Fight Night 2 – Medicine Hat – October 28


Fight NightDate: October 28, 2016
Venue: Canalta Centre in Medicine Hat, Alberta
TV: Go Fight Live
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Joe Riggs (41-17) vs. Cody McKenzie (15-9)
145lbs- Kyle Nelson (8-1) vs. Jonathan Brookins (15-8)
170lbs- Roger Bowling (11-5-1) vs. Nicolae Cury (8-6)
170lbs- Matt MacGrath (18-8) vs. Ryan Quinn (12-6-1)
265lbs- Craig Hudson (4-6) vs. Robin Hahn (1-0)
155lbs- Adam Assenza (6-3) vs. Tristen Connelly (6-5)
265lbs- Rick Genaille (0-1) vs. Carmen Umpherville (0-2)



72 Responses to “ Fight Night 2 – Medicine Hat – October 28 ”

  1. topmmafan says:

    How old are you MAD? You want your first chance at a win against someone with no experience who is 0-0?

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  2. Welcome back, MAD !

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  3. Sup Keith!

    You can post about MMA since you don’t have a losing record :)

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  4. A.D. Clay says:

    MAD…. hahahahahahaha #KOTC matchmaker extraordinaire.

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  5. Rino B says:

    Prepolec vs Shintani would be an awesome addition to this card if their is room.

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  6. Steve fingler says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. mmafan says:

    What? I thought it was a pretty stacked for a Canadian card! If I was in Alberta Id go see this show for sure.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Added ticket link

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  9. Medicinehatman says:

    Is it true Trevor Stewardson may be fighting on this card? That would be awesome!

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  10. Kenny J says:

    I heard he will be fighting on the next one..

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Updated fight card

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    “Unfortunately the Main Event of Fight Night Medicine Hat: 2 has to be postponed due to an unfortunate injury sustained by Johnny Bedford. The undisclosed injury will not be released at this time but has made it impossible for Mr. Bedford to compete in the Main Event against Jesse Arnett. We are actively trying to find another opponent to ensure that Arnett can still perform for all his Fight Night fans.”

    Victor Valimaki is also out and his fight with Todd Stoute has been pulled from the card and Jesse Arnett has now been officially ruled out and will not be fighting on this card.

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  13. Isaiah bedard says:

    Dustin long also out of Matt baker fight

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    More on the Valimaki cancellation from Todd Stoute.

    It comes with great disappointment that I have to report that my fight with Victor Valamaki has been cancelled.
    Victor refused to do his medicals even when he was given ample time and opportunity to do so. Victor is known for dropping out of fights last minute causing people wasted time and money. At one point he may have been a mixed martial artist but not anymore.
    It has been brought to my attention that Victor has retired from the sport of MMA. I believe this to be a good decision as his heart is no longer in this. He has no fight left in him. I wish him well on his new ventures.
    I sincerely want to apologize to all my family, friends and fans that were looking forward to me competing this weekend. I was prepared to blast this guy in to next week and put on a show like no other. I want you all to know I am filled with joy even though I was faced with this great disappointment. The amount of kind, loving and supportive messages I have gotten has touched my heart and kept that fire burning in me.
    Special thanks to Jesse Arnett, Keith J. Guay and Tom Fiddler for doing all they could to make this happen. They put so much time and effort in to trying to make this happen. I feel like Victor owes you guys even more than he owes me.
    I’m not sure who I will face next but whoever it is will now know that I bring a nation of Warbound fans with me wherever the fight goes down.
    Thank you once again everybody. From the bottom to the top of my heart, I love you all. Truly, I feel blessed.”

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Ouch… Matt Baker vs. Dustin Long is also off the card!

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  16. TimHague says:

    Baker vs. Stoute….?

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  17. TimHague says:

    That sucks that Vic did that again. Hopefully he stays retired now and manages to be involved in the sport some other way. I’ve had guys flake on fights with me, last minute, and it is the worst feeling ever. It’s become a consistent thing with Vic, so something has to change. its just making him look really bad now.

    But we all fuck up. I tried to be a trash talker and I looked bad for 2-3 years. It didnt further my career like I thought it would.

    I wish Victor the best, I know he can be a great success at whatever he chooses to do. I’ve seen his talent and heart in the gym, on good days.

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  18. Mike Kent says:

    wow brutal last minute injuries. Still a good card.

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  19. Sherwood Park Ninja Warrior says:

    Jeebus – Vic can’t even commit to finishing his star tattoos and people still sign him for fights?!? Maybe he got an offer of safer work – thrusting his crotch into the face of someone after they answer the door for Officer Naughty…

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  20. Bjj fan says:

    Baker VS stout would be great but baker would never accept the fight.stout would smash baker

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  21. WTF is this gong show says:

    Where are the weigh In results?

    How many of these people actually made it to the scale?

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  22. A.D.Clay says:

    And you’re all surprised?

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