Prestige FC VII – Fort McMurray – August 12


Prestige FC 7Date: August 12, 2016
Venue: Casman Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro MMA:
205lbs- Teddy Ash (5-2) vs. Bill Fraser (4-9)
265lbs- Jannie Joubert (0-2) vs. Chris Carol (0-2)
145lbs- David Nippard (4-5) vs. Jordan Berland (0-7)
185lbs- Tyler White (0-0) vs. Chris Lauzon (0-8)

Amateur MMA:
150lbs- Jamie Osmond (1-0) vs. Cameron MacDonald (1-1)
265lbs- Mike King (0-0) vs. Brandon McWilliams (0-0)
135lbs- Kate MacDonald (0-0) vs. Gina Daniels (0-0)



Pro Kickboxing:
205lbs- Cody Krahn vs. Luke Spicer
170lbs- Christopher Boisvert vs. Phil Engeroff

Amateur Kickboxing:
170lbs- Jason Cyprien vs. Michael Janvier
150lbs- Derek Donald vs. Patrick Skani
Rob Abel vs. TBA

35 Responses to “ Prestige FC VII – Fort McMurray – August 12 ”

  1. Jay says:

    How is it that Chris has fought 8 times and never seen the end of the 1st round?

    Does he even know that MMA is 3 or 5 rounds?

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  2. Stevie says:

    Lauzon has lost TWICE to Tyler O’Brien! Does he even train?

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  3. To easy says:

    Feel bad for white as if he does wanna keep fighting after this his opponents are gonna be 100 times more difficult than this one, hope he doesn’t think he’s the shit after winning!

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  4. AreYouKiddingMe says:

    Anybody who would put Chris Lauzon on a MMA card should not be allowed to promote. Know wonder People think Alberta MMA has gone to shit. Chris Lauzon taps before taking punishment hopefully the ref lets White get in a few good shots. What’s next Boobie Kalmakoff gets added to this card.

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  5. mmafan says:

    Isnt the greatest card, pro mma fighters are a combine 13-35, also I thought Bill Fraser was retired. Guys 43 and hasnt fought in 2 years, use to fight at 170.

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  6. Sherwood Park Ninja Warrior says:

    Bobby wanted to fight on this card but his training stump was unavailable.

    Next time.

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  7. Jasper says:

    I’m excited for Lauzon. I heard he put down the cigarettes and has been doing his famous sauna with a garbage bag to prepare himself.

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  8. Orangina says:

    No fight really jumps off the page on this card. But it goes to charity. Might be some entertaining scraps and it for a good cause if nothing else.

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  9. BDC says:

    0-7 & 0-8….really

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  10. PMcgrath says:

    All the best to the Prestige organizers,fighters and fans of Fort Mcmurray. To put on an event just a few weeks from a goddamn disaster is remarkable and shows the reliance and strenght that all Fort Mac residents showed just by escaping that fire in a civilized manner.

    Love the mix up of KIckboxing fights and MMA. Thats the way to do it!

    Much respect!


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  11. Paul Carpentier says:

    Weigh-ins Video for Prestige

    Thank you to Prestige FC Organizers, athletes and sponsors and fans who created an event to help wildfire relief.

    Kids entertainment, Horses, BBQ… what not to ask at a weigh in!

    Thank you!!!

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  12. Hoop says:

    Good for Bill Fraser for being 43 and getting back in the ring! It shows his passion for the sport.

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  13. Vader Time says:

    Is this event being streamed?

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  14. AudioProblems says:

    The audio isn’t working on the stream

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  15. mmafan says:

    I clicked on the stream and there’s two guys fighting with huge boxing gloves, does anyone know whats thats about?

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  16. AudioProblems says:

    Those bouts were deciding who would be the city council this year

    Does the sound work for you?

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  17. Showstopper says:

    Free stream and still nobody watched to post any results

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  18. Orangina says:

    ^ Valid a point.

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  19. Sam says:

    Below are the results that I remember; fun card to watch online as there was little lag time between fights and instant replays were provided. Unlike some cheaper cards where there is no replays and huge lags between fights just so they can get more beer sales. Celebrity fights were a bore, but at least entertaining for the live fans during breaks and for entertainment purposes.

    Can still watch the fight at the youtube link in the previous post by Dean…audio is very low though. Thanks for streaming it for free Prestige FortMac ;)

    – Teddy Ash def Bill Fraser via TKO 1st Rd
    – Chris Carol def Jannie Joubert via TKO 2nd Rnd
    – Tyler Dolby def David Nippard via submission
    – Tyler White def Travis Cardinal via TKO 1st Rd
    Amateur MMA:
    – Cameron MacDonald def Jamie Osmond via TKO
    – Mike King (0-0) defeats Brandon McWilliams via KO 1st Rd
    – Kate MacDonald def Gina Daniels via submission 1st Rd
    Pro Kickboxing:
    – Luke Spicer def Cody Krahn via Unanimous decision
    – Christopher Boisvert def Phil Engeroff via KO 2nd Rd
    Amateur Kickboxing:
    – Patrick Skani def Derek Donald via TKO
    – Michael Janvier def Jason Cyprien via Unanimous decision
    Joe Mapanda def Rob Abel via Unanimous decision

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  20. PBF says:

    How was Boisvert v Engeroff? To me, that was going to be fight of the night.

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  21. Oil Baron says:

    I guess all the steroids that “Moshin” peddles around UFC Gym Sherwood Park did fuckall for Phil Engeroff. I just hope Lenny Wheeler isnt doing that shit because he is UFC bound.

    This is not rumors of accusations moderators. I was a UFC Sherwood Park member and pretty much every single person who trains there (even the recreational trainers just there to get in shape) know the shit that goes on there. “Moshin” is actually quite honest about his steroid use there and is always on hand to give advice to meatheads that “want to fight UFC” and think roiding it up will make them UFC fighters.

    Ever wonder why alot of local MMA fighters are more ripped than than the olympians of Rio 2016?

    Drug. Testing.

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  22. Sam says:

    @PBF Was a good fight! Chris knew how to time the left hook perfectly and was connecting with a lot of his punches. Phil seemed a bit hesitant to let go. Also Kate looked super impressive as well, her bjj skills were beautiful.

    @Oil Baron I use to train at UFC Sherwood Pk as well. I know the guys I trained with are clean and worked hard in Shawn’s and Paulo’s classes…many are athletically gifted, which I wish I was. Maybe the newer guys that joined/coach a bit different, which is unfortunate to hear.

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  23. Oil Baron says:


    Maybe things are different currently since they fired Victor Valimaki and Cody Krahn awhile ago.

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  24. Dalton says:

    What happened to Lauzon? Thought he was on the card

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  25. Moshin says:



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  26. the dude says:

    i know people dont really care but when a coach from a hyped gym in this city behaves this way, the whole edmonton fight community suffers a little. some of us have been doing this thing for years, putting in a lot of work trying to build a reputable fight community in this city. of course you are free to express yourself. especially when you are personally attacked, i can understand how you would want to say something. but if you call yourself a coach and have fighters look up to you and follow you to their wars, perhaps you should let the fighting do the talk first. show people that you or your guys win tough fights against tough opponents, and do them clean, then people cant deny you. they can hate but they have to respect you. and that is the thing. RESPECT. good luck to your team. but until that day comes, you need to shut the fuck up.

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  27. Oil Baron says:


    And that everyone is why you should just say no steroids.

    Your post sums up pretty much what everyone in the local Edmonton MMA community (with the exception of your best buds from Complete who you got jobs for at the new UFC gym in North Edmonton).

    We all think you are a brain damaged roid monkey.

    Just remember to use clean needles everytime buddy

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  28. Oil man says:

    Ya taking advice or coaching from Shawn l is highly recommended. …. nice criminal history behind him smuggling guns into Canada and years in jail. Great role model or someone that should be teaching anything. Ya I’m sure he would have nothing to do with illegal peddling of roads.

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  29. Shawn Locke says:

    Yeah fuck Shawn (capital L) Locke. Road monkey (roid) piece of shit (couldn’t grow a muscle if I tried). Remind me to kick his ass next time I see him at hot yoga, volunteering, or studying. Fuck that guy.

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  30. Suburbia says:

    Wow, seems like the gym owners/partners in Edmonton are starting to feel really threatened with all new recent gym openings and loss of members..I love it! Have seen a whole lot of recent FB postings by gyms on loyalty, lol!

    Anyone with a brain knows these are the owner’s posting all this inside info on here and slamming fighters/gyms they’ve lost to. Time for you guys to step-up your game, stop gauging your members and start putting money back into your gyms…improvements and staff. Anyone from Quebec or Ontario will tell how shitty and pure business like mentality the mma gyms are run in Edmonton.

    Its only going to get more bitter with more UFC gyms opening and Next Level opening soon.

    In the words of Brad ‘Holla if ya hear me’

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  31. Jeepers says:

    Also pretty brave making personal attacks on a website. This kind of negativity just bogs down the sport for everyone. Seems like some people on here need to stop worrying about what other people do and go about their lives. This kind of negativity is very self serving and does nothing for local MMA.

    Ego ruins everything eventually.

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  32. Moshin says:

    In all honesty I’m not going to take anything people posting behind fake names is going to say seriously. So I reply Like macho man, it’s about all it deserves. Attacking the only gym with an open door training policy welcoming fighters to make a living and train full time has a positive effect on the MMA community. Accusing people of selling steroids or bringing up other people’s personal life over a forum behind a fake name just shows what kind of people think they have a positive effect. We’re gonna keep training and winning. and keep talking about us, keeps the gyms busy.

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  33. Lago says:

    What/who is Next Level gym?

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  34. Cody Rempel says:

    Next Level is Mukai Maromo’s new gym!

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