Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 1, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR CANADA!!! I managed to get all my work done last night before I went out to ring in the New Year so I could start this year off right. My new years resolution is to keep bringing you all the hottest rumours throughout 2017!

  • Ontario fighters and promoters rejoice! Ken Hayashi is out as Executive Director of the Ontario Athletics Commission and Ministry Policy Advisor Ray Dempster will take over in the interim until a suitable candidate is elected. Hopefully Hayashi’s successor is a little easier to work with and that translates to a big increase in the number of shows in Ontario in 2017.
  • The Edmonton Journal has is reporting that it’s just a matter of time before the UFC announces their first show in Alberta’s capital city. Rumour is the event will go down late summer or early fall and is likely to be UFC 210, 211 or 212 and of course will take place at the brand new Rogers Place.
  • With every new Canadian UFC event announced there’s speculation on who could be next to sign with the big show. With the Octagon returning to Alberta you’ve got to think Tanner Boser and Jesse Arnett would be at the top of the list… who else do you think could be on the UFC’s radar?
  • KOTC Canada’s return to Cold Lake is coming together with the announcement that Elmer Waterhen will kick off the event with his retirement match against Dan Amyotte at Light-Heavyweight. Also on the card will be Behrang Yousefi returning from a two and a half year layoff to take on Tom O’Connor at Lightweight.
  • June 9 is a long way away but Havoc FC 12 will go down then and is already coming together with names like Justin Basra, Patrick Ward and Tanner Willshaw… and do you remember the Robin Black vs. Adam Bodwell matchup that was supposed to go down years ago, well it may be happening on this card!



  • Xcessive Force FC will be back February 3 and April 28 from Grande Prairie, Alberta.
  • Congrats to Jesse Arnett who was recently promoted to brown belt by long time coach Anderson Goncalves. Congrats also go to Brad Stewart who got his purple belt from coach Shawn Albrecht.
  • Dekada Premier Fight Night returns to Calgary on February 18. Among the participants announced for the card will be a couple fighters with MMA experience in Matt Krayco and Keegan Oliver.

9 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – January 1, 2017 ”

  1. Mike Kent says:

    If Nick Campbell wants a rematch I’ll fight him on the Unified card in march for his belt

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  2. Luke Spicer says:

    Dekada is Feb 18 in Calgary, forget Matt Krayco yours truly Luke “Sandman” Spicer is fighting Mark Mackinnon in what will be the fight of the night again! Havoc is also June 9

    The Spice Of Life Podcast is doing a special Dekada episode with a few of the bigger fighters interviewed as well as giving some tickets away so tune in and watch for that episode coming soon.

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  3. Stupid. says:

    Bodwell vs. Black? Ugh…

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  4. Man Bun says:

    Why would Robin give Bodwell another chance? Didnt Bodwell back out of the fight a day before weigh in, then Robin lost his mind and acted like Bodwell was the only fighter in MMA history to back out of a fight and leave their opponent high and dry.

    Him and BFF MAD literally called for Bodwell’s head and called for Bodwell to be banned for life etc etc.

    Also having local Edmonton/Calgary fighters on the UFC Edmonton card is stupid. Just because they are local shouldnt get them into the UFC. The UFC doesnt need locals, they will sell out Rogers Place if they have a big card with top level fighters in both the main, premlins etc.

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  5. EPerez says:


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  6. Braveheart says:

    Does Robin Black really need 6 months to choreograph another mma fight?

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  7. Beefstorm says:

    Can’t wait to see Corey Gower fight again… He has turned the corner in all aspects and in my humble opinion he is top 5 in in Canada… I also love Calgary so it is a win win win… First post on here in a while please be nice… Thanks on a side note glad to hear Robin black is fighting!!! Hope the dude don’t back out

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  8. Shocker says:

    Arnett is one of the Top Talents in North America and needs his shot at the big show…The guy is only man who doesn’t hand pick fights. He truly looks for the best available in order test his skill.

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  9. harry balls says:

    I’d rather see Robin fight Super Military Commando and underground fighter Chris Myra. But I’ll take him punching Bodwell.

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