whats with situation?

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    I’ve requested the updated fight card from the promoter, just waiting for a response!

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  13. Happy Gilmour says:

    What a joke this promotion is? No one is talking about the show and I see why?

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  14. boydylan123 says:

    Todd Stoute is the biggest con artist alive . He has tricked the world into believing he is a changed man when he is really a delusional sociopath.

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  15. coco2345 says:

    Agreed with the above. Delusional sociopath. Can’t believe a word out of the guys mouth. Has people fooled.

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  16. coco2345 says:

    Todd stoute is a filthy piece of shit loser who should be back in jail for a whole other list of reasons. sick fuck

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  17. CS says:

    Todd Stoute is a lying scumbag who will say anything to get his way.
    He is a terrible person and still treats women like dog shit. Ladies should beware of this monster and all women should be warned of him. Do not fall for his lies.

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