Aiemann Zahabi to Make UFC Debut in Halifax

Aiemann Zahabi

Aiemann Zahabi (photo: Keith Grienke)

It has been rumoured for months that Aiemann Zahabi would be signing with the UFC. Originally, it was thought that the unbeaten fighter would debut at UFC Ottawa.

Finally, today, the UFC announced today that Aiemann Zahabi will make his UFC debut in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The Tristar fighter will take on Reginaldo Vieira on Sunday, February 19 at ScotiaBank Centre.

Zahabi, who is the younger sibling of Tristar Gym coach Firas Zahabi, is 6-0 in his career. Most recently, Aiemann won a bout over Kyle Oliveira at Prestige FC 2 in March 2016.

Reginaldo Vieira will be standing across the Octagon from Zahabi in Halifax. The 14-1 fighter is 1-1 in the UFC. Vieira lost his last bout over the summer when Marco Beltran stopped him with a Rear Naked Choke at UFC Fight Night 90.

Headlining the UFC Halifax card will be a Heavyweight rematch between former UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and Stefan Struve. The two met at UFC 95 back in 2009 with dos Santos stopping the Dutch fighter quickly in the first round.

13 Responses to “ Aiemann Zahabi to Make UFC Debut in Halifax ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    So this kinda puzzles me.

    Obviously it’s awesome Aiemann got the call, but come on…

    6-0 and undefeated, ok.
    6 first round finishes, ok.
    Brother of Firas, ok.

    Last beat a 3-1 fighter from Winnipeg and get’s the call after that win? hmm.

    Faced no real competition at all and chose ‘safe’ fights every time. hmm.

    Guy’s like Josh Hill and Jesse Arnett are waiting with double the fights and beating way stiffer competition. hmm.

    Congrats, but quite the head scratcher IMO. Way more deserving guys.

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  2. scott m says:

    lol what a joke.

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  3. torx says:

    Talented fighter, but has never beaten anyone close to top ten in Canada.

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  4. Old School Jake says:

    Just another example of the bullshit politics of MMA. I miss the business but this is a great reason why I got out of it. No disrespect to Zahabi as I’m sure he’s talented but everyone here is right, there’s a helluva lot more fighters who have patiently waited, beaten tougher opponents and have earned their shot at the UFC.

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  5. Frank Stallone says:

    He’s fighting a Brazilian black belt who was tapped out by a Mexican slugger…

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    I think you’re getting Marco Beltran confused with Joey Beltran! Marco has 4 submission and 2 TKO victories in 8 fights and he’s a brown belt according to his Instagram… Hardly a slugger!

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  7. Kyle Oliveira says:

    This is ridiculous! I thought we would have for sure fought the rematch first, it wasn’t even a fight.

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  8. SureShot says:

    You are a mere Win on his record, nobody gives a shit about how any of his wins went down and nobody owes you anything.

    You haven’t even done anything since that loss to be mentioned in the same sentence as this guy.

    Worry about your own destiny and stay active

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  9. Lee says:

    Zahabi hasn’t done anything since that fight either. Lots of guys deserve a shot before him.
    It’s not a big deal though, as soon as he faces tough competition in the UFC he will lose and get cut.

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  10. Keemstar says:

    @SureShot Wtf is wrong with you please never comment again you would never have the balls to step in the cage, Kyle torn his ACL in his fight that’s not a win in anyones book so learn martial arts before you talk shit

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  11. SureShot says:

    He helps run a world famous gym with his brother that got notoriety via GSP. He has an undefeated record. UFC doesn’t care how he does, they have an undefeated marketable fighter they can at least use once

    I don’t have to learn martial arts, or pretend I have balls to have an opinion. Not talking shit at all, just find it funny you try to shit on another persons success.

    and we know Oliveira = Keemstar

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  12. Meh says:

    Kyle quit your crying…you wouldn’t have beaten in a rematch anyway. The only 135er that should be bitching should be Jesse Arnett…he should have been given the shot at the show

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  13. Joe lewis says:

    Congrats to zahabi on getting the call, but with all due respect there are far more deserving fighters, good luck !!

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