Hard Knocks 54 – Weigh In Results


Hard Knocks 54 goes down live tomorrow night from the Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, Alberta. In the main event Jesse “Big Cat” Arnett moves up a weight class and takes on late notice opponent Maged Hammo for the Featherweight Title.

Tickets are still available so if you’re in Calgary get yourself a pair of tickets HERE. The main card will air live on The Fight Network and the entire card is available on Internet PPV HERE. Top MMA News will be there cageside and will be bringing you all the live results.

Main Card: (Fight Network/PPV/Band Sports Brazil-11pm et)
Pro/145lbs- Jesse Arnett (144) vs. Maged Hammo (145.5)
***Pro Featherweight Title Fight (Vacant)

Pro/170lbs- Menad Abella (170.5) vs. John Sheil (170)

Amateur/155lbs- Joe Mapanda (150.5) vs. Sean Michaels (155)
***Amateur Lightweight Title Fight (Vacant)

Pro/170lbs- Peter Grajcar (170) vs. Vyron Phillips (169.5)
Pro/125lbs- Terrance Chan (125) vs. Keegan Oliver (125.5)
Amateur/120lbs- Jess Hopkins (120) vs. Brittney Allan (118)
Amateur/190lbs- Joel Odorski (187.5) vs. Blazen Chakita (188)

Preliminary Card: (PPV/BeIN Sports US-83opm et)
Pro/155lbs- Alexi Argyriou (155.5) vs. Hamilton Ash (155.5)
Pro/130lbs- *Chad Anheliger (130.5/128.5) vs. Josh Smith (130)
Pro/155lbs- Christian Tremayne (155) vs. Josh Goodheart (155)
Amateur/155lbs- Travis Grayson (155) vs. Ramil Kamilov (154)
Amateur/145lbs- Solomon Courtorielle (145) vs. Logan Demmings (145)

*Missed weight, Has one hour to cut 0.5lbs


2 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 54 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Update with Hammo and Anheliger’s weights, Calgary now has a 1lb allowance for Title fights

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  2. Sherwood Park Ninja Warrior says:

    What in the f**k – come on CCSC Edmonton used to have the lock on stupid decisions. Why are you going against what ever other commission on the planet goes with?

    “In non-championship fights, there shall be allowed a 1 pound weigh allowance. In championship fights, the participants must weigh no more than that permitted for the relevant weight division.”

    Source – http://www.ufc.ca/discover/sport/rules-and-regulations#2

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