XFFC 11 – Live Results


XFFC ThumbXcessive Force FC 11 goes down live tonight from the YK Arena in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. In the main event Caig Shintani meets Scott Hudson in a battle of promising Lightweight prospects. Also on the card Jarret Vornbrock takes on Sam Franchi for the vacant Amateur Flyweight Title.

Unfortunately there will not be a live stream for tonights event but Top MMA News will be bringing you live results. The entire card will be available on Go Fight Live on September 19 HERE

Pro Fights:
Craig Shintani defeats Scott Hudson by Unanimous Decision

Amateur MMA:
Sam Franchi submits Jarrett Vornbrock by Armbar in Round 2, 2:43
***Franchi Captures Amateur Flyweight Title

Neil Gottzmann defeats Derek Lightle by Unanimous Decision
Todd Vatcher defeats Mike Hauptkorn by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 2:45
Jarod Tordoff submits Mitch Arrow by Armbar in Round 1, 2:24
Regan RunningRabbit defeats Sean Theme by KO (Punch) in Round 2, 1:14

Amateur Kickboxing:
Grey Patino vs. Adam Huckel ends in Draw
Drew Kirizopoulos defeats Tyson Filenko by Unanimous Decision



10 Responses to “ XFFC 11 – Live Results ”

  1. Dan Monahan says:

    I was told by a friend that Sheldon Westcott was impressed with the show in Yellowknife and hopes more shows will come in the future apparently he very surprised by the co main event as two of the very best flyweights went to war. congrats Sam Franchi

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  2. Island Boy says:

    Wow Dan that’s sooooooo awesome that your buddy was told by legendary UFC fighter Sheldon Westcott that he was impressed by the show! WOW!

    Who gives a fuck that Westcott liked the show?

    The real question is when is Westcott going to stop turning down every single fight he gets offered to by the UFC?

    Must be nice to sit around your hometown, walk around and brag about being a UFC fighter but fight less times than most UFC Champions do lol.

    Westcott is a joke on the West Coast. But big ups to guys like Saggo, Shaolin, Mein etc who actually have a fighters heart and want to fight.

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  3. Satchmo says:

    Seems like an unnecessary response

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  4. Dan Monahan says:

    Island boy sounds a bit too much like a couch coach type who sits behind the keyboard sucking soda and wolfing down hotdogs ranting about other peoples lives rather than train and prepare for UFC Calibre fights like Sheldon does, not to mention commentate on his time off up north to help promote the sport of MMA. Simmer down the bitter opinions and trash talking a man whom has walked the walk and can talk the talk . island boy that was not cool.

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  5. Island Boy says:

    Oh Dan. Its insane how many of Sheldon’s friends post on here. I must admit, that is the only impressive thing about Sheldon, is the fact that his buddys all jump on here and defend him.

    You seriously think Sheldon has “a man whom has walked the walk and can talk the talk”? Why? Because he beat a bum in Edgar Garcia?

    Every single Canadian gym that has UFC fighters on their roster knows the truth about Westcott

    UFC fighter pay is a major and hop topic right now so lets discuss.

    In 2014 Westcott made $8000. In 2015 the same. 2016 he made $20,0000. Thats a meagre $36,000 in 3 years.

    90% of the UFC roster would be in poverty and half dead off that money. Westcott doesnt give a shit. He’s rich. He would fight for $1000 a bucks in the UFC if they gave him a shitty can he could easily take down and tap out.

    There’s dozens of Brazilians, Russians, Americans etc that NEED to fight and win to have a good life.

    Sheldon wouldnt know anything about that and this is why myself and most of Canada (except all his buddies in Alberta) how no respect for him as a fighter.

    When he signs on to fight a badass Brazilian like Shaolin or Nordine Taleb just did then I’ll shut up.

    That wont happen unless the UFC tells him they will cut him if he doesnt fight.

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  6. TimHague says:

    How are you so obsessed with Sheldon W? Its weird, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. He seems to enjoy his life. I think that’s about all that needs to matter.

    I’m not even really friends with the guy, I just think it would be cool to see more intelligent informative posts on here. Discuss some relevant MMA topics maybe…

    maybe I’m way off

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  7. Island Boy says:

    Tim! Hey man! Glad to see you backing up Sheldon. Cool story. Hey man now that we have you….

    1. How’s that gym you opened in Edmonton? Going well?

    2. How did you spend that $400,000 sponsership money you claimed to get for MMA in Russia?

    3. How goes that Bare Knuckle Boxing in the Uk?

    I kinda miss how you would spout off on here with pathological lies and delusions.

    I miss the old Tim Hague.

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  8. Big Win says:

    Anyone else miss the days when a thread under a fight card would discuss the actual fights?

    Like how bout Shintani? 6 wins in a row with 5 stoppages and 2 big wins in a row over Janssen and Hudson. Who should he fight next?

    I know we never get to over the top for amateur but how bout Franchi. Has 4 finishes at 125/135 pounds. Holds both the Hard Knocks & XFFC amateur Flyweight titles and has submitted the last two men to represent Canada at the IMMAF Worlds. When will this kid turn pro?

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  9. Rino B says:

    Looking for a fight in October for Kyle Prepolec if a promoter is willing to put this together.

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  10. TimHague says:

    Yeah sorry dude, I’m not going to be part of hijacking this thread. If you’d ever like to meet for coffee, I can tell you all about the boring details of why the 10 fight deal didn’t work out (it wasnt a sponsorship), and everyone already knows that the UK BKB guys forgot to apply for a work visa for me and then blamed it on me.

    Anyways all the best bud. hopefully you get to do some other exciting things today, other than hate on people you don’t know online. proud life.

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