Hybrid Pro Series 5 – Weigh-In Results


Hybrid Pro SeriesHybrid Pro Series holds their 5th event tomorrow night from the Pierre-Charbonneau Center in  Montreal, Quebec. The card features a Featherweight title fight as Alex Morgan tries to defend his title against the American Jacob Bohn while Strahinja Gavrilovic and Marc-André Barriault tangle for the vacant Middleweight strap. Here are the results of their weigh ins which come courtesy of La Voix Des Guerriers.

Pro Fights:
145lbs- Alex Morgan (144) vs. Jacob Bohn (144)
***Featherweight Title Fight

185lbs- Strahinja Gavrilovic (185) vs Marc-André -Andre Barriault (184)
***Middleweight Title Fight

155lbs- Mathieu Charette (155) vs Jeremy Capony (155)
145lbs- Charles Hupperetz (145) vs Lou Casenaz (146)
170lbs- Dominic Ruccolo (171) Dave Marfone (171)
185lbs- Julien Leblanc (184) vs Gabriel Rossi (184)
155lbs- Michael Dufort (155) vs Eric Mendiola (155)
135lbs- Thomas Godin (135) vs Kevin Walker (135)
195lbs- Virgile Beaulieu (194) vs Mathieu Langlais (196)
155lbs- Keven Généreux (155) vs Kevyn Thouin (155)
170lbs- Zander Mccommber (170)vs Joey Morency (171)
145lbs- Vincent Morin (145) vs Didier Brassard (144)
135lbs- Corrine Laframboise (132) vs Julie Malenfant (Not Present)



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  1. Joe says:

    Joey Morency weighed in at 171 for what it’s worth

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