KOTC Canada 72 – Cold Lake – March 3


KOTC CanadaDate: March 3, 2017
Venue: Energy Centre Fieldhouse in Cold Lake, Alberta
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Fight Card:
Pro/170lbs- Jarid Bussemakers (6-3) vs. Kolton Menzak (5-3)
***Welterweight Title Fight (Vacant)

Amateur Kickboxing/155lbs- Cody Jerome vs. Tyson Green
Pro/155lbs- Cole Campbell (1-1) vs. Josh Ladouceur (2-6)
Pro/145lbs- Jeff St. Pierre (1-0) vs. Keith Russell (0-2)
Pro/155lbs- Landon Boser (0-1) vs. Derek Evanson (0-0)
Amateur Kickboxing/175lbs- Edwin Chief vs. David Callbeck
Amateur/140lbs- Gina Daniels (0-1) vs. Emily Stanton (0-0)
Amateur/170lbs- Garth Swiftwolfe (0-1) vs. Caid Chalut (0-0)
Amateur/155lbs- Andrew Mavadavies (0-0) vs. Michael Janvier (0-0)
Amateur/185lbs- Sterling Michetti (0-1) vs. Tydus Bekkattla (0-0)
Amateur/165lbs- Robert Kovacevic (0-0) vs. Nick Badura (0-1)
Amateur/155lbs- Jason Vienneau (0-0) vs. Patrick Skani (0-0)
Amateur/145lbs- Dakota Ruttan (0-0) vs. Caleb Varner (0-0)
Pro/205lbs- Elmer Waterhen (15-18) vs. Dan Amyotte (3-4)



11 Responses to “ KOTC Canada 72 – Cold Lake – March 3 ”

  1. Jeff Porter says:

    I Talked to Elmer tonight at the unified fights. If kotc will have me I will gladly fight Elmer for his retirement fight. We will put on a great show!

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  2. Hot sauce says:

    What about Cody krahn?

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  3. Spencer Jebb says:

    Whom is the contact for this card?

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  4. Shocker says:

    Ken Kupusch

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  5. Spencer Jebb says:


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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated entire fight card, Elmer Waterhen vs. Dan Amyotte will be the first fight on the card at 7pm mountain time!

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  7. Queen of the North says:

    105 lb female needing to be matched ;) 0-1 !! (110)

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  8. Brittany says:

    Would you fight at 115???

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  9. word says:

    how many retirement fights

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  10. worf says:

    Elmer waterhen is the Brett Fabre or kotc he keeps retiring after every fight then comes back haha. He’s fun to watch but In all honesty how many times has he retired I been hearing the same song. And dance going on 4 years now

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  11. klody says:

    have a good fight gina elmer dan tydus and patrick

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