XFFC 10 – Weigh in Results


XFFC ThumbXFFC 10: Out of the Ashes goes down live from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta tomorrow night. In the main event, UFC veterans Jesse “The Bodysnatcher” Ronson and Matt Dwyer do battle in a Welterweight contest. Unfortunately the Catchweight scrap between hometown hero Spencer “Judge” Jebb and Marcus “Loudmouth Assassin” Hicks has been cancelled due to incomplete medicals from Hicks. All proceeds from this event will go to support the victims of the wildfires in Fort McMurray.

Tickets will be available at the door so get down to the Entrec Centre, watch some fights and support a great cause. If you can’t make to down to watch in person there will be a live stream HERE and Top MMA News will bring you all the live results as usual.

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Jesse Ronson (170.8) vs. Matt Dwyer (170)
135lbs- Justin Basra (135.6) vs. Billy Marsh (135)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- William Quintal (183.8) vs. Mike Hauptkorn (183.2)
170lbs- Dan Westbrook (172.2/171.4) vs. Chris Desrosiers (168.4)
145lbs- Isaiah Bedard (145.2) vs. Grey Patino (144.4)



33 Responses to “ XFFC 10 – Weigh in Results ”

  1. Orangina says:

    Who’s even surprised about Marcus?

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  2. Xcessive Farce says:


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  3. Jay says:

    Holy shit – fuck Marcus Hicks!

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  4. Xcessive Farce says:

    In all seriousness tho WTF?!
    5 fights, how many times are the GP fans going to get bent over by this guys garbage match making? I knew, Jebb knew, the sound guy knew, the soda stand guy knew, and Darren Cliffe certainly knew that Hicks wasn’t showing up!

    Tried to throw together a quick show to try and play off the Ft Mac fires to look good….. Well that backfired, no money raised and the couple hundred people that did buy tickets get 5 fights

    Great job

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  5. Gunner says:

    All the best to the guys taking the walk tommorrow night! Put on a show fellas .. 5 fights or 12 thanks Darren for supporting the people of ftmac any amount helps

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  6. Goldy says:

    Woulda been nice to see some money raised for the Mac, but unfortunately I don’t think that was ever a realistic expectation from this card

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  7. Wait A Second says:

    Wait a second……………….

    So when the show loses money does that mean Fort Mac has to pay XFFC

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  8. The impounder says:

    Marcus Hicks is a thief. He’s a criminal to say the least. He’s scared to fight because he cannot fight. He defines the word scum of the earth. Will be quite the celebration when he ends up with 8 bullets in his skull. Society is better off without such dead weight.

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  9. Orangina says:

    That’s a bit extreeme…

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  10. Ridicilous says:

    I second the impounder..Pretty quick everything I MEAN everything will catch up to you Marcus….

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  11. Tyler O'Brien says:

    Mr Farce if that is your real na….wait it isn’t because you chose to bash under an alias which completely nullifies your credibility and relevance to the thread you should hang your head in shame for trying to throw dirt at Derren,The XFFC and it roster and fans They put everything they could into it and they do it everytime rain snow or shine………you wanna talk shit lets get em boys admins what do ya say…if my comment can get 50 green thumbs will you ban this jagoff a ip to send the msg that blatant bashing does not fly here?

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  12. Wait A Second says:

    O’Brien I bet if you announced your retirement and removal from MMA you would get a lot more that 50 little green thumbs up

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  13. Joe Dirt says:

    Good luck to everyone who is competing.

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  14. Orangina says:

    Bummer that XFFC is getting bashed. They’re basically doing a show for free to help people who lost thier homes.

    Kinda brutal to shit on someone for trying to do a good thing. Feel free to put your money where your mouth is and raise funds for Ft Mac in your own way if you have a better idea.

    Plus Dwyer vs Ronson is probably gonna be a really sweet fight.

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  15. Jay says:

    The impounder’s post is a little to hate filled for my liking. Marcus shouldn’t be fighting but no one is wishing ill will towards him – he is a father and a human being. Let’s be better than this.

    Mods please remove/delete this post.

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  16. Ridicilous says:

    Jay… It was only a mtter of time

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  17. Eric Cote says:

    Just a wind down iPad.

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  18. mmafan says:

    Hicks last 7 fights have been cancelled, why do promoters keep booking this guy?

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  19. Big Win says:

    Use promo code “JulyFans” to save $3 on GFL.tv

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  20. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    What happened with Hicks incomplete meds?

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  21. The Tuna says:

    Xessive farce kinda sounds like a bitter ex girlfriend. Did Darren leave a mess on your face and not call you back? Seems like the only reason to show so much hate.

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  22. Local Fan says:

    As a local GP fan I do love attending the fights and seeing the local guys, but it’s getting disappointing that basically every card ends up with 5-6 fights the last couple years at Xcessive, most fight cards have an average of 9-12 fights, hopefully they can start doing a better job putting fights together or I won’t be bothering anymore

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  23. Stevie says:

    @Local Fan..A lot of cards at local MMA shows start with a lot more bouts. Guys get injured, guys flake out, or guys simply don’t manage medicals. Promoters everywhere take the most risk. Look at Dana having to call an audible when Jones failed his test. Match making isn’t the issue here, it’s just the brutal X factor every level of MMA deals with.

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  24. Xcessive Force FC says:

    @Local Fan…Here are some facts for you and these are not just a guess…

    XFFC has done 10 shows with an average of 7.4 Fights per/show.

    We have had as many as 11 fights and as few as 5 fights.

    In 10 show we have had 10 title fights.

    In 10 shows we have done 2 shows with ammys and 8 all pro shows.

    In 10 shows I have paid out more than $50K (not including flights and hotel) to fighters who haven’t fought, because their opponent was injured, failed medicals, didn’t show up or just flat out Bitched Out!

    If you are disappointed by fighters not fighting, please think about how I feel. I have never once said, “Hey I’m going to do a show with only 5 fights and screw over the XFFC Super Fans!” As Stevie says, “the brutal X factor every level of MMA deals with” has destroyed more shows for Promotions as most Promoters can attest.

    How do we fix the problem? Basically we can stop doing shows all together or keep going and try to use fighters that have a reputation of being professionals. (Then what do you do with ammys who have yet to prove themselves?) What do we do when a fighter gets injured a week out? The UFC has a huge roster and local promotions share most of their guys, so fighters are not waiting on the sidelines to jump into the game. If you have an idea to fix this, Brother…. I’m all ears! Darren Cliffe

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  25. The Tuna says:

    Ya I don’t know where you’re seeing these average 9-12 fights. I’ve watched fights all over Alberta and BC and it almost always ends up being less then expected. I’ve watched Darren scramble his ass off multiple times to try to make something happen last minute. What can a guy do when guys call ( or don’t) on weigh in day?

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  26. Local Fan says:

    Yeah that’s great Xffc, I understand fights don’t work out for lots of reasons, but maybe adding more fights off the start would make your life easier and better for the fans.

    And Tuna, here’s some facts for you in the last 4 shows of some other Alberta / BC promotions, a list of how many fights they had on their last 4 shows –

    Hard knocks 10, 11, 9, 12

    BFL 8, 9, 7, 13

    Fivestar 10, 11, 9, 10

    Unified 8, 9, 9, 8

    XFFC 5, 7, 6, 7,

    So yeah, that’s an average of 9-10 fights for everyone else as you can see, and that’s all from results list on top MMA news

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  27. Xcessive Force FC says:

    @ Local Fan… Adding more fights seems like the logical fix from someone who only has $60 invested from his general admission ticket and not $80-$100K per/show. Of the list that you provided us with, did you bother to see if those show were pro/am or just pro shows? I know for a fact the Hard Knocks, BFL and Fivestar do pro/am, while Unified and XFFC have been forced by our local Commissions to do all pro show. The first show I did was pro/am and then Bill S-209 was passed. It has been all pro ever since, until my last show. So try to hang in there with XFFC and you will see things change now that I can do ammys. In your mind… how many fights do you believe makes a great show and what if you have title fights that could potential go 25 minutes? Actually, that question is for everyone…. How many fights make the perfect show and do you care if it is pro/am?

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  28. Jay Golshani says:

    @darren book 10 amateur/8 pro fights per card minimum if you want to end up with 8-10 fights (at least 6 weeks out)
    we usually book 22 and as you see our average is only 10 fights per card
    if for some reason you get no injuries then you start the card 2 hours early so the show still ends at 10pm
    and you can adjust your contracts to give yourself some security against fighters who don’t respect your promotion….
    Hardbacks sometimes dose not pay fighters show purse if they don’t make weight…(some of their pro contracts are structured for pro fighters to make weight or no show purse) you can implement the same system so the pros can start acting like professionals and make the weight in your promotion
    good luck on your next card…..

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  29. I don't live in St Albert says:

    It doesn’t matter to me how many fights are on a card as long as the show moves along at a reasonable pace and the fighters are putting on a good show.

    I’ve been to 5 Star shows where I’ve been standing on my feet since 7pm watching 6 ammy bouts and don’t get out of the venue until after Midnight.

    Agonizingly long intermissions in a venue with one bar set up is a drag. We’re paying $60+ for a night of entertainment either way – best to keep the audience engaged.

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  30. Eeesh says:

    Hardknocks doesn’t pay fighters when they DO make weight sometimes too.

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  31. RealDeal says:

    I was at this show, as short as it was – it was entertaining.

    I have been to many BFL events in BC, this was my first XFFC event.

    Both orgs put on a great show. My $ went towards a good cause and if I am ever in the area again – I will support the XFFC.

    Why not a BFL vs XFFC card?

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  32. Fight Fan says:

    Personally it doesn’t really matter to me how many Pro or amateur fights are on a card, I’ve seen lots of all ammy shows with better fights than Pro Am cards, me personally I like to see local guys fight and would like to see a good 10 fights 4 hours, but that’s just me.
    I’ve been to Xffc , Fivestar and BFL shows, I like them all, and as long as I can see some of my local friends fighting I’m there.
    I just wanna see more than 5-6 fights

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  33. A.D. Clay says:

    Bring Back Darren Owen.. He is the only one who knew how to hustle. Him and Mark Pavelich. They are the only two to ever pull anything remotely successful.

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