Hard Knocks 53 – Calgary – January 27


Date: January 27, 2017
Venue: Markin MacPhail Centre in Calgary, Alberta
TV: Fight Network/Internet PPV
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Main Card: (Fight Network/Band Sports Brazil-11pm et)
Pro/140lbs- Noah Ali (8-3) vs. Corey Gower (6-3)

Am/145lbs- John Nguyen (5-2) vs. Lucas Neufeld (6-1)
***Amateur Featherweight Title Fight (Vacant)

Pro/265lbs- Dustin Joynson (1-0) vs. Chris Catala (1-3)
Pro/135lbs- Justin Basra (2-0) vs. Thomas Godin (3-0)
Pro/205lbs- Kris Lee (3-1) vs. Bruno Cesar (4-4)

Undercard: (beIN Sports Card/US)
Pro/205lbs- Dan Spohn (13-5) vs. Flavio Magon (10-7)

Am/170lbs- Mac Laursen (4-2) vs. Josh MacKenzie (3-0)
***Amateur Welterweight Title Fight

Am/135lbs- Randy Chung (3-1-1) vs. Jarren Hunt (1-0)
Pro/195lbs- Matt Heim (1-6) vs. Jeremy Perdue (2-4)
Pro/148lbs- Maxime Poulin (3-0) vs. Nick Burnham (1-0)



15 Responses to “ Hard Knocks 53 – Calgary – January 27 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated entire card

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  2. ramil says:

    Excited !

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  3. mmafan says:

    Hk been slipping these last couple events, where are the title fights that got cancelled last show? Alexi? Juskevic? Arnett? Your on FN step your game up!

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  4. Cody Saftic says:

    I honestly love the HK product, I just don’t understand the matchmaking…

    Ali x Gower is an awesome fight and I’m excited to see guys like Vyron Phillips, Justin Basra and Thomas Godin, but why bring in these Brazilians and Americans?

    It’s a Canadian product with a Canadian fanbase and yet you see fights like Gabriel Vian (3-1 American) versus Bruno Cesar (0-3 Brazilian) routinely.

    Why not save that money and grow your divisions by bringing in guys like:

    Shane Campbell (12-5)
    Miles Anstead (9-1)
    Josh Hill (15-2)
    Kyle Nelson (9-1)
    Gavin Tucker (9-0)
    Sergej Juskevic (15-8-2)
    Mandel Nallo (5-0)
    Michael Hill (9-4)
    Albert Cheng (8-3)
    Kyle Prepolec (9-4)

    Literally 75 other good guys the fans would rather see over Flavio Magon….

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  5. Sherwood Park Ninja Warrior says:

    What happened to bringing in fighters from the East? Has TKO locked up all the talent East of Winnipeg?

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  6. mmafan says:

    Yeah I was suprised they didnt give Hill a fight after he was going to step up on short notice and fight Wilson before his injury. Also what happened to that dewsberry kid? Did he quit fighting?

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  7. Lee Mein says:

    As the new matchmaker for Hardknocks just want to say we have tv deals with the USA and Brazil so we need fighters from there to accommodate those deals. We will continue to bring guys from out east in and have title fights when the guys are available. Even with doing shows every couple months hard to get everyone on. We also need to keep local fighters on the show for the crowd. Lots of dynamics to deal with but great opportunities for fighters to get fights and exposure. Note to fighters keep your medicals up to date so your ready to fight.

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  8. PowerRanger says:

    Now all Hard Knocks needs to do is get rid of Ari Taub, a true cancer to Canadian mma and professional scumbag

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  9. Cody Saftic says:

    Lee Mein you are the fucking man so if you’re matchmaking I’m not going to question it.

    It’s just that the 3 Brazilian fighters being used combine for a 11-13 record. I can’t imagine people from Brazil are tuning into see guys that wouldn’t even cut it on their regional circuit let alone ours.

    Either way looking forward to the card and a big year for Hard Knocks

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  10. Brandon chase says:

    Kris Lee is fighting on this card tho!

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  11. Queen of the North says:

    You have a 105 er who is ready for January and March if you neeeed. 0-1 … Ready to go

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  12. A.D. Clay says:

    keep trying.. this canadian mma business model will make it one day… LMAO.

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  13. Hoops says:

    Brandon is this the same kris lee that was suppose to fight for elite ones middle weight title back in October but decided to show up at weigh ins weighing 208lbs

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  14. Brandon chase says:

    Yup he better show up on weight this time for me the team back home and more importantly for himself!(:OSS!

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated full fight card and broadcast lineup

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