Stoute vs. Valimaki Added to Fight Night Medicine Hat


Fight NightZ-Promotions officials announced a huge match-up between a pair of top ranked combatants for Fight Night 2 at the Canalta Cantre in Medicine Hat on October 28.  Todd “Black Hulk Stoute and Victor “The Finnisher” Valimaki will do battle in a Light-Heavyweight contest.


Todd Stoute was one of only a few true Light-Heavyweights in Canada… until Fight Night 1 when he took on Strahinja Gavilovic in a Middleweight bout. Nevertheless, “Black Hulk” is back at 205 for at least one more bout against a true veteran of Canadian MMA. Stoute is a proven finisher with six of his eight victories coming by way of KO or TKO including names like Evan Nedd, Sebastien Gauthier and Anton Tokarchuk. A win over Valimaki would undoubtedly be the biggest of his career and put him in a good position to make a climb on the LHW rankings.

Victor Valimaki, once one of the more active Light-Heavyweights in Canada has had trouble staying healthy over the last couple years and has only made it to the cage 4 times in the last five years. Here’s hoping that trend is about to change with the announcement that “The Finnisher” will be stepping into the cage against Todd Stoute at Fight Night 2. The two-time UFC veteran has a host of top-notch talent on his resume throughout his career including wins over the likes of Dan Severn, Jason Day, Vernon White, Nick Hinchcliffe, Rodney Glunder, Tim Chemelli and more.



8 Responses to “ Stoute vs. Valimaki Added to Fight Night Medicine Hat ”

  1. What are the odds that valimaki pulls out just like he did with his much anticipated and anounced rematch with Adam Braidwood.

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  2. Joe Dirt says:

    Hope this fight happens and I hope I can make it. And I hope the beer is cold.

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  3. Cody Saftic says:

    Stoute never fought at middleweight, Strahinja moved up to light-heavyweight for that one weighing in at 205.3

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  4. Bas says:

    Victor is becoming irrelevant, all you hear is new this new that….come back this comeback that and it is always the same end result…..backs out or loses. He needs the spotlight or the attention and does a good job keeping relevant.
    He is now a stepping stone and I doubt he puts in the work.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    You’re right Cody, that’s my bad… The fight was originally listed as a Middleweight on our fight card so it must’ve been changed shortly before weigh ins!

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  6. Limey says:

    Victor has pulled out of more fights than he’s actually fought in and that maybe a record. Someone should look into that stat.

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  7. Coery H says:

    Stoute should be in prison for the gang rape he was involved in. Justice system is terrible here.

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  8. Any and all money this waste of skin makes should be deducted and go directly towards victims compensation.

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