Elite 1 Event this Weekend Pushed to January


Elite 1 THUMBUsually the day of a weigh in for an MMA event are more stressful on the fighters then they are for the promoter.  Today was not the case in Moncton as Elite 1 has had to postpone their event which was set to take place tomorrow night at Casino New Brunswick to January 14th, 2017.   Elite 1 owner Mike Williams posted a statement earlier tonight through the promotion’s Facebook page

“Due to unforeseen circumstances Fight Night at Casino NB has been postponed to Jan. 14/2017.This has been a very hard decision for us to make and we are still taking it in. After 27 MMA events this will be the first time that we had to do this. We owe the MMA fans a full night of entertainment and we couldn’t have done this with a 4 bout fight card. All tickets bought for this event will be accepted Jan. 14th. If you don’t wish to attend refunds are available where you bought tickets. If it was bought through Casino NB, Refunds are accepted until Tuesday at the Casino NB gift shop. If bought from fighter or Elite 1 MMA and wish to have a refund please contact them. We truly apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will join us on Jan. 14 for a bigger and better show. We felt that we could not move forward with a 4 bout fight card and main event was one bout we lost due to fighter not making weight and too much weight between them. We thank the fighters and their coaches and team for all the hard work they put in getting ready to get to the weigh ins. Once again we apologize and try for your continuous support and see you all on Jan 14th.”



The fight card was originally slated to feature 10 bouts on the card but a couple of fights were scrapped last week to various issues and two fights were taken off the card today.  The card was going to go on with five fights but Kris Lee, who was supposed to fight in the main event against Alderic Keith for the vacant Middleweight title, came in at a staggering 23lbs overweight at 208lbs.  Keith offered him the chance to drop down to 195lbs if he could do it but Lee was unable to do so.  After weighing through options, Mike and his wife Liette felt that they had no choice but to cancel the show.

“I talked to my instructors in Montreal and I said this is a sport, there are weight divisions for a reason” says Alderic Keith.

“Even with being 10lbs over I was fine with that, but I look at this like it’s a career for me.  I am not saying that I couldn’t beat him at 205; I still feel like I would have but that is dangerous for me as a fighter.  I am a small 185er. I am tall but I am not as big and I fight at 170 as well.”

Keith also went on to say that he actually suffered an eye cut two week before the fight while at Tristar and had to avoid sparing in the meantime.  Keith is also downtrodden as he had friends and family coming in from Quebec and Connecticut for the fight.

While hotels and restaurants are among the places most affected by the cancellation, other fighters are feeling the pinch.  Christien Savoie, who was set to square off against James Kouame, tried to save the event any way he could.  He had talked with Mike and Liette Williams and offered to fight Keith or if Keith wanted to fight Kouame that he would fight Lee himself at 205lbs.  Savoie even tried to gather some attention through social media but the promoters had already made the decision.

“It still hasn’t hit me yet and I am still ready to go,” says Savoie. “I had put in eight weeks on training for this event, I had quit my job to focus on this fight and for this happen, I am speechless.”

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  1. 23 lbs !!! Geez. I bet Lee regrets shifting his training camp to Buffalo Wild Wings.

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  2. Guysmiley says:

    Chris gallant didn’t even show up

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  3. harry balls says:

    2016 and this shit is still going on. Embarrassing,

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  4. Jay says:

    Isn’t this the same organization that put on the work between the two old guys?

    How can anyone be surprised given their history?

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