Nybakken vs. Bosiak II Headlines Unified 29 on December 16

Garett Nybakken

Garett Nybakken vs. Dan Lariviere (photo: Darren Langlois)

EDMONTON — Christmas is coming early for #UnifiedMMA fans.

At #Unified29 on December 16, Edmonton’s Garret Nybakken will defend his Unified MMA Lightweight Championship in a rematch with St. Albert’s Aaron Bosiak under the bright lights at Royal Palace in Edmonton.

The two initially faced off in a highly anticipated, main-event grudge match at Unified MMA 27 in June. Before a roaring, capacity crowd at the Royal Palace in Edmonton, the bout ended in less than 90 seconds after Nybakken scored the seventh submission win of his career, via armbar.

Nybakken, the newly crowned Lightweight Champion, took his belt home. Bosiak, who was undefeated heading into the bout, accepted the loss and was eager to climb back to another Unified MMA title shot.

When Bosiak saw the footage of the fight the next day, however, he wanted a quicker shot at redemption.

“When he got my arm, it was an awkward position, and his feet got interlocked into the cage. When I was trying to pull up, his toes were in the cage for at least 12 of the 20 seconds he had me in the armbar,” Bosiak says.

“I’m not saying he didn’t catch me in a bad spot, of course, but there’s a chance I could’ve gotten out, under slightly different circumstances.”

Aaron Bosiak

Aaron Bosiak (photo: Taylor Brasko)

At first, Nybakken says, he ignored the chatter and talk that his victory wasn’t 100-per-cent legitimate — including comments from Bosiak and his loyal fanbase. But now, he says with a laugh, it’s a different story altogether.

“After a little while, it started to wear on me, and now I’ll happily lay the dirtiest beating of that kid’s life on him,” Nybakken says. “At first accepting the rematch was more of a professional courtesy to him because we both wanted to put on a longer show. But now I really just want to beat the (expletive) out of him.”

Bosiak is hesitant to make the rematch personal. He already believes he’s the better fighter, he says, and he’s excited to prove it on Fight Night.

“I just want to have the fight we were supposed to have,” Bosiak says. “I just want the fans to be satisfied with a hard-fought battle. I don’t want to win in a minute or two. I want to beat the (expletive) out of him for about 20 solid minutes.”

The feeling, Nybakken says with a smile, is mutual.

“With any luck,” he offers, smiling, “I’m going to be able to punch his face in a lot more before I destroy him. But it will probably be over quite quickly nonetheless.”

Unified MMA 29, which goes down December 16 at Royal Palace, will also feature the returns of Mike Scarcello, Pat Pytlik, Menad Abella, Neil Doty, Mike Manarra, and Jordan Bittner.

Tickets will be available for purchase online on October 14 at www.UnifiedMMA.ca.



6 Responses to “ Nybakken vs. Bosiak II Headlines Unified 29 on December 16 ”

  1. Allen hope says:

    I don’t agree with getting a rematch after getting sub in 90 seconds. At least win 1 or 2 fights

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 8

  2. Alberta High says:

    Haven’t you ever wanted a second chance after only lasting 90 seconds

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 6

  3. Oil says:

    i wouldn’t mind seeing jelly break this Garrett fools arm again that kid doesn’t know when to shut up

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 16

  4. David Murphy says:

    Bosiak gets another shot because Sunny bows down to the boys of Complete because they bring a ton of douchebags to his parents banquet hall who spend spend spend ON BEER AND SHOTS AND APPY’s! WHOOOO!! Making Sunny big money.

    The boys from Complete thus get to call the shots and Sunny finds them cans to crush while they and all their buddies celebrate like they won Olympic Gold.

    Look at the September 28 Unified Show for example. They give Park a guy whos 3-4 that trains at some unknown gym in Rocky Mountain. They will give Hrabec someone equally as shitty.

    The last Unified event i went to was in 2014. They gave Cam Yallits a guy from buttfuck Saskatchewan that looked like he trains at a local YMCA or high school gym. Cam beats the guy and Cam, his corner and all his buddies literally celebrated and acted like he just beat Jose Aldo. I’m not even kidding.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 22 Thumb down 17

  5. Cam Yallits says:

    I was celebrating more for the fact that I worked hard and trained with a bunch of great guys who helped and supported me through the training camp, not the opponent. My original opponent with an identical record injured himself and my opponent was the only one who reached out to sunny to fight. So as much as you think I was over celebrating, i suppose I was happy that the combined efforts of 10+ people paid off. I’m sorry it bothered you so much to keep talking about it almost 2 years later.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 29 Thumb down 16

  6. Chris Larsen says:

    ^^^ Boom!

    Also not sure how you can say that Sunny get’s cans to fight Complete fighters like Hrabec and Bosiak when they each lost their last fights to skilled opponents… And yeah the Graham Park fight felt like I was watching a snuff film but it’s hard to know the caliber of some of these fighters especially when they are relatively unknown. At the time of the fight Graham was 4-2 and Trenton was 3-5. On paper it didn’t look like the mismatch that it turned out to be.

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