RITC 54 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


The longest running MMA show in Canada returns tonight from the Servus Soccer Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta with Rumble in the Cage 54. The event will feature the debut of “Super Boxing” including bouts between Lee Mein and Chris Burns as well as Tim Hague taking on Jared Kilkenny.

The event will also feature the gold medal matchups of the 2017 Canadian National Amateur MMA Championships. The winners crowned will earn the right to represent Canada at the IMMAF. See the results from Day 1 HERE and Day 2 HERE.

Fans in Canada can get the event live on Fite TV HERE and Top MMA News will be cageside bringing you all your live play-by-play action.

  • Knockout of the Night: Forrest Cable
  • Submission of the Night: Dylan Lielke
  • Fight of the Night: Jared Tordoff vs. Ramil Kamilov

Super Boxing/265lbs- Lee Mein vs. Chris Burns
Round 1: They feel each other out and Burns unleashes a barrage of punches against the cage. Mein ties him up and gets the takedown. Ref stands them up and they trade punches and another clinch. They trade knees and Mein pushes him up against the cage and Mein unleashes a furious flurry of uppercuts against the cage that drop Burns to his knees. Referee Mark Aparicio starts the 8 count and Burns can’t answer the bell giving Mein the victory.
Lee Mein defeats Chris Burns by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:03

Pro/190lbs- Shawn Locke (0-0) vs. Greg Large (2-9)
Round 1: Locke connects with a pair of leg kicks that takes Large’s feet out from under him. Locke begins to rain down hammerfists and goes to side control. Locke takes full mount and continues to land big punches. Large gives his back and Locke continues the steady stream of punches. Locke continues to land at will as Large is offering no defense whatsoever and referee Mark Aparicio has seen enough.
Shawn Locke defeats Greg Large by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:53

Pro/Chris Robinson (1-1) vs. Forrest Cable (0-0)
Round 1: Cable lands a hard right immediately and Robinson looks to tie him up against the cage. Cable reverses the position and lands the knees to the thigh. Robinson’s nose already bloodied from the first strike and Cable continues to land the knees. Robinson shoots for the takedown but Cable stays on his feet and keeps landing the knees. Cable with the clinch and knees to the body before landing a big elbow. Robinson retreats but Cable pursues and lands. They tie up against the cage and Cable spins him and lands knees to the midsection. Cable with a couple big leg kicks and defends a takedown. Cable with more vicious knees to the body and they jockey for position against the cage. Cable lands a nice combo and another. Cable lands another and they tie up as the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Cable

Round 2: Cable with an inside leg kick and another. Cable staying just out of reach of his taller opponent and connects. Cable throws but Robinson ducks under. Cable with a big knees and swarms with a furious combo. Robinson retreats but Cable chases him down and delivers a huge knee right up the middle that sends Robinson crashing face down. Cable lands a hammerfist before referee Mark Aparicio can step in between them.
Forrest Cable defeats Chris Robinson by KO (Knee) in Round 2, 1:19

Am/205lbs- Colton Cronkite (7-4) vs. Dane Waldal (1-0)
***Amateur Light-Heavyweight Finals
Round 1: Both men land a stiff jab to start and Cronkite looks for the takedown. Waldal defends and they tie up. Cronkite looking for the standing guillotine choke and Waldal fights it off for a moment before Cronkite brings him to the mat and forces the tap.
Colton Cronkite submits Dane Waldal by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:48

K1/195lbs- Matt Krayco vs. Brad Stewart
An even and mostly uneventful first round saw both men turn it on in the final minute. Stewart with the slight edge in round 1 as he landed the cleaner shots. Stewart with big combos to star the second, Krayco comes back and lands a barrage of his own and chops away with leg kicks. Stewart begins to unload kicks to the body and Krayco responds with heavy shots. Stewart continuing to land cleaner and more frequently. Nice front kick lands from Krayco and follows up with a combo. Stewart lands another combo and they bang it out in the final seconds and it looks like another round for Stewart in a higher pace round. Stewart again comes right at him and lands some nice combos. Krayco fires back with leg kicks and a good flurry against the cage. Krayco beginning to get off now and taking over the round. Stewart answers back and connects with some nice combos and kicks to the body. Nice exchange from both men now and both men showing no signs of slowing down and go toe to toe in the final 30 seconds of the fight with Krayco landing one more big bomb right on the chin at the bell. I have Stewart taking a close fight on the scorecards.
Brad Stewart defeats Matt Krayco by Split Decision

Super Boxing/265lbs- Tim Hague vs. Jared Kilkenny
Round 1: These two huge Heavyweights really fill up this tiny cage and we are underway. Kilkenny lands kick to the body and a leg kick from Hague. Kilkenny lands big right and Kilkenny points and says “I just broke your fucking nose bro”. Kilkenny lands a huge combo that crumples Hague to the mat and Kilkenny walks away as Hague covers up. Post fight Hague tearfully retires as he says he no longer wants his grade 4 students to see him this way.
Jared Kilkenny defeats Tim Hague by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 0:40

UAm/170lbs- Jared Tordoff (3-2) vs. Ramil Kamilov (2-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Finals
Round 1: Kamilov immediately lands head kick that drops Tordoff. He looks to land on the ground but Tordoff survives and makes it back to his feet. Kamilov connects with a combo and looks for another head kick. Tordoff lands a combo and gets a big double leg slam although Kamilov lands on top and rains down punches. Tordoff again back to his feet and gets the headlock takedown. Tordoff lands a barrage of punches and still has the headlock and Kamilov furiously trying to escape the position. Kamilov gets his head free but Tordoff still on top landing. Tordoff locks on an armbar but only ten seconds left and Kamilov survives. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Tordoff

Round 2: Tordoff shoots a double but Kamilov stuffs it and lands a combo. Trodoff looks for a single and gets to half guard. Tordoff looks to take the back and lands shots before sinking his hooks. Kamilov turns to his back and Tordoff now in full mount. Tordoff lands shots and looks for the armbar. Kamilov is able to defend but Tordoff is relentless and is able to force the tap.
Jared Tordoff submits Ramil Kamilov by Armbar in Round 2, 1:58

Am/145lbs- Ali Wasuk (5-1) vs. Dylan Lielke (12-2)
***Amateur Featherweight Finals
Round 1: Lielke with a leg kick and they tie up against the cage. Lielke looking for the takedown and gets him down to guard. Wasuk climbing his legs up, looking for an omoplata. Lielke gets his arm free and passes to half guard. Lielke begins to land before standing and dropping back down to side control. Wasuk tries to stand and Lielke looks for a guillotine. Wasuk to his feet and Lielke lands a knee to the groin. They restart and Lielke lands a leg kick and ties Wasuk up in the corner as time runs down. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Lielke

Round 2: They clash with kicks and exchange punches before Lielke ties him up against the cage and lands knees to the thigh. Wasuk gets the body lock but can’t drag him to the mat. Wasuk gets him to his knees but Lielke pops back up. Lielke gets the double and looks for the slam but Wasuk able to minimize the impact. Lielke to side control and looks to land. Lielke to full mount and Wasuk spins but gets caught in a triangle choke and is forced to tap.
Dylan Lielke submits Ali Wasuk by Triangle Choke in Round 2, 2:26

Am/135lbs- Grey Patino (3-7) vs. Toshio Arai (0-0)
***Amateur Bantamweight Finals
Round 1: Arai touches gloves and immediately lands. They tie up against the cage and trade knees. Patino lands shots and Arai drops for a single but Patino lands and defends. Arai still working for the takedown and Patino continues to land until finally the referee breaks them apart. Patino with the takedown and Arai looking for the guillotine. Patino continues to land shots for the final 20 seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Patino

Round 2: Patino with the leg kick and Arai looks to pull guard but Patino slams him to the mat. Arai looking for an armbar but Patino slams his way out. Arai again with an armbar and again Patino slams him. Patino on top now and looking to land to the body. Patino postures and lands a knee to the body and several rights while he has Arai’s arm pinned behind him. Patino continues to throw shots and the referee is forced to step in as Arai is not defending himself.
Grey Patino defeats Toshio Arai by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 2:58

Am/185lbs- Saeid Mirzaei (15-3) vs. James Nelson (4-4)
***Amateur Middleweight Finals
Round 1: They feel each other out and Nelson lands the leg kick. Nelson throws a head kick but it’s blocked. Mirzei lands a combo before picking him up and slamming him to the mat. Mirzaei begins to land solid shots before taking the back and looking for the choke. Nelson is able to spin out and get to his feet but Mirzaei drags him back down. Nelson looking for the kimura and Mirzaei pulls his arm free. Nelson stands but Mirzaei with another slam. Nelson’s corner tells him Mirzaei is tired and Nelson replies “I’m tired”. Mirzaei gets mount and finishes the round on top. Top MMA News scores Round 10-9 Mirzaei

Round 2: Nelson closes the distance but Mirzaei lands. Mirzaei connects with a right and gets a hold of Nelson and slams him to the mat again. Mirzaei passes to full mount but Nelson looks for a wristlock. Mirzaei to side control and lands shots. Nelson regains half guard and lands to the body. Nelson gives up his back and but Mirzaei transitions to the back as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mirzaei

Round 3: Mirzaei spinning back kick doesn’t get a;; of it and Nelson responds with a leg kick. Nelson lands a high kick and another leg kick. Nelson connects with an overhand right and a high kick blocked. Mirzaei with another spinning back kick to the body and Nelson lands. Mirzaei ducks a punch and gets the takedown but Nelson throwing his legs up high for a triangle. Mirzaei picks him up and Nelson releases the triangle attempt. Mirzaei stands and lands a right before settling into the guard as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Nelson
Saeid Mirzaei defeats James Nelson by Unanimous Decision

52 Responses to “ RITC 54 – Live Results and Play-by-Play ”

  1. EPerez says:

    The grade 4 student human shield.

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  2. Ramil says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Sorry man… from my angle I didn’t see the spinning hook kick, unfortunately I miss things once in a while!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

  4. J says:

    Man you’re worried about the wording of a play by play, from a fight you got submitted in. That was your 3rd amateur fight! Unbelievable! Lol

    Well-loved! Thumb up 33 Thumb down 0

  5. Ramil says:

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  6. Orangina says:

    Were those puzzle mats they used for the cage canvas?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

  7. Travis Portman says:

    So this will be what, the 5th time Tim Hague has taken a beating in the cage/ring and then tearfully announced his retirement? Now he’s doing it for the sake of the children lol lol lol.

    Tim will be back in the cage/ring later this summer when he’s broke and needs some extra cash, like he always does.

    LOL, think of the children for the sake of the children LOL LOL LOL

    Well-loved! Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  8. whowillwin says:

    He has been quite active the past year and time off will be good. With 1 win in his past 8 fights and all 7 of his losses the result of TKO or KO a rest would do him well.

    New fight offers will likely reflect his recent string of fights.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  9. whowillwin says:

    That includes his boxing – super box – and mma fights

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  10. Stu Jeffries says:

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  11. Ridicilous says:

    Braidwood would destroy Tim…. Totally different level.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  12. Shocker154 says:

    Yea that’s actually the last thing Tim needs, another massive concussion. Just because you don’t like Braidwood doesn’t mean he can’t fight

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3

  13. Stu Jeffries says:

    Actually I like Braidwood, hes a gifted athlete who keeps improving with each encounter, I just dont think at this stage of the game he has Tims experience, regardless if it goes the distance it will be a barn burner of a fight.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  14. TimHague says:

    I have been concussed 3 times in my life. The last time was against Erohkin 2015. Yeah my records bad over the last while, yeah its been a tough road, yeah life challenges us all in different ways and the way my life plays out is nobodys fucking business but my own. I love to compete, and when you fucking losers start travelling to meet the president of Russia and consistently fight top 50-100 in the World Heavyweights, then I’ll still not care about what anyone one of you says about me in negativity.

    You see, it doesnt bother me. It hasnt bothered me my whole career and win or lose, my career has been a big highlight reel. I fought the Alistair Overeem Version of Kilkenny the other night. 6’5 260 (he was 227 in our first fight and a lot softer) If you dont want to challenge yourself to the max, then why are you in this sport?

    Armchair critics and fake fighters will never understand why a guy like me competes and always takes hard fights.

    My Grade 4’s were mad I retired, they want me to try and fight for ACB again this summer. If they want me back, I will go. I’d like to fight the guy Boser lost to. I requested that to my manager Ken Pavia last night.

    Flame on you wimps

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  15. TimHague says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. Travis Portman says:

    Training with a bunch of people that train recreational martial arts (and in most case beginners) at UFC Gym Sherwood Park and then trying to fight top 50-100 in the World HW’s is the reason why your getting the shit kicked out of you.

    A Tim Hague that is motivated and trains with the best 185- HW fighters in Alberta is a very very dangerous and scary dude.

    Mukhomad Vakhaev will murder you if you train for him by training with recreational martial artists at UFC Gym Sherwood Park.

    Since your Grade 4 kids want you to fight MMA, for the sake of the children start training with the Snakepit Crew in Sherwood Park, they have some big fucking dudes and a top notch Coach. Hayabusa and Frank Lee’s is a good idea as well.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

  17. mmafan says:

    What you met Putin?

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  18. Stu Jeffries says:

    I think Tim meeting Putin effected the U.S elections

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  19. Stu Jeffries says:

    It would not surprise me if there is not a full F.B.I and C.I.A investigation into this allegation!

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  20. Timisdelusional says:

    Tim’s record of 1-7 in the last 8 and has been finished in all of the loses. That’s not just a bad record that’s awful. If Tim was a new fighter the commission would have a hard time justifying granting you a license. Tim do your brain a favor and stay retired.

    Also Tim has pretty much burnt bridges with the local mma community he’s just got UFC gym left. If he swallowed his pride and went to snake pit not even sure they would let him train.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5

  21. harry balls says:

    What happened to Black Sheep? Wasn’t Tim going to open a gym?
    I know when guys lose they feel a lot of stuff emotionally. But it’d be nice if guys retired when they say they’re retiring. Just call it a career. The only guy I’ve ever seen do it is Perez I think.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  22. TimHague says:

    I retired for my students, my students wanted me to continue so I changed me mind. Get over it. My 1-7 record over the past 8 fights is one me. I own that record, not any of you who have an opinion on it. I was battling severe depression for the past 8 years, but I do not blame any of my losses on that. I blame my losses on showing up at anywhere from 30-50% of my true potential on any given night.

    Dr. Karpman prescribed me Wellbutrin (anti-depressant) and a sleep apnea machine as I was waking up 20x per hour through the night for the past who knows 33 years…? I was averaging less than 1 hour of REM sleep for at least 10 years. Now I get over 6. I rapidly lost 30 lbs and now I walk around at 260 instead of 290. I am happy and healthy mentally.

    I am going to continue competing till’ my body says no. Competing is in my blood. I am in the process of mending relationships that suffered due to my ignorance as a sick individual. I appreciate any support as I continue to live my life as a Martial Artist. Anyone who cant support that, I dont want you in my life anyways. You are not a part of it and your opinions simply do not matter what so ever.

    Oh yeah, and I did meet Putin, and spent the week in Russia in summer 2015, with Russian Pop singer, Julia Parshuta. It was a fairytale trip. She took me for Sushi with her publicist and godfather after I got KTFO, I couldnt eat due to Nausea. That did not matter, because she was there for me. She took good care of me.

    Your life is your story, make yours memorable.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 25 Thumb down 14

  23. TimHague says:

    Also Travis Portman, I have reached out to Christian Thomas, and Tanner Boser to offer myself for any sparring or training at any time. I knkow that those are the guys I nee3d to train with to Elevate my game. They are huge tough Heavyweights. I should probably reach out to Jeff Montemurro as well. He used to coach me, and my relationship with him fell apart as I began to spiral downward into depression when my sons mother and my wife abandoned her love for me.

    I think around 2009 is when I became sick. I still dont understand why the woman I married and loved with all my heart, simple decided to stop loving me. I slept on a mattress in the basement of my own house for 3 years while I tried to make things work and keep my family together for Brady. She had the master bedroom. It made training for UFC fights hard. My mind was elsewhere. But its my life and I own it. Its made me who I am today, now I spend a lot of time with my students teaching them about resiliency, belief in themselves and having a stronger more confident mindset. Teaching is a good fit for me. I have a lot of life lessons and “what not to do,” to pass on.

    If people really want to know about me or my story, this is a breif glimpse. I dont mind sharing because I am healthy now, and Brady’s mom is a good mother, and thats all that really matters now.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 18 Thumb down 18

  24. TimHague says:

    Tanner beat Vakhaev. I have asked my manager Ken Pavia for that fight in let august. I can beat Vakhaev, and I will beat him if given the opportunity. If he clips me he clips me, this is the fight business. This is not ballet.

    Fighting Kilkenny was like fighting juiced Overeem. 6’5 260 and solid as hell. Every shot he landed did massive damage. I was by far in the best shape of my life, and by far the quickest I have ever been, for that fight. He clipped me as I should have exercised better head movement early. I’m excited for his next fight.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 18

  25. Old School Jake says:

    Takes a lot of balls to come on here, admit when you have issues and take responsibility for them. So to have people continuously shit on Tim is sad to see.

    What his record is, who he fights or what he does is nobody’s business but his own. You don’t want to see him fight? Don’t buy a ticket or go get another beer when he’s in the cage. Easy problem to solve.

    But if people are so concerned about Tim’s well being or his losing record, than I suggest you give that same advice to any number of fighters across the world who do this for the love of the game.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 7

  26. TimHague says:

    I appreciate that Jake. All these guys disliking my posts when I give an honest explanation of whats been up with me, is the reason I visit this forum once, and then you guys dont see me for 6 months.

    Like whats so bad about a guy finally asking his doctor for help, and overcoming a severe mental illness that’s been a black plague on my life for the past 8 years?

    Anyways peace out. smh

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 16

  27. mmafan says:

    I think some people on here are actually concerned for Tim and not just hating. When you see a guy get knocked out that many times you know there will be long term effects. One of those effects can be depression, some athletes are just such gamers they have to be protected from themselves, that’s why they have “the quite room” in the NHL because if you left it up to the players they would just play through it. Tim compete level might just be so high he won’t know when to walk away. It should be up to Tim and his doctors if he fights again, I don’t know if 4th grade students should be deciding. Last thing mma needs is all there ex fighters being pushed around in a wheel chair at 50.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  28. mmafan says:

    And if you choose to compete in the public spotlight people will talk about your record, who you fight, and what he does, it comes with the territory.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0

  29. Stu Jeffries says:

    You guys should all mind your own business, Tim is like only 33 years old ,hes got another good 10 years left in him if he choses to pursue the fight game, also with a good chance of Tanner vacating his local title when he gets the call to the big show, Tim stands a good chance of challenging for the unified heavyweight title!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 7

  30. TimHague says:

    Mr. MMAFAN, I have been Ko’ed like concussed, 3 times in my life in MMA. I have gotten a headache for a day or two many times at the gym.. I accept that. Its MY LIFE YOU FOOL. Pussies like you get headaches sitting at your moms makeup vanity staring at your computer screen all day. I prefer to live my life my way on my own accord. Your opinion means nothing short of unheard noise. I have grown into a Martial Artist. I am sitting in my classroom rifling through ideas in my brain of footwork and wrestling drills that I can teach my son and anyone else who shows up. I’ve reached out to train with boser and larsen. I have contacted Kyle Cardinal to learn new techniques. I am travelling to calgary to train with Jake Peacock and Jesse Arnett.

    If I wasn’t competing and taking risks in MMA, I would be racing my downhill mountain bike which is far more dangerous.

    George Chuvalo I’m sure had a few more headaches than I will ever have in my lifetime. Why can’t I just live my life and fight like he did? He got knocked down. You dont see people telling him how to live. Not in boxing but in life. His whole family is gone. Did he give up? Go tell him how to live and what to do you insignificant maggot.

    Go piss up a rope kid. That, or come train any day any time anywhere :-) I’d be happy to show you a few things.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  31. TimHague says:

    You are commenting to be heard. Seek first to understand my friend. Im just in love with the sport. If it kills me, whatever, I’m ready. I’m on good terms with God now because I’ve discovered that a huge key (maybe the most important part) to life is giving back. It’s giving me extraordinary happiness.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 14

  32. Christian T says:

    This thread is entirely too much hand holding and comparing dicks for me. Tim is a grown ass man doing what he wants. If he turns it around and starts knocking people out good for him. If he injures himself? Well he knew the risks. I’m not going to turn down a sparring partner with his experience in the ring.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

  33. Stu Jeffries says:

    With risk comes reward, and I am sure Tim has being compensated and rewarded well for doing what he does best, so keep doing what your doing and ignore the naysayers and doubting Thomases.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

  34. mmafan says:

    Really how much do you think these guys make on the regional circuit? It’s not much

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  35. TimHague says:

    Lee Mein said, Tim I can only pay you $1000+1000 for this fight. I said I dont care I just need a scrap, its been too long. I asked if I could get an extra $200 to cover my substitute teacher for the day, Lee said no problem. Id take $1200 for a broken nose and a wicked weekend road trip with the boys any day.

    I fight because I like to fight. I’d fight Jared again tomorrow. The result would be different than it was the first 3 times. It would be exciting.

    Fighters Fight.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 15

  36. mmapayouch says:

    1200 minus tax and then pay the substitute teacher and any additional cost for being away for the weekend. Hotel gas food ect

    Get a broken nose and head trauma just seems like the pay isn’t worth the risks. A real injury that prevent a person from earning at their day job so they can be a weekend warrior seems like a selfish decision when you have a family but to each their own.

    Crazy the guys that make the UFC still don’t earn enough to train full time

    Well-loved! Thumb up 29 Thumb down 1

  37. TimHague says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  38. Lurch says:

    Im suprised your Principle lets you show up to an elementary school all beat up and looking extremly unproffesional to begin with. If you were teaching my daughter i would complain.

    No wonder our education system is so fucked in this province when we have half brain damaged teachers who get the fuck beat out of them for fun and extra money teaching our kids.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 6

  39. Stu Jeffries says:

    What Tim or anybody else does on their free time is no concern of yours Lurch!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 8

  40. TimHague says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

    Poorly-rated... Thumb up 6 Thumb down 20

  41. Lurch says:

    Uh. You think im the only parent in the world that would have a problem with their elementary school aged kids being taught class by a guy who gets beat up in a cage on the weekends?

    Also how does that make me a lowlife troll?

    God you are even more brain damaged than i thought

    Dude, the kids think your a joke and love it when you get the shit kicked out of you dummy. Most kids would love to see their teachers get beat up.

    I guess im a lowlife troll for commenting on a mma forum?

    Good example you set for the kids Tim lol lol lol

    God you are stupid

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 5

  42. Mmafan says:

    Just gonna start calling Tim, “Tim Kalmakoff”

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  43. MMAfan2 says:

    “Tim Kalmakoff” and “Bobby Kalmakoff”

    well if you look at the last 8 fights for both guys they share the same record of 1-7

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 2

  44. toomanyheadshots says:

    Tim Hague you are not high level in any single discipline

    Wrestling Jiujitsu striking if you didn’t weight so much your record would likely be even worse as everyone knows the heavy weight division is the least skilled division in mma

    someone with zero skills having never trained in the same 8 fights would likely be 0-8 you are 1-7 remembering these aren’t world class opponents hard sell to call it high level

    you admit to being paid 1200 for your last fight again wouldn’t call that high level

    thinking you have taken too many head shots and your last 8 fights have you resembling a pinata more so than a skilled athlete.

    you can keep being a punching bag as long as the commission signs off on it but you are totally delusional if you think anything you are doing is high level. Training with weekend warriors at UFC gym with no coach isn’t gonna help you improve that record.

    But hey I’m just an internet troll that would have 1 less win but in the end 0-8 or 1-7 both records equal professional loser

    Tim The Professional Loser Hague does has a nice ring to it wonder how many fights they will let you have before the commission finally pulls the plug and flatlines that career given you are unable to see you just don’t have the skills to hang in the lowest level regional shows anymore.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 2

  45. Mmafan says:

    Exactly. Fighting and getting Knocked out are completely different. Tim is being used as a filler now a days. He’s not fighting.
    You’re not high level. You’re the same as Greg Large. Or Bobby Kalmakoff. You’re in it for the pay cheque and the title now. Years ago you were high level. Not anymore.
    You’re not proving to the kids you can chase your dreams, the only thing you’re showing them is that even tho you love a sport, it can crush you.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  46. Stu Jeffries says:

    To all you doubters all I gotta say is, winners never quit and quitters never win! A winning streak is still attainable for Tim if he aligns himself with proper coaching and a reputable gym, in which I would suggest he check out the Snakepit.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 10

  47. mmadoesntloveyou says:

    I don’t think Tim is welcome at any gym in the city that isn’t the UFC

    The Snake Pit or any other gym doesn’t want him or the crazy he brings with him.

    The guy has a number of issues including substance abuse best to keep that kinda person outta your gym. He has burnt so many bridges in the local MMA community talked bad about so many people when he was living his blacksheep gym days. This guy is a cancer and is completely self destructive. He is a selfish person in all aspects of his life.

    This is a guy who wrote a letter from Santa promising to take his kid to Disney land then doesn’t but hey he flys all over the world goes to NASCAR and keeps jumping into the cage and says he isn’t selfish … everything he does in life is selfish

    He claims to be a professional but acts like a thug his online comments are a great representation to the type of teacher he is. He should be held to a higher standard as his students could easily come on and read the crap he post. Hard to believe any school would have hired him to mold the minds of the future generation. But he was right he does have a life time of bad decisions he could tell people to not do.

    Tim The Drunk Tomato Can Hague you might love MMA but MMA has no love for your fake martial arts

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 3

  48. Stu Jeffries says:

    Everybody is redeemable and deserves to be given a 2nd or maybe 3rd chance in life, and not to be written off so easily, Tim should be a welcome asset to any kickboxing or mma gym in the city due to the vast amount of combative knowledge he has absorbed, and I am sure is willing to share due to his many years of competing at the highest levels of the the
    game, whether it be boxing, kickboxing or mma.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  49. Mmafan says:

    You’re right Stu, almost everyone is redeemable. Except for those are most likely suffering from Head Trauma. Probably has CTE from being constantly KO’ed as of late.
    I mean, Tim were you this easily knocked out at the beginning of your career. If you want to continue fighting; that’s on you man. But you should take a while and gather some senses. Not just jump back into it right away and get KO’ed again. Your brain and your body would probably thank you. Some time might help you progress too

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  50. Stu Jeffries says:

    Your right Mmafan, taking some time off to recoup and make a new game plan can do a body good, In the mean I can see Tim branching off more into training and coaching fighters. It would not surprise me if somebody like a Mitch Clark or Sheldon Westcott dont take him on board and pay him good money, at least 4 or $5,000.00 a month to be head striking instructor at Complete,this would be more than Tim would be making fighting, and it would benefit the gym seeing that most of their striking coaches have jumped ship onto the UFC gym bandwagon.

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