Edmonton Fight Club 1 – Weigh-In Results


Edmonton Fight Club holds their first event tomorrow night and it will be a co-promotion with Alliance Boxing. The event has been hit hard with injuries but will go forward with two MMA bouts and four boxing matches.

Top MMA News will have live play-by-play for the MMA bouts and live results for the boxing portion of the card as well.

MMA Fights:
185lbs- Zach Manywounds (185.5) vs. Justin Schmit (185.5)
175lbs- Sheldon McKinlay (168.6) vs. Shadey Yellowbird (175.3)

Boxing Matches:
168lbs- Kris Andrews (166.8) vs. Adriel Juzaino (155.3)
200lbs- Cody Krahn (199.1) vs. Gary Kopas (194)
130lbs- Vanessa Bradford (130.4) vs. Karla Zamora (130.4)
147lbs- Brian Samuel (146.8) vs Flavio Michel (147.2)



3 Responses to “ Edmonton Fight Club 1 – Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Pretty Funny says:

    Awwww isnt that cute. Parwez found a bum with an 0-5 record that has never trained a day in his life to fight his buddy/ Complete Teammate Sheldon Mckinly LOL LOL LOL

    And you guys wonder why the boys from Complete get wrecked every fucking time they fight guys from legit MMA camps that actually train.

    Between Unified and this new joke promotion, the boyz from Complete will be crushing more cans than the West End Bottle Depot!!!

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  2. Spike says:

    Parwez and Sheldon aren’t at complete….they are out of the UFC gym

    Just saying

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  3. Parwez Ghulam says:

    Pretty funny.
    Would you step in on 2 days notice?
    That was Sheldon McKinlays second pro fight and guys with decent training or record would not wanna fight him!
    And when it comes to complete yes I don’t train there anymore but they’re still one of the best gyms in Canada.

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