Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 10, 2017


Brock Lesnar (photo: Darren Miller)

Well… the closest you can get to watching MMA in Manitoba these days is going to a Jets game. It seems that since Brock Lesnar has moved to Canada, he has become a hockey dad and a Jets fan.

Here is Lesnar at last night’s Jets game at the MTS Centre:



On to some rumours:

  • Tim Hague is set to return to the cage against Mike Kyle at Absolute Championship Berkut 51 in Irvine, California on January 13. Both men are coming off losses inside the ACB cage in 2016.
  • Fight Night 3 is confirmed for Medicine Hat on April 8 and Fight Night 4 and 5 are in the works for Saskatoon in June and Calgary in September respectively.
  • Also in the works for HK54 as a special St. Patty’s Day treat, Hard Knocks will welcome Pro & Amateur fighters from SBG Ireland (The home gym of Conor McGregor) to face a number of Canada’s promising MMA fighters. A sort of ‘Team Canada vs. Team Ireland’ theme for the night!
  • Despite what I said before Christmas, Prestige Fighting Championship in Fort McMurray is not dead. They are looking at putting on a card in late March.
  • Fight Xchange 2 premieres on Monday January 16th at 7:30pm on Superchannel. This season Canadian MMA fighters train in Asia and vice versa.
  • Don’t forget that TKO 37 and its 19 fights are on UFC Fight Pass on Friday, January 13.
  • Hey Rino Belcastro!  With the Laramie’s fighting at TKO and your other MTC guys fighting in Michigan for WXC on the same night, where will you be?
  • Global Warriors is looking at two potential dates for a spring card in Burlington, Ontario. Bet you that Ken Hayashi’s retirement has a lot to do with Garnet Ace’s returning interest in putting on another event!
  • Mandel Nallo was supposed to fight for the VFC title in in Kansas right before Christmas. He had to pull out of that one with an injury.
  • Speaking of Victory Fighting Championship, nothing official yet for a Manitoba show that I mentioned late last year.
  • Did you know….. that Lee Mein is the new matchmaker for Hard Knocks?
  • You can vote for some very deserving Canadians in the World MMA Awards.  Vote for them all HERE.
    • Fight Analyst Robin Black, creator of the Sapp Alvarez Scale, from Fight Network continues to gain followers for his thoughtful fight breakdowns and color commentary.
    •  Toronto journalist Karim Zidan of Bloody Elbow has done some fine investigative work in 2016. 
    • Top Canadian referee Yves Lavigne also makes the list.  
  • By the way, it would have been nice to see Mike Russell on the journalist for his pieces on Ali Abdel Aziz get some recognition in the journalist category.
  • Hey!  The UFC has a Canadian owner!  Ontario’s Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, otherwise known as The Weekend, is one of 23 celebrity shareholders of the UFC.  Check them all out HERE.
  • Yoni Sherbatov will be back in the ring fighting MMA on February 9 at the Casino de Montreal. 
  • Micah Brakefield will be on Submission Underground 3 in Oregon against Lee Flores.
  • Lastly, HERE is an interesting CBC piece on Canadian Olympic gold medalist Erica Wiebe. She is professional wrestling (real wrestling, not WWE) in India’s Pro Wrestling League.

14 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 10, 2017 ”

  1. Ryan Durkin says:

    I thought Hague was fighting truth or consequences.

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  2. PMcgrath says:

    Great article on Erica Wiebe and really cool that she can make a solid pay day from her sport.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

  3. Rich St. Albert Guy says:

    $80,000 CDN to wrestle! Andrew Mciness should get paid $100,000 for his next MMA fight. Erica is a world wrestling champ, Andrew is a world BJJ champ!

    What say you buds? Lots of snow out! Gonna toss my sled in the back of my jacked up pickup truck and take er for a rip eh bud!

    I’m rich and from St. Albert which means my opinion matters more than anyone elses


    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 13

  4. hahahaha says:

    you guys should really cover marcus hicks telling people that he was training at Tristar gym in montreal for his rematch against yan and then neither of the zahabi brothers even knowing who hicks is when we reached out for an interview. that’s gotta be newsworthy.

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  5. TimHague says:

    Buentello pulled out due to a death in the family a few weeks ago. I pulled out due to incomplete medicals that could not be completed on time (Neurological scan)

    I recieved the list of CSAC required medicals on Jan 1, 12 days before the fight. Dr. Karpmann tried to pull some strings with his neurosurgoen friend, but he refused to see me on such short notice. All other medicals could be completed on time.

    A fighter liason from ACB called me (this is a super cool story for another time) and said they could get my neuro scan completed on monday the 9th in California (after I had withdrawn from the fight). From the day I accepted the fight, I told my manager I could miss teaching grade 4 thursday and friday (12th and 13th) and nothing more. Taking 5 days off for a fight as a first year teacher, would reflect extremely poorly on me, let alone taking 2 days off. I’d likely be fired from my career. I would have to pay for the sub out of my salary (roughly $1200) I would also likely have to pay for the Neuro exam in the states. Immediately upon Dr. Karpman letting me know his colleague could not help me, I wrote my manager a professional email, withdrawing from the fight.

    ACB said they will look at booking me for future shows. It is an honor to compete for them. Hopefully my manager will get me the list of required meds on time. If I recieved them when requested in early December it would have been a non issue, and I wouldnt be missing out on a very nice paycheque.

    Both times I fought in Russia I had hard copies of my medicals with me (bloodwork, Eye exam, Brain MRI, ecg etc….) Medicals were not however required at either show in Sochi.

    Such is life.

    I have requested, and am hoping ACB will allow me to resume my “non-exclusive” status, so that I can compete freely elsewhere. I’d like to defend my XFFC belt, and compete no less than 6 times this year.

    Dr. Karpmann helped me out with another issue I was having, and I feel 10x more healthy than I have in the past 8 years. I’m walking around at 275, and should be walking in the 260’s soon. I should be a much different fighter in my next fight, wherever that may be.


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  6. mmafan says:

    Glad to here your doing well Tim, but why do you want to ” Compete no less than 6 times a year.”? That seems like alot for a guy with a fulltime job.

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  7. Just saying says:

    Hicks pulled out of the fight this morning due to a fake car accident. Hopefully TKO bans him after this. Yan Pellerin did an entire training camp and Marcus had no intention of fighting.

    He’s claiming that he was in a horrific wreck this morning but several people came forward and said that he had been planning this the entire week

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  8. TimHague says:

    I want to compete a lot, because I love to compete. I’m slowly but surely getting back into the shape I was in from 2006-2008.

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  9. Mike kent says:

    What weight was the hicks fight?

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  10. Ridicilous says:

    185… shocker I think stoute should of got to fight since his guy withdrew too…

    Are we really surprised about hicks?

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  11. Just saying says:

    Curious as to how he will spin this excuse as it’s been confirmed by both the police and hospitals that he wasn’t in any sort of accident. Provincial law in Quebec is structured in such a way that any accidents are reported and open to public access. Hopefully Hicks is banned in Quebec now as this is pretty serious even for Hicks

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  12. Peter Pan says:

    I wonder which Alberta gym will jump on the bandwagon and open a Straight Blast Gym Canada

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  13. answerseverywhere says:

    There is a straight blast gym open in Edmonton on 118 av

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  14. Heaven says:

    That saves me. Thanks for being so seelnbsi!

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