Denny Houle Passes Away at 30 Years Old


Denny Houle (photo courtesy of Unified MMA)

Sad news out of Edmonton as undefeated Light-Heavyweight Denny Houle has passed away at the age of 30. The cause of death is unknown at this time however news of his passing has been confirmed by those close to him.

Top MMA News would like to offer our most sincere condolences to Denny’s friends, family and teammates in this extremely difficult time.

Denny Houle compiled a perfect record of 5-0 with all of his victories coming by way of first round stoppage including wins over Mark Drummond in his pro debut and, most recently, against Dan Amyotte in his return after a three year absence from the sport.

Some of Denny’s friends, teammates and former opponents had nothing but great things to say about the well respected fighter!

  • Denny was more than a friend to me. He contacted me about 6 years back because he wanted to train some MMA. Him and his late brother Grant would show up and put in work. Eventually, he was kind of ready for his first pro fight. I was a little concerned as any coach and friend would be. Some guys are Gym guys and some are Fight Night guys. And when it came to Denny, it was kind of always fight night. That’s what carried him to an undefeated MMA career. Heart of a lion. He had my back more than any man deserves from another. He helped me so much and Ill never ever take your friendship and memory for granted Denny. Love and Respect. I’ll see you again my Brother. I hope you can read this somehow.Tim Hague
  • As I write this, it’s only been 6 hours since I first heard the news about Denny. I have already shed quite a few tears and, at this point, I am still numb. I still don’t know all the details on how Denny passed, but I do have my suspicions. Denny was a very kind and big-hearted individual. If you were lucky enough to be a friend of Denny, you know what I am talking about. He loved to make people happy and he wanted people around him to be smiling and laughing. I will miss you my friend! I love you and although I miss you terribly already, I am happy to know you are finally at peace. –Dean Panas
  • Denny was a great spirit to be around, he loved to fight and enjoyed the company of friends. He’s been through a lot lately and has had many things to overcome. Rest in peace, bro. I hope you’re finally at peace nowSunny Sareen
  • Denny is is the toughest guy I’ve fought to date. I’m shocked to hear about this, it’s crazy. After our fight we became very good friends and we had lots of respect for each other.Dan Amyotte
  • I know he shared a very special bond with his brother and his dad. I hope his pain is over and that he is at peace with them. My sincerest condolences to his family and children.Mark Drummond



9 Responses to “ Denny Houle Passes Away at 30 Years Old ”

  1. Old School Jake says:

    I had the privilege of managing Denny for awhile with Deano and he was always a class act. Very respectful, very humble and always a gentleman. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and you will be greatly missed.

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  2. Cam Yallits says:

    Denny and I worked together on his striking for a couple fights and he was always willing to listen and learn, he was incredibly humble. He certainly never acted like a pro fighter with 5 first round stoppages.

    One thing he always did was bring along a friend, a cousin, whomever to train. I think he recognized all the great benefits that training martial arts can give, and wanted to pass it along to his friends and family in his life. Great guy, gone too soon. Condolences to his family.

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  3. John P says:

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  4. Trent Thorne says:

    Denny was one of the only people I met while training that I would consider a friend. You don’t find a lot of genuine people in this business but me and Denny hit it off from the start :) we enjoyed a good rivalry in the gym and would constantly be talking shit to each other about who who get tapped next and how lol he was a good man and my deepest condolences to him and his family he will most certainly be missed :(

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  5. robyn says:

    Denny houles 1 day funeral service will be held on Saturday January 28th 2017. Location Ashmont Agriplex Hall.

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  6. robyn says:

    Denny Houles 1 day funeral service will be held on Saturday January 28 2017. Location Ashmont Agriplex Hall. Time 10 Oclock am.

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  7. Trent Thorne says:

    I will be heading out to pay my final respects to Denny, if anyone needs a ride from Edmonton or perhaps needs a pick up on the way I could help ya out. I realize not everyone has reliable wheels or maybe just short on cash for gas with the economy the way it is. If anyone is interested please contact me via Facebook Trent Lee Thorne

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  8. JohnnyG says:

    RIP Denny, absolute class act of a guy and gone way too soon. My condolences to his family

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  9. Felicia says:

    Thanks to everyone for their sincere condolences. As in life they were all there for one another and so in death….together forever!!…Their ❤❤❤’s R.I.P…..I’m sure….In Memory of My Son Denny his Dad Rick and brother Grant 💥BOOM!!💥…..TEAM HOULE

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