PAFC 4 – London – August 13


Prospect Amateur Fighting ChampionshipsDate: August 13, 2016
Venue: London Music Hall in London, Ontario
TV: Internet PPV
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Amateur Fights:
205lbs- Nathan Grotenhuis (1-0) vs. Tyler Kerr (0-0)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight

185lbs- Michael Guermoudi (3-0) vs. Tobin Cornelius (1-2)
***Middleweight Title Fight

265+lbs- Lawrence Bonds (2-3) vs. Jeff Fuchs (0-3)
***Super-Heavyweight Title Fight

115lbs-Natia Biason (3-0) vs. Anniestasia Nikolakakos (2-0-1)
***Strawweight Title Fight

265lbs- Scott Lamont (2-1) vs. Calvin Reddick-Primo (0-1)
145lbs- Gino Ghalehpardaz (2-0) vs. Leo Rodriguez (0-0)
145lbs- Noah Crosswell (3-1) vs. Matty Hovorka (4-5)
150lbs- Shane Monaghan (3-2) vs. Ryan Donnelly (5-4-1)
145lbs- Jessie McPhee (1-0) vs. Cody Chovancek (0-0)
105lbs- Isabelle Lacroix (0-0) vs. Karolyn Pham (0-1)
170lbs- Eugene Frisa (0-0) vs. Ahmed Shishani (0-0)
125lbs- Nigel Crosswell (3-2) vs. Nate Ledger (2-2)
160lbs- Courtney Hoagland (0-0) vs. Colleen Mayson (0-0)
170lbs- Craig MacDonald (0-0) vs. Brent Gabel (0-0)
160lbs- Justin Ritchie (0-0) vs. Bruce Miano (1-0)



10 Responses to “ PAFC 4 – London – August 13 ”

  1. Ryan Durkin says:


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  2. Ryan Durkin says:

    Darn sold out I did not even know about this event.

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  3. James Sherman says:

    Can’t wait for this card! Best amateur MMA card of the year in Ontario.

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  4. Question says:

    Why is there no pros. Kudos to the promoter for pulling this one off. Only having to pay for room and board for the night and travel expense. Not having to pay fighters to fight is money in the bank. On the plus side will they stream this event it is stacked with great up and comers

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  5. Nate The Cheeseburger Walrus says:

    Fights are live on PPV at The whole point of an amateur show for the athletes isn’t to make money, it’s to get the experience and get your name out there – Jamie, Woody, Tracy and the crew do a helluva job of doing that and promoting the hell outta the event. I’m proud to fight for these guys & honoured to main event my first ever show! Great card top to bottom

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  6. Woodrow james says:

    Please edit Jeff Fuchs is 2-1

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  7. Joseph Clarke says:

    Woodrow. according to sherdog Jeff is 0-3 if he won 2 fights since then he’d be 2-3 maybe 2=4 if he fought 3 times since 2014ish. Are there two Jeff Fuchs who look exactly alike?

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  8. mmafan says:

    AMMAO is a joke, I like the fact that they are willing to put there assessment 9n the line and promote amateur mma.

    But besides WWoodrow,Jesse,Shane, who that actually refs has any real mma experience.

    Beauchamp thinks he’s good, but I’ve seen him ref pro shows and doesn’t even come close to the above nentioned

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  9. mmafan says:

    Asses on the line to promote ammy mma, sry guys got to love auto correct;)

    Anyways I hope things go in the right direction for ammy mma in Ontario.
    And see the right guys making the right calls.

    Hope Jaimie has an amazing event tonight!

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  10. Head up North London’s biggest hill for this free festival at the ‘People’s Palace’, which features live music and entertainment as well as heaps of food and drink.

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