Absolute Championship Berkut 41: The Path to Triumph – Quick Results


Absolute Championship BekrutAbsolute Championship Berkut held their 41st event this Friday at the Adler Arena in Sochi, Russia. The main event featured veteran Heavyweight Paul Buentello take on surging Russian Denis Goltsov while Canadian Tim Hague was featured on the undercard against Poland’s Michal Andryszak. The results come courtesy of Tapology.com.

Pro Fights:
Denis Goltsov defeats Paul Buentello by KO (head kick) in Round 1, 3:08
Petr Yan defeats Ed Arthur by Unanimous Decision
Eduard Vartanyan defeats Marcio Breno by TKO in Round 3
Alexandr Shabliy defeats Michael Brightmon by TKO in Round 1, 1:08
Sharaf Davlatmurodov defeats Ben Alloway by KO (kick to the body) in Round 2
G. Martinez Ayme defeats Ibragim Tibilov by KO (punch) in Round 3
Soso Nizharadze defeats Mike Wilkinson by Unanimous Decision
Michal Andryszak defeats Tim Hague by KO (head kick) in Round 1, :33
Marat Balaev submits Suleiman Bouhata by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1
Ilya Freimanov defeats Ovanes Ormandzhyan by TKO (retirement) in Round 2, 5:00

40 Responses to “ Absolute Championship Berkut 41: The Path to Triumph – Quick Results ”

  1. This was a dumb fight for hague to take, his skills and abilities have deteriated to the level were he is no longer competitive against the local pugs, never mind some contender from Russia.

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  2. TimHague says:

    Fuck Brad relax. I didnt do it for you, you ignorant scum. I did it for myself for the experience of a lifetime and for some $$. Ya I got koed and took a loss. Thats on me and I accept it 100%. So worry about yourself man. Im good. Weirdo.

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  3. Orangina says:


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  4. Sam says:

    Does ‘Fat Brad’ also go by Kamikaze? Always wondered who you are…

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  5. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Tim at some point you need to put your kid first. You have had to many knock outs. I get it you still wanna compete but what happens when your older and all these knocks outs catch up to you. You don’t know how it will effect you when you get older. either take a long break and work on your skill set and give your head a rest or seriously think about hanging them up. Not trying to stir the pot up but pretty sure most of your loses have come by way of knock out as of lately.

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  6. TimHague says:

    Ive been out cold 4 times in my life. Duffee mittrione Jr. B hockey and erohkin. I remember everything against andryszak wasnt out cold. He won fair and square.
    I was thinking of my son. Im taking the money I made and travelling through BC with him for a month. Enjoy your computer screen.

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  7. TimHague says:

    I dont owe anything to any nameless keyboard warrior. This is my life and if I want to spend it at war, then thats what ill do. Fuck all you haters who know better. Live your life. Do your own thing. I font give a fuck what any of you do and if youre happy with how you live then I am happy for you. Travis Pastrana Mx rider has 19 severe concussions. He still lives how he wants. He has a family. So eat shit

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  8. lol. sorry hague Im definitly not who you think Iam, for a hint before taking the summer off I used to train recreationaly at the Panther gym under the tutelage of Benny and ace veteran trainer stirling, even at that time myself and everybody around the gym could tell your skills had greatly eroded when you used to come down and a vastly overweight and outa shape P-Mac would pummel you and use you as a punching bag, like you said its your life you can do whatever the hell you want, but then again a boxing buddy of mine and olympic silver medalist Sean Osullivan probabably had the same thoughts as you and took one fight too many when he got beaten up and easily out classed by rising star Simon Brown which led to him suffering severe brain damage, but that was before your time so I dont expect you to remember, by the way tim you said you took this fight for the $$, but you never did or had mentioned whatever happened to That $ 400,000 sponsorship you were supposed to get, o well maybe it went the way of that gym you were supposed to open up.

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  9. Orangina says:

    Well this just got ugly for no reason.

    Tim, what you do with your fight career is totally business. So don’t feed the trolls.

    You’ve made it to the UFC and get to live your dream as a job. BPG69’s legacy will be he spends his free time shit talking fighters who probably wouldn’t acknowledge him in any other capacity.

    I wonder who’s gonna have better stories to tell when they’re an old man……

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  10. John says:

    Tim has always put on great fights and made it to the top of the game. However that being said someone does need to step in whether it be coaches or promoters or close friends of his to at the least take a solid full year or more off (he is still fairly young) and train but with little to no contact. His choices and the choices of the promoters to use him does effect all the other fighters and the MMA community as if in 4 years from now he develops trauma or issues from the continuous abuse or worse something happens in the cage/ring then yes his (lack of intelligent decisions) to continue on this road effects us all and the Canadian scene is already at an all time low since its surge about 5 or 6 years ago. All the best Tim and this is not knocking or putting down, but your choices need to start thinking outside the box and the effects they have on most important yourself and your son (and not immediate as far as money for a trip) how about in 10 years from now for 16th bdays , graduations, weddings, etc .

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  11. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Man it is your life. Doesn’t matter being out cold or just laying there. Brain damage is brain damage. You can’t compare riding motor cross to a sport that involves being hit in the head as your training as well as your sport. When Travis is riding is someone punching him in the melon come on. As mark hunt calls it lets play punch face. all I’m saying is if you really wanna compete go for it but you need to give your head a rest at some point and just work on your skill set. Your fine now but look at all the old timers in boxing. All the problems they have. If you want to compare yourself to another contact sport compare yourself to football and look at all the brain related injuries in that sport. And their practices are just running plays no contact to save there heads and keep injuries down for the most part. They have no idea what type of effects mma fighters will have yet. I only mentioned your son because what if something does happen in 5 yrs or 10 yrs 20 etc. Man I get wanting to compete but at least take sometime off. I’m not hating on you for what your doing I am express concern for someone who’s career I have followed for a long time and man your taking more punishment win or lose unless you land the bear paw right hand. I would hate to hear if anything did happen. Watch the documentary on Sugar Ray Robinson. I’m a huge boxing fan and as far as I’m concerned he was the GOAT of boxing. Even Ali looked up to him. And his story was a sad story. It was like a light switched he was sitting there with friends and he went from being normal talking to not knowing where he was. And this was years after he retired. Mind you no one in boxing will ever have record like his on how many fights he had. And ppl probably say that will never happen to me. But man its the unknown. So I don’t get why all the swearing. If our paths ever do cross again I will express the same concern to your face. Sorry my personal info is not for the world. I don’t do facebook, twitter or any of that time wasting bs. I come on to here to read about mma fighters like yourself. I rarely comment. Again I’m not trying to stir the pot but sometimes you need ppl in your life to tell you to slow down and take a second look and re-evaluate things and then keep moving forward chasing your dreams and goals. So fight on. Look at the name I used. My opinion doesn’t matter

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  12. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    I just read john’s post that is what I am trying to say. I’m not knocking you Tim you made all the way to the ufc, small town dude and you have been to amazing places but read john’s post he put it way better then I did.

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  13. ken kupsch says:

    Everybody takes a risk when they fight and we all take risks in other things in life. I think Tim has the experience to make his own decisions.

    I think you guys are trying to help him, but you’re out of line.

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  14. John says:

    and case and point, Ken I respect you as an honest promoter but you just proved my point about needing someone as you put it who is in line to say the same thing as others express.

    It is actually sad that you a promoter would sit on that side of the fence as to say people giving GOOD advice regarding the health of a fighter is “out of line” maybe you should be one of the rare and also be saying these very words!! unfortunately until Tim takes some time to let his body “inside” to heal properly he will not be offered a fight at the risk of what could possibly happen in the ring or out if things are not dealt with in the proper manner.

    Unfortunatly as per the masses all you see is dollars if you have a Tim on your show at any possible reprecussion

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  15. ken kupsch says:

    I have no plans to for Tim on my shows, just saying doctors on the internet are not his best source of info. You are a doctor, right?

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  16. mmafan says:

    I dont think most of you guys are out of line just concerned for Tim after 5 fights and 4 losses by ko or tko in the last calendar year. Theres a reason why when an Nhler takes a shot to the head its mandatory they go sit in the quite room, because if you leave it up to them 99% of the time they will just keep playing. Sometimes athletes have to be saved from themselves.

    Ken a couple months ago seen you on hear calling somebody a “retard” but we are out of line for expressing are concerns for Tim? Guys like you will keep running these fighters out there no matter what just to make yourself a quick buck. Maybe you should head down to your local brain injury society and get educated on head trauma, and they usually have lunch for their members once a week should go and talk to some of them, see what they deal with on a day to day basis

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  17. ken kupsch says:

    I’m sure Tim has his own doctors as well as coaches and training partners. These are the guys who will help him make decisions, not you or I.

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  18. The legacy of brain injury can best be described as the straw that broke the camels back, you never know when that one strike is the one that changes your life forever, unfortunately at the Panther gym over the years we have had two unfortunate incidents with dire results. the most recent incident happened with gifted amateur boxer Albert collapsing in the dressing shortly after rounds of sparring thus permanetly effecting his brain function and cognitive skills.

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  19. Darren Apels says:

    Who gives a fuck you ass clowns. Let the man make a living and shut the fuck up

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  20. Orangina says:

    How’s that imaginary fight career coming along Apels?

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  21. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Spoken like a promoter. I’m sure you do care Ken but are you going to take care of any fighter that has fought under your promotion if anything happens to them??? Are you going to be there to take care of the fighter and his family??? God forbid the rest of the fighters life?? No like you just said everyone takes a risk. You rarely see any coaches throwing the towel in the cage/ring in mma. Cause its the sport where anything can happen right. A knock out punch out of no where or a submission out no where right. Does any one remember watching Ryan McGillivray vs Nathan Coy. Greg Jackson was in his corner wasn’t he. Didn’t he take some heat for not stopping the fight. From what I remember Ryan was on his back with Coy slugging away. I will say Ryan was tough as nails in that fight but the corner should have stopped it. And Greg is the elite coach right. So Ken sometimes your coaches don’t have your best interest. I have never meet a doctor that says ya go and get some head trauma you’ll be fine nothing can happen to you with repeated hits to the head lol. Doctors always say I don’t recommend this but today you show no signs of brain damage. But again who knows what the future holds lol. Normally this site BASHES Tim and know a couple of guys that are not bashing him but expressing concern and just making a suggestion have come under fire. We have all said good things about Tim and want the best for him. We didn’t call him any names just suggested to take sometime off, train and give his body a break and come back and be the thrashing machine again. Well Bigpoppagroove69 is a dick most of the time but hey sometimes he has some valid points too. He did a little Tim bashing.

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  22. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Tim you probably wouldn’t remember me if our paths did cross again. But you are part of the reason I even ended up in Edmonton area. If I didn’t I would have never moved to the Edmonton area, I wouldn’t have met my wife had a son etc. My life would be very different. This was the only reason I expressed concern for you. No ill will towards you or anything. Its your life do with as you please.

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  23. Wapos says:

    Nick Denis was smart enough to realize that after his numerous concussions that he didnt want to live life half braindead so he retired and did something else with his life.

    Tim’s a smart guy, he has 2 University Degrees from UOFA.

    I think he’s smart enough to know his own body and the risks he’s willing to take.

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  24. I will have to disagree with you, Mr.myopiniondoesntmater because you sir seem to be an individual with a genuine concern for a fighters safety and well being, a true voice of reason that seems to be lacking in the world of todays combat sports, your points should be analized and taken into account during a fighters career and post fighting career.
    I will agree with your one statement that I can be a dick with the bashing, but I will say dont take it seriously its all done for entertainment purposes only, but then again what can you expect from a nameless keyboard warrior who lives in his moms basement and is full time gainfully employed at the take out window of the local K.f.c.

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  25. myopiniondoesn'tmatter says:

    Hey Bigpoppagroove69 I will never tell you to stop, it is entertaining.

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  26. TimHague says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  27. Darren Apels says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. CCF says:

    Sorry Darren


    Pretty much the concensus of how we all feel about what you just said

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  29. Orangina says:

    Wouldn’t it be counter productive to call them performance enhancing drugs if they actually killed brain cells?

    You also didn’t answer my question.

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  30. A.D. Clay says:

    apples and ken are both developmentally delayed. That much is physically obvious. I’ve actually seen tim say some intelligent things. But he is also most certainly feeling the effects of both a sub standard intelligence, as well as heavy cranial damage.

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  31. I am actually more impressed with the time, sacrifice, determination ad dedication Tim put in to earn two University degrees than what he has accomplished in mma, that includes his stint in the UFC, this would most certainly guarantee he will be able to provide a good living for himself and his son once his fighting career is over.

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  32. TimHague says:

    Im teaching grade 4 at my sons school beginning August 30th. Ive got a fairly decent handle on what Id like to do with my own life but I appreciate and accept it as a compliment that people want to try to live my life for me, and tell me whats best for me.

    Its really one of the highest forms of flattery. When people are that invested.

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  33. TimHague says:

    Think about it. I dont care what Brad komical Foster or Darren the junkyard seagull Appels does with their lives.

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  34. Lol, When I threw my fist reverse punch at Sensei Bob Supeens 124 street gym along side W.K.A champ Peter Sugarfoot Cunningham many moons ago tim hag was barely a twinkle in his daddys eye, when I learned my first jab at Daryl Dukes R.I.P Panther gym alongside of Kenny Lacusta, Jimmy The Stalker Walker, Pete the Greek now known as Juliano, hague you were still shitting your pants and playing with barbie dolls, Hague if I were a comedian you would provide plenty of fodder for material, such as you mentioning your $400,ooo sponsorship, then short time later your begging for part time work to make ends meet, then your opening up a gym, then getting kicked out of blacksheep, then again mentioning of opening up a gym in the now defunct blacksheep location, then your rivary with my cousin Big Ian The Kung Fu Panda Asham bull shitting on how he stiffed you for money,the list goes on and on. Tim you should have your own show you could call it Comic Relief, all you would have to do is show up and then watch the hysterics.

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  35. Sam says:

    BPG, you are a laughing stock of the mma/fight community. Everyone knows who are and no one values your opinion. I’m not a fan of tim either but respect him as he always shows upto fight. You just talk…

    Go back to getting your dbaggy tattoos, taking selfies in the sauna, and playing dodgeball with the kids at your daycare gym.

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  36. By that argument one can say bobby k shows up to fight, he doesnt get out of the first round but he shows up.

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  37. Brad.F says:

    Good day;

    First off Tim I just came back from holidays and was told about your rant as I never come on here to comment or give insight as I don’t agree with the bashfulness.

    I developed a youth fitness training center which is correct as that’s my passion working with the youth. I am no fighter nor want to be in any way as man that’s hard work and I respect everyone that has the courage to jump into any competition. My business has allowed me to work with many organizations and give the under privilege youth an affordable option for physically fitness by the use of martial art training.

    Many people think or assume we are an MMA gym which is incorrect and we have no ill will against anyone in the community. I think we all can agree working peacefully together is the only way the sport grows and lots of great fighters have made it to the UFC locally in Edmonton and that is simply awesome for everyone. Yes when we first opened our doors we had our growing pains with some bad seeds we gave an opportunity to do better however they didn’t fit our mold and probably hold grudges but that’s with anything.

    Best wishes to Tim in his new career path and wish everyone competing in the upcoming Van UFC all the best especially Shane Campbell that kid is a stud of the game!

    Thank you. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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  38. I don't live in St Albert says:

    Bashfulness… I don’t think that word means what you think it does.

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  39. Brian says:

    I hope you’re not making kids diet plans

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  40. MMA fan says:

    Does CTE show up on MRI’s Tim?

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