TKO 36 – Montreal – November 4


TKO MMADate: November 4, 2016
Venue: TOHU Cité des Arts du Cirque in Montreal, Quebec
TV: UFC Fight Pass/Fight Network/RDS
Tickets: 514-700-0999

Main Card: (UFC Fight Pass/Fight Network-730pm et)
155lbs- Chris Horodecki (21-6-1) vs. Derek Gauthier (7-6)
135lbs- Josh Hill (14-2) vs. Xavier Alaoui (7-0)
155lbs- Jesse Ronson (15-8) vs. Jimmy Spicuzza (7-3)
185lbs- Jo Vallee (4-1) vs. Fritz Paul (10-3)
121lbs- Lindsay Garbatt (3-1) vs. Maguy Orton (5-1-1)
135lbs- Malcolm Gordon (7-2) vs. Dimitri Waardenburg (11-8)
145lbs- TJ Laramie (3-1) vs. Damien Peltier (6-5-0)
145lbs- Charles Jourdain (1-0) vs. Wally Lidji (0-0)

Preliminary Card: (UFC Fight Pass/Fight Network-6pm et)
155lbs- Dan Lariviere (4-4) vs. Robert Seres (3-1)
185lbs- Marcus Hicks (19-24) vs. Yan Pellerin (9-13)
135lbs- Louis Jourdain (1-0) vs. Binaebi Otoru (0-0)
265lbs- Adam Dyczka (2-0) vs. Emanuel Vallée (0-0)
170lbs- Collin Baikie (1-1) vs. David dos Santos (1-0)
155lbs- Trelani Kidd (0-0) vs. Hugo Beauchemin (0-0)


19 Responses to “ TKO 36 – Montreal – November 4 ”

  1. Kenny J says:

    This is a solid card

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Jimmy Spicuzza to take on Jesse Ronson

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  3. mmafan says:

    What are the odds that Hicks makes it all the way to Quebec for this fight? Guys had his last 7 fights cancelled. I thought he was on here a couple months ago saying he was retiring? He might actually show up this time since hes fighting a guy who hasnt had a fight since 2011 when Hicks tko’d him, Hicks has also fought 13 times since then.

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  4. 403 Homeboy says:

    Xavier is a chump. C-Town’s own Jesse Arnett would murder Xavier if Xavier had the balls to fight him.

    Watch TKO find him another can to crush.

    Big Cat is the number 1 BW in Canada outside the UFC.

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  5. Jay says:

    I heard a rumour that the Sumo Samurai was prepping for a return…

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  6. Prairie Dogg says:

    So why hasn’t the UFC called Arnett, if he actually is the best in Canada?

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  7. Maj.Lee says:

    Being the champ of hardknocks just make you the champ of bum fights Not the best in Canada They let anyone fight in Alberta anyone

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  8. Maj.Lee says:

    Hicks is a horrible sign ive been to several events that he missed weight very unprofessional fighter with no respect for the sport

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  9. mmafan says:

    Arnett might not be the best in Canada but he doesnt fight bums, his last 5 opponents have a combined record of 52-23 (and he handed out 5 of those losses) He finished all of them within 2 rounds, and his last two opponents were both riding 6 fight win streaks. None of his last five opponent have been from Alberta, 3 were tough Americans from established gyms like team alpha male and mich top team. He also has a win over a ufc vet and is signed up to fight another. He doesnt fight bums, Josh hill and Arnett are the top 2 bantamweights in the country right now.

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  10. BOOBOO says:



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  11. KT says:

    You need more women on the card or January’s …. 105ers perhaps?! Saull vs Latourneau

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Damien Peltier replaces Maxime Dubois (broken hand) against TJ Laramie

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  13. Big Win says:

    Dan Lariviere replaces Remy Bussiere against Robert Seres

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  14. Obvious guy says:

    Any “promoter” (and I use that term loosely) that signs that loser Hicks to fight anywhere against anyone is an idiot! He’s a joke and a disgrace to martial arts and good honest hard working people across the world!

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  15. Orangina says:

    What’s the over/under on Hicks showing up?

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  16. Mahoney says:

    He might show up to fight as he’s fighting another bum. Plus it’s an opportunity to smoke some Montreal crack and see what all the hype is about.

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  17. Kenny J says:

    Pellerin is far from a bum and if Hicks shows up, Pellerin will run through him like a hot knife through hash…

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  18. Cody Rempel says:

    REMINDER: This entire event airs LIVE on UFC Fight Pass AND The Fight Network beginning at 6pm et!!!

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  19. Jamie says:

    I’m watching on fight pass.

    Great show so far.

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