Triumph Fighting Joins WSOF Global


wsofgc-triumph-fcFor Immediate Release

LAS VEGAS, NV October 24, 2016 – World Series of Fighting – Global Championship (WSOF-GC) is proud to announce affiliation with Triumph Fighting Championship of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, marking the first Continental North American affiliate.

“The Triumph Fighting Championship team is excited to be the first Continental North American brand to be affiliated with WSOF Global,” boasts Owner Dylan Schiewe on behalf of the Triumph executive team.

“Triumph has access to a deep pool of talented fighters and have always wanted to give fighters the opportunity to showcase their talent on a global stage. We view this affiliation as an evolutionary step for Triumph and can’t wait to put on a spectacular experience for the fans.”

Triumph joins the WSOF Global Family ahead of their event in the Shaw Convention Center in Edmonton, Alberta December 9. They now join the ranks with 13 other affiliated companies, including DEEP Fighting Championships in Japan, AFL in Spain, Eternal MMA in Australia, and IRFA in Sweden. The affiliation will not only showcase Triumph FC’s fighters to fans around the world but will also provide a necessary promotion in Canada for WSOF Global executives to scout future talent.

“This addition is an important first step and a fantastic addition to our network of fight promotions around the globe,” remarks Zachary “Bootsy” Harris, Affiliate Coordinator for WSOF Global. “Canada has been a historic hub of MMA talent and fan-supported events. The focus is always on companies that have intelligent plans and sharp business sense. We are certain that Triumph will continue that strong tradition of such affiliates.”

Triumph’s most recent event was headlined by No. 6 Canadian lightweight Andrew McInnes, defeating 7th-ranked Tom Gallicchio from the United States. The show hosted fighters from five countries and included Alex Ricci, Daniel Swain, and Kevin Croom.

World Series of Fighting Global’s ultimate mission is to bring together the best athletes from countries and organizations across the world to compete for a true, globally-recognized world champion.



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  1. Ryan Durkin says:


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  2. Allen hope says:

    It sure sounds good but I bet triumph won’t make it a full year before they are out of business.

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  3. Allen hope says:

    Just for the record I hope they do good and they stick around for a Long time but it’s edmonton and nobody makes money at mma events unless your unified.

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  4. A.D.Clay says:

    Never thought I’d say this.. Allen hope is right. Haha.

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