Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 18


Look at me.  Two updates in two weeks!  Great to see lots of MMA action in Canada these days.  Last weekend, we had three cards go down and had a few of our fighters head south for other fights.

Here are our rumours:

  • The Ultimate Fighter 25 will have former and current UFC Welterweight fighters competing on it.  Every participant has already been on a season of TUF before. A couple of Canadians are rumoured to have made the show:  Kajan Johnson (TUF Nations) and Mike Ricci (TUF 16).  The cast is a real murderer’s row of combatants.  Good luck Kajan and Mike!
  • Malcolm Gordon will be headlining Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting against Jarred Brooks on February 17.  The Flyweight title will be on the line.
  • Helping Sherbatov prepare for Tarzan will be none other than Dustin Ortiz, who will be flying to Laval, Quebec to train with Yoni at Sherbatov MMA.
  • Todd Stoute and Máiquel Falcao was pushed off until TKO 38 in April. Falcao had visa issues that should be resolved in February.
  • We reported in August that Richard Arsenault was facing 10 counts of Breaking and Entering (see HERE). Prior to Christmas, Arsenault changed his plea to guilty. The former Elite 1 MMA champion received nine years for his crimes.
  • Tanner Boser is out of his Unified 30 Title fight against Patrick Walsh. He has signed a multi-fight deal with Absolute Championship Berkut and is set to debut against Mukhomad Vakhaev at ACB 54 in Manchester, England on March 11.
  • The Triumph FC 2 card that was scheduled for early December was decimated with injuries and they were forced to cancel the event on short notice. Look for Triumph to give it another shot in the coming months!
  • It’s still not know whether or not TJ Laramie‘s win at TKO 37 will stand, however what is known is that he will take on Alex Morgan at TKO 38 on April 7.
  • Fight Xchange 2 started this week. Watch TJ Laramie and Lenny Wheeler on the show!



7 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 18 ”

  1. Sherwood Park Ninja Warrior says:

    What’s the over/under on Marky Mark’s entrance lasting longer than the fight?

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  2. Steve fingler says:

    Wedderburn is not fighting on this card ..he told Lee mean no.

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  3. mmafan says:

    I didnt even know Kajan got cut I thought he was injured, kind of weird he got cut after 2 wins.

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  4. Tim says:

    Sheldon Westcott has been forced to withdraw from next month’s UFC Fight Night 104 event, and UFC officials are currently searching for a replacement opponent for Alex Morono.

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  5. Tim says:


    “The Ultimate Fighter 25 will have former and current UFC Welterweight fighters competing on it.”

    I don’t think Kajan was cut.

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  6. mmafan says:

    Crazy why would a current fighter in the ufc want to be on the show? Do they get paid for there fights on the show? Or just fight 4 times for free to make it somewhere they already are? Maybe built their brand with all the t.v time? Gain more fans? And if you are a current fighter and you lose in the first round of the tourney are you cut from the ufc?

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  7. Orangina says:

    Exposure and a chance to re-build thier careers.

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