Campbell Vs. Silva Added To UFC Vancouver


Shane Campbell will take on the debuting Felipe Silva at UFC Vancouver. The match ups was announced

Shane Campbell with a Toe Stab Liver Kick to finish Jerrid Burke (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Shane Campbell with a Toe Stab Liver Kick to finish Jerrid Burke (photo: Rob Trudeau)

by the UFC this past Tuesday.

Campbell got the call to UFC after TKOing Derek Boyle at WSOF 18. During the fight Campbell landed his famous toe stab liver kick then proceeded to mime a hadouken which went viral immediately following the bout (see video HERE). Shaolin made his Octagon debut at UFC 186 albeit in a losing effort to fellow Canadian John Makdessi. In total Campbell has gone 1-3 in UFC outings and will be in a must win situation when he meets new comer Felipe Silva.

Silva a native of Brazil trains out of CM System and is undefeated as a professional. Having finished 6 on his 7 pro wins, Silva got his UFC call off the back of a first round TKO win over UFC veteran Anton Kuivanen this past May.

UFC on Fox 21 goes down August 27th from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. The card is headlined by a Welterweight contenders match up between Carlos Condit and Damian Maia. Also featured on the card is a Featherweight showdown between Anthony Pettis and Charles Olivera.

6 Responses to “ Campbell Vs. Silva Added To UFC Vancouver ”

  1. Sperm Whale says:

    It’s so refreshing to know that Shane Campbell actually wants to fight in the UFC. This will be his 3rd fight in the UFC in 2016. This man will fight anyone.

    Unlike Sheldon Westcott who still picks and chooses his opponents, turns down fights that he thinks he may loose, thus fighting 1 time a year.

    I’ve heard from several people from a well known MMA gym in Canada at the East end of the province that has a few current UFC fighters on their roster that Westcott has turned down numerous fights for fear of loosing.

    It turns out Sheldon just wants to walk around his hometown and tell everyone hes a UFC fighter and not actually have to fight in the UFC.

    I’m 100% sure he only took the Garcia fight because he knew he could win. That’s like the Toronto Maple Leafs refusing to play a game against Pittsburg because they think they will loose.

    UFC needs to trim their roster and keep guys who actually want fight. No way in hell would Westcott accept a fight against a tough Brazilian like Campbell is doing.

    Big ups to Campbell. Hope he wins and doesnt get cut.

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  2. Orangina says:

    Why isn’t this whale working for the UFC? Clearly this dude knows the ins and outs and how to improve the business.

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  3. John MacPherson says:

    I guess Westcott took the Theodorou and Pawlak fights because he knew he would win?

    When Westcott was 0-2, I doubt he had a ton of leverage to pick and choose his fights.

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  4. Sperm Whale says:


    I (like everyone else) was waiting for you to comment and defend your best buds from St. Albert. Carry on.


    He was forced to fight Theodorou in the finals. After the loss to Pawlak (which he took a year after Elias rolled him) he again waited almost 10 months to fight a bum in Garcia.

    I dont get it. Guys like Cowboy fight 4 times a year. Westcott hardly made any money in his 2 losses ($8000 to show). Why isnt he fighting more?

    Meh everyone knows he’s turning down fights.

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  5. My guess is with a name like Sperm whale, Mr. Whale is too busy satisfying the ladies and would have no time working for the UFC.

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  6. . says:

    Sperm Whale – You’re so repressed. You sound like a closeted homosexual. Admit your love for Sheldon, express your true feelings and move the fuck on. Honestly you’ll feel better. Jesus.

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