Three Unified MMA Belts On The Line at Unified 28


unified MMAEDMONTON — For the first time in Unified MMA history, three championships will be on the line in a single night when the cage door locks at Unified MMA 28 in Edmonton on September 30.

Edmonton’s Parwez Ghulam will fight Curtis DeMarce to reclaim the vacant Unified MMA Featherweight Championship, undefeated Edmonton fighter Denny Houle will clash with Calgary’s Nick Campbell for the vacant Unified MMA Light-Heavyweight Championship, and Unified MMA Heavyweight Champion Tanner Boser of Edmonton will defend his crown against a to-be-determined international opponent.

The winner of Ghulam-DeMarce won’t just take home the Unified MMA Featherweight Championship — they’ll almost certainly be propelled into the top 10 of the Canadian 145-pound rankings.

That being said, both fighters have gold on their mind heading into battle in “The City of Champions.”

“I’ve been fighting to get that Unified MMA Featherweight Championship belt wrapped around my waist again,” says Ghulam, a six-time Unified MMA veteran. “Fight Night can’t come soon enough. There’s no way I’m going home without my belt. Curtis has no chance to take it from me.”

DeMarce, who’s flying high after a hard-fought battle with Matt Spisak, agrees it’s a blessing to fight for the Unified MMA title.

“The plan is to prove that I’m the No. 1 featherweight in Canada, and that will begin September 30 at Unified MMA 28,” DeMarce says. “Parwez has done well so far, but he just hasn’t been taken into deep waters by someone like myself, with that kind of cage experience. It will be a great scrap, and I’m going to do everything I can to take that belt home.”

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9 Responses to “ Three Unified MMA Belts On The Line at Unified 28 ”

  1. Kenny J says:

    If DeMarce shows up…this should be a decent card. Kind of pumped to see who they bring in for Boser

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  2. Orangina says:

    Why does Denny get a title shot? When’s the last time that he even fought?

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  3. Hkf4 says:

    When has Demarce never showed up @kenny J ? Lol guy has 6 times the fights as parwez and in fact if I remember correctly was the one and only one that took spisak on with only two weeks notice when parwez, wolfgang and others pulled out due to “injury” yet the next day parwez was posting training pics of him at complete. If anything let’s hope parwez doesn’t duck like he did with spisak 3 times. Stop posting dumb shit and be happy this card has three title fights

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  4. Kenny J says:

    Hey @Hkf4 how about the two fights he was supposed to have with Adam Lorenz…and how he left Prestige FC high and dry. And yeah I’m stoked that this card will have three title fights but they are fighting for a title that Sabah Fadai never lost….So if anything it is a interim belt. Neither of Parwez or Demarce could beat Fadai…and we all know it

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  5. Muscles says:

    Demarce via roids. You shoulda seen Demarce at his fight with Spisak, the guy made roiders like Romero and Gleison Tibeau look fat and soft.

    Parwez will pull out closer to the fight when he realizes Demarce is roided to the nuts, trains with killers and his a winning record. Parwez only beats cans, Sabah rolled his ass with ease. He beat Bruno a Marcus Hicks prodigy his last fight, big deal.

    Demarces buddy Mike Mannara from UFC gym Sherwood Park is roided to hell too. Guess he showed Demarce the way for his fight with Spisak.

    Bullshit on anyone who claims both those guys are clean, take a look at drug tested elite level UFC fighters then look a pic of Mannara and Demarce from their last fights and tell me im full of shit!

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  6. Orangina says:

    Who are these “killers” Demarce trains with?

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  7. Muscles says:

    Hey Knob. I’m pretty sure he’s in california training with the Gracie Fighter Team. Guess they all suck and arnt considered killers hey? But I guess you think Parwez’s boys are so much better.He also trained at The Arena in San Diego for years, prolly still is training there. Shit fighters there too hey?

    When he’s in Alberta he trains heavily with his boy Jesse Arnett and those KILLERS down in Calgary. Guess those guys arnt killers to you either. Im sure you think Parwez’s crew is million times better than the Calgary guys too.

    Anything else looser?

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  8. Orangina says:

    Its LOSER, not LOOSER.

    Looser is what’s happening to your butthole from hanging off of his dick.

    Loser is what you are for getting so butt-hurt over a simple and honest question.

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  9. OHHHH YEAH MUSCLES, i know you’re peeking through the windows of the Sherwood Park UFC gym to see these 32″ pythons move everything over the devils ceiling. Better then the best, too cold to hold and too hot to handle. You’ve probably mistaken the boom of Macho Man clanging and bangin the raw cut Canadian steel inside the dog house. Cause you know when the Macho Man Mike Savage howls at the moon the rest of the pack pisses their pants. OOOOOHHHH YEAHHHH BROTHER

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