Global Warriors Fighting Championship Forced to Cancel June 24 Event


It is with the deepest of regret that Global Warriors Fighting Championship is forced to announce the cancellation of Global Warriors 3: Night of Champions, which was scheduled to take place June 24 th from the Brantford Civic Centre in Brantford, Ontario. Global-Warriors THUMB

Once again in a similar situation to the earlier event postponement there are issues beyond the control of Global Warriors as a promotion. In advance of the planned June 24 th event, Global Warriors Fighting Championship submitted a bout sheet that the promotion believed was sound, upon review several of the proposed fighters were not given sanctioning. Global Warriors made every attempt to adjust the bouts to be able to gain sanctioning and bring the best possible event to the fans but found planning was hampered due to a lack of licensed fighters in the province of Ontario.

Global Warriors Fighting Championship was founded to give local talent a chance to shine infront of their friends and family while providing the platform to have a chance to make it to one of the world renown mixed martial arts promotions.

Global Warriors Fighting Championship will now look to reassess and return as a better promotion as the landscape of the sport changes in the province of Ontario.

All ticket holders will be able to receive a refund on tickets through their point of purchase

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  1. MFJones says:

    Hayashi and Woody don’t mix well

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  2. topmmafan says:

    If anyone wants to read a great explanation with some heartfelt emotions and truth read Lyndon Whitlock’s post on Facebook. It’s really tough to hear this has happened and how hard it must be to be involved with making an event like this as a promoter/fighter etc… Basically anybody but the OAC. Brutal news.

    Better yet, I have copied and pasted it here below.

    “It breaks my heart to announce that Global Warriors Fighting Championship 3 has been cancelled yet again by the Ontario Athletic Commission with no postponement date. I have been in this sport a long time. I live, breath, eat this sport. I have give my blood, sweat, tears for this sport. This is the type of passion this sport demands from its athlete’s. This is the type passion guys like Alex Ricci, Kyle Prepolec, Scott Hudson, Scott Macovi, Adam Maverick Assenza, Paul Jalbert, and all the other athletes that were supposed to fight this Friday have. This is not the type of passion the OAC has, in fact they have the exact opposite. They rule with a morally questionable iron fist. Empathy, flexibility, passion are words no one could use for the OAC. What hurts the most with the cancellation of this event isn’t the cancellation itself rather the lack of empathy. The promoter (Garnet Ace) called me to inform me of the cancellation in tears for 2 reasons. 1 being he’s hurt that Ontario MMA has to take another blow. 2 he is out $40 000 dollars without even running an event, with zero chances of making it back (this is not a man who has 40 000 to spare). The news broke my heart for 2 reason. 1 the time invested and being rob of my opportunity to see this challenge through and 2. The 5000 to 8000 thousand dollars I stood to gain from going to work on the 24th (now we don’t fight to make money, but living, and training camp both cost money and it’s devastating to be robbed of my right to go to work and make a living). After a few moments of driving and crying I decided to call the commissioner. He shows no remorse or empathy. In fact almost the opposite, almost pleased with himself. It hurts to knows that all these people are forced to suffer while the guy pulling the trigger will sleep just fine tonight.

    As an athlete I’ll never fight in Ontario again. I refuse to be apart of this commissioners reign of terror. I refuse to pay another athletic commission fee with no opportunity to fight. I refuse to support his job while he refuses to support mine and my friends. Us athletes have sacrificed everything. More then most people will ever know. And I’m not asking for sympathy, it was a choice we all made however we do deserve a commission that cares as much as us.

    I am proud to be an MMA athlete and i am proud of the great people like Woodrow James, Faisal Rehman, Alex Gasson and many others that work so hard to revive Ontario MMA.

    Sorry to anyone that paid for tickets. I still have your money and will return it asap (I did my best to keep track of names but please contact me).

    I want to thank everyone for the support. My friends and family have always been there and it means a lot. My business partners Lucas Chaston and Rory McDonell thanks for picking up the slack at Para Bellum MMA while I focused on camp. Thanks to my sponsors. Especially Clint Younge from Mmj Canada. I love the passion you have, it’s so rare to meet someone like you. Your a truly an inspiration to anyone you touch.

    Finally I love this sport and the great people it attracts however I am more then embarrassed to be apart of the Ontario MMA scene! THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE.”

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  3. Joe Dirt says:

    Shitty deal. Sorry to hear about this.

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  4. Tough to read that from Lyndon. Really crappy deal.

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  5. F18 says:

    And yet any fool who can pass their medicals and do a couple push ups is eligible to fight PRO MMA in a shit Unified or KOTC card in Edmonton.

    Granted Sunny and Ken will only pay them $200 to fight and $200 to win and will only put them on the card if they sell a bunch of tickets and their homies buy a tons of shitty food and overpriced alchohol.

    So this is local MMA? This is what Canadian MMA has become? Shameful.


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  6. mmafan says:

    What reason did the OAC give for cancelling the event?

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  7. lyndon whitlock says:

    Their are many excuses being used as to why the OAC cancelled this event. But I don’t feel comfortable speaking for them. I encourage everyone to call them and ask for themselves. Or leave a voice mail. I personal know Ken would like to hear our feed back, concerns and solution because a guy like him who loves our sport so much truly wouldn’t want this exact situation to ever happen again. Please everyone call +1 416-326-8783. This is kens direct line.

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  8. FlatTop says:

    You reap what you sow

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  9. atlantic mma says:

    wow what a pile of dog shit.

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  10. ken kupsch says:

    F18 sounds like a really smart guy. Wish he would come to Edmonton to do a show. I bet Sunny and I could learn a lot from him.

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  11. F18 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. Kenny J says:

    How did we get from talking about the lack of MMA shows in Ontario and start discussing someones unfortunate accident….seriously F18 you are just another “couch MMA expert”. You may not agree with Sunny or Ken’s way of putting on a show but at least they put on events and give fighters a chance to compete. People need to understand that promoters cant do the fights for free and there are a lot of costs associated with running of a MMA show.

    I have personally had friends compete on both shows and they have had nothing but great things to say about the show and how professionally they are run.

    Sunny and Ken keep doing your thing…and I will keep buying tickets and watching the shows.

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  13. zench says:

    Debut fighters aren’t too worried about the purse F18 lol…… least they’re getting opportunities to compete out west.

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  14. F18, if you’ve never promoted, then how are you the expert at it? Ken has probably forgotten more than you’ll learn of the sport in your lifetime.

    Ken has never had 1 instance of a fighter, vendor or commission not being paid. He’s honest, and what do you expect debut fighters not bringing any revenue to the show to be paid for their first fight?

    Don’t hate on promoters in the Alberta market because the Ontario system is broken.

    There is nothing stopping you from promoting a show in Edmonton.

    Making fun of Ken’s shooting accident is a Piece of shit move to do. That’s pretty low. How many rounds have you fired in your life? Prob a few million less than Ken. But of coarse you’re the expert on that too.

    I put a few KOTC cards together with Ken, and I’m pretty sure nobody was paid as low as 200 and 200 and we had some newer guys.

    I’m certain we paid Tony Lopez and Joe Doerksen at least 300 each :)

    Ken, keep up the great work

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  15. F18 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. A.D. Clay says:

    Promoting is tough. But one thing remains easy.. identifying that MAD is a ‘telephone tough guy’ who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I’m with F18. Canadian MMA is a joke. Nobody is doing it right anymore. RIP MFC..

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  17. Big Deal says:

    @A.D Clay & F18, if you two (one) feel that Canadian mma is such a “joke” why are you one of the most consistent commenters? At least Ken and Sunny are making money being involved in MMA, all you do is waste your time hating on mma on the Internet. You SHOULD shoot yourself.

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  18. ken kupsch says:

    Actually, I haven’t made any money in mma, quite the opposite. Sunny is one of the very few promoters in Canada that has made money and that shows he is doing something right.

    I’ll tell you what I like about mma in Canada today. I like that most of the promoters today are good solid guys. It’s nice to be able to call each other or work together on something or even just meet for lunch. We didn’t have that 5 or 10 years ago.

    As far as my accident, I was responsible. I’m not blaming anyone or anything else. Action pistol shooting is not much different than any other extreme sport. When you sign up, you accept the risks that go with it and sometimes shit happens.

    F18, why do you keep saying what your point is and then talking about everything else that has nothing to do with your point, are you retarded?

    And that’s cool that you have a FAC. I guess nobody told you but they have not issued them for over 15 years now, you might want to check your expiry date.

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  19. Serge says:

    Is there no legal recourse against the OAC? Nothing that could protect a promoter from losing tens of thousands of dollars 48 hours before an event?

    Cancellations affecting that many people should have to be properly justified. Is there transparency in regards to the OAC’s (Hayashi) actions? Is there any way to find out information other than trying to call?

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  20. I will say that local mma as a whole has being on a steep decline since MFC ceased operations, compounded with the Real Deal Ryan Gdup Ford leaving the scene to pursue other endevours, nobody on the local scene possesses the star drawing power, talent, character and charisma that the Real Deal can generate, Instead what we pay good money to witness are trained fighters vs the dregs of the mma world, such as bobby k , Shitty Yellowbird, etc.

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  21. Littlemommahump96 says:

    The Regional promotions provide us with a good entertainment and competitive matches. Don’t knock on the talent that competes. Like any Regional organization, there are some house leaguers and some budding talent, that will one day move on to bigger promotions. Did the Real Deal not mislead the local commission and compete with a broken appendage? Was that for the entertainment of the local fans? The fight itself was a complete disappointment, because he was unable to properly compete against a top level opponent. Might the Real Deal have contributed to the demise of an organization that was above Regional status? If you aren’t entertained by local promotions and talent, then don’t watch. If you really are a fan, then watch enjoy and appreciate. Pretend you are a true fan of sport.

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  22. OntFan says:

    Boxing abandonded the OAC months ago and they haven’t done anything publicly as far as combat sports go.

    The first card didn’t get clearance cuz Ken was hiding why book another show a month later? As if he’s going to wake up and say “o wait I should get off my ass for once” within that next 30 days?

    Not likely pro wrestling had to get away from the tyranny of the OAC. I wish MMA could find a similar loophole but to book a show 30 days later when the chances are so good it won’t go through is just as irresponsible as the OAC ducking phone calls. As a promoter you can’t set the expectation for a show that will most likely be cancelled. Its burns the locals the hardcore fans and makes MMA in Ontario look generally bush league. What kind of expectation is that for the fighter too? Train for two months to peak and cut weight then do it again next month? This whole fiasco was disrespectful. I don’t care who cried or lost 40k you pay to play and telling people “o the shows next month” when you have no clue is taking advantage of the athletes and fans. Trying to fleece that next dollar. Disgusting.

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