Fernandes Looks For 5th Title Defense At ONE Championship


Canada’s number 1 ranked Bantamweight Bibiano Fernandes looks for his 5th title defense of his ONE Championship title when he meets Aussie Reece McLaren at Age of Domination.

Bibiano Fernandes (photo: One FC)

Bibiano Fernandes (photo: One FC)

“The Flash” is currently on a 11 fight win streak having not tasted defeat since 2010. He won the interim title by defeating Koetsu Okazaki and unified it by downing Soo Chul Kim. Since then he has defended it 5 times over the likes of Masakatsu Ueda and Kevin Belingon.

McLaren earned his title shot with back to back victories under the ONE Championship a submission over Mark Striegl and a decision win over the previously undefeated Muin Gafurov. Prior to making his ONE debut McLaren went 7-3 on the Australian regional scene finishing all 7 of his victories between the bells.

ONE Championship: Age of Domination goes down December 2nd from the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Philippines. The card is headlined by a Heavyweight title clash between champion Brandon Vera and undefeated challenger Hideki Sekine.

12 Responses to “ Fernandes Looks For 5th Title Defense At ONE Championship ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    It’s time for Bibiano to fight “somebody” and to stop crushing all these cans. When Josh Hill wins at TKO I really think this would be a killer matchup!

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  2. Bjj fan says:

    I agree. Time for bibiano to step up to the big organization and show he’s one of the best bantamweights in the world.time to fight top guys

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  3. TimHague says:

    He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. He’s a champion and he fights who they put in front of him. He make a hell of a lot of $ doing it, and hes a great guy.

    I agree, it would be cool to see him against the top guys in his division.

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  4. Jeremy kennedy says:

    $ talks

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  5. Orangina says:

    Props to him having the skill and option to fight for a living without having to kiss the UFC’s ass. Probably makes good money considering he can have whatever sponsors he wants.

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  6. Bibiano is making more money and getting less risky fights. Smart decision.

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  7. topmmafan says:

    Wouldnt you make more money if you fight somebody of known commodity? If Bibiano fought Jo Shmoe and Joe Shmoe was someone who the average mma fan had no idea about dont you think they would be less interested in attending or ordering the event than if Bibiano were to fight a known commodity to the average mma fan? If he fought someone with a name at all dont you think the interest level would increase meaning that ratings would also increase due to generating more income because of the opponent with a name? Im no scientist or mathemitician but this seems like simple logic doesn’t it? I’m a huge mma fan and I couldn’t tell you one thing about his next opponent who he is fighting for a World Championship. Shouldn’t I have heard of a guy whose challenging such a world beater like Bibiano for a world championship? I must be off my rocker.

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  8. Jeremy kennedy says:

    Your a North American fan. One championship doesn’t care if you care. There market is Asia, where bibi has a huge following and has fought his whole career. His money doesn’t change depending on the name of his opponent, and in Onefc Reese has put together a few big wins against some of the best in their division (gafurov/striegl). So to One championship the fight makes sense, as well as to bibianos bank account lol

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  9. topmmafan says:

    Not discrediting your opinions. You have valid points. I just know that if it were me and I was the #6 Ranked Bantamweight in the entire world and I was turning 37 soon I would want to test myself against the best in the world, not against a guy who is ranked #53 in the world with 9 professional wins. He’s got a few fights left, why not see what you’ve worked so hard to achieve and become against some of the best? That’s all I am saying.

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  10. Jeremy kennedy says:

    Yeah would be awesome to see him in the mix with guys in the ufc, but fighting for a 1/4 of the money you could be making when your 37 and only have a few fights left to make said money for retirement etc. is also something to think about too

    I agree though it’s hard not to get excited thinking about match ups with bibi vs any of the top 5 in the UFC

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  11. topmmafan says:

    No offence but I don’t think the income he is bringing in at ONEFC with a few fights left will allow him to retire comfortably for the next 40 said years of his life. At 37 you should be thinking about what you have left to prove and if he feels its nothing and to fight no names on the other side of the world for some decent coin, then great! If its to test himself against the best in the world, well all the better. But again, unless your Conor or Ronda or a few said others (Who are in the UFC which has the ability to pay you millions and millions of dollars if you brand well, talk smack and draw PPV numbers) I dont think anyone really gets in to fighting for the money, they get into it to prove something to themselves and to beat the best in the world and be the best in the world, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Kennedy?

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  12. Jeremy kennedy says:

    Yeah I see where your coming from.

    I just know the money he makes in One is quadruple what he would make elsewhere. With a few fights left, make bank, Open a bjj school with your 5x bjj world championships. And ride off in the sunset teachin bjj for the rest of your life haha
    Sign me up

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