Laprise Vs. Li Added To UFC 206


London, Ontario’s own Chad “The Disciple” Laprise will take on China’s Jingliang Li when the

Chad Laprise

Chad Laprise

Octagon makes it’s return trip to Toronto for UFC 206.

Laprise won TUF Nations by defeating Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the finale before garnering 2 more victories over Yosdenis Cedeno and Bryan Barberena. “The Disciple” stepped up in competition and was handed back to back defeats at the hands of Francisco Trinaldo and Ross Pearson. He returned to the win column in his last outing defeating Thibault Gouti by first round TKO but Laprise missed weight by 3 pounds for that bout and has made the move to Welterweight.

Li a former Legend FC Welterweight champion and member of China Top Team signed with the UFC in 2014 going 1-1 in the Octagon that year with a win over David Michaud and a narrow loss to Nordine Taleb. 2015 was another 1-1 year in the UFC cage with an impressive TKO over Dhiego Lima and a submission loss to Keita Nakamura. With only 1 bout under his belt for 2016 so far a TKO win of Anton Zafir, Li will look to end his 1-1 yearly streak and welcome Laprise to the 170 lbs. division with a powerful right hand.

UFC 206 goes down December 10th from  the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The card is headlined by a Light Heavyweight title rematch between champion Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson.

19 Responses to “ Laprise Vs. Li Added To UFC 206 ”

  1. McInnes says:

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  2. mmafan says:

    Sounds like someone is still mad about getting dusted in half a round, go check out the fight on youtube. Vicious KO.

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  3. McInnes says:

    Yup. A greased up piece of shit turned an MMA fight into a kickboxing fight against a 100% pure jiu jitsu guy. Great accomplishment.

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  4. McInnes says:

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  5. Brandon chase says:

    We all lose man it’s k man learn from it dude!(:

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  6. TimHague says:

    When I lost to Duffee, I’m sure that he had some sort of wonderful supplement regime going on, as he was 30 lbs heavier and leaner than he is right now. It was a defeat that had a huge impact on the path of my career.

    I never once blamed the loss on anything he was taking. I lost because of what I did. I got angry and paid for it. Life goes on.

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  7. McInnes says:

    Life does go on and I’ve came back and won 7 straight. The fact of the matter is that people see this as a sport, but its more than that. Head trauma isn’t something to be taken lightly..You have to take into consideration that your chin doesn’t fully recover after getting knocked out that badly. And although I sometimes act like a complete asshole within the fight community, I simply think cheating to get a false victory at the expense of someone else’s health and lifetime of work is undeniably pathetic.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t even open my mouth if I hadn’t got him to the ground, got on his leg, wrestled up, pushed to half, passed and had front headlock just to slip off.

    Thumbs down me, bash me, call me names, tell me I’m wrong.. I don’t care. I have thick skin and a good circle of people around me. Im good.

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  8. Sanchez knee bar says:

    Great fight for Chad who is a great rep for Canadian MMA. To attempt to bash him is pathetic & shows your true character. You lost. Deal with it. Just amazing that they let someone who is such a horrible person teach kids at UFC gym in Edmonton. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you bring your kids there, do research on the instructors. If you know this guy, I’m sure you feel the same way.

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  9. harry balls says:

    You spelled Drysdale wrong on your twitter profile.

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  10. Datruthisback says:

    Laprise didn’t grease. He has JESUS in his corner and his sweat miraculously turned to Vaseline in an MMA miracle.

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  11. Chad laprise says:

    Unreal you are still bringing this up that fight was over 5 years ago. Once again we fought under the OAC which is the strictest commission in the world. Our ref was Yves also one of the worlds best who checked every fighter before entering the cage for “grease”. You lost get over it and stop bringing my name up.
    I’ve told you a million times please win some fights get to the big leagues and we can gladly do it again. Until then I’ve got my hands full with actually fighting not complaining on MMA sites.

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  12. Lab says:

    Yves Lavigne isn’t going to help your argument, he’s a terrible ref and seems kind of stupid.

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  13. McInnes says:

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  14. wow says:

    Dude you just admitted to fighting with false meds… that could be a long suspension… i would shut my mouth if i were you.

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  15. topmmafan says:

    The same guy telling another guy he can’t squeeze out sentences and is spelling out competent improperly and can barely hold a conversation. You are hoping someone struggles through life after the UFC? You’re the one who is pathetic.

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  16. Orangina says:

    So strange that the Canadian MMA scene is in decline….

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  17. McInnes says:

    Yeah, That spelling mistake is going to ruin my day.. Go Chris Benoit yourself, idiot.

    G-G-GOO-GOODB-GOODBYE Topmmanews..

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  18. The Ghost of Gleidson Tibau says:

    Andrew “Uncle Rico” McInnes LOL

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  19. topmmafan says:

    Hey McInnes… If you beat Laprise… Would you still have called him out on greasing? I think not. Take a hike you pathetic loser. Good luck outside the UFC, cause thats the only place you’ll be. I hope the next fight you have ends in you being knocked into oblivion and your chins never the same.

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